Saturday, December 02, 2006

What's in a Name?

Tonight is the parade. Last year Dan Dalager used his special mayor powers to change the name of the parade from Encinitas Holiday Parade to Encinitas Christmas Parade. Dalager said that the parade was always called The Christmas Parade and that the politically correct Holiday Parade name was for "whiners".

But according to this souvenir mug from 1965, the parade was actually called the St. Nick Parade.

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City-sponsored Christmas concert creates stir


  1. Actually, if you read the mug it was the St. Dick Parade.

  2. Would you let your kid sit on the lap of jolly old St. Dick?

  3. an anagram of "Santa" is..."SATAN"

  4. Dalager continues to call people names when he doesn't like what they say.

  5. When will the knife sharpener ever grow up and start acting like an adult.

  6. St. Dick was probably a catholic priest. Children beware!

    I accept saints of all religions. The fundamental values are the same in all religions. Why all the fighting?

    I know…. Human ego… we can not help ourselves. What I believe in is right and everyone else must be wrong. God help us all.

    I hope we have a nice Sts of all religion parade.

  7. I love St. Dick and his mug! Next year lets have a St. Dick parade through Leucadia!

  8. well, the xmas parade name does help out with one thing.
    the parade ended way earlier this year than it did in the past before all the boycotters stopped marching in the parade.

  9. Apparently you whiners are a minority. Dan got elected by the majority of the voters (10,000+). Assumably these people (20%) of the population) are not upset at the name, 'Christmas Parade'.

    So why don't you whiners get someone elected that wants a Ramadan Parade. This should offend none of you and maybe we can convert some of you to being true believers.

  10. The Jewish community is a minority in Encinitas but that doesn't mean we should treat them like shit.

  11. Makes sense-

    Osama supports Dalager and hates Jews.

  12. I don't like any infidels but that lawnmowerman is all right.

    Maybe we should have a parade for every religion:
    Ramadan Parade
    Hanaka Parade
    Athesist Parade
    Christmas Parade
    ParaRaksha Bandhan parade
    Zoroastrian Parade
    shogatsu Parade

    Lots of parades.

  13. Hey, Kids...Let's call it a Holiday Parade and celebrate all the great things about this community.....Oh, we did that before but Danny prefers to celebrate ignorance.

  14. Give it back to the Chamber of Commerce. Let them call it whatever they want to call it, and let them pay for it. The Chamber gets $100,000 of taxpayer money. DEMA gets $50,000. Why is the council fronting another $30,000 to $40,000 of taxpayer money for the parade?

  15. Long Time LeucadianDecember 03, 2006 11:33 AM

    I think DEMA has done an amazing job with downtown Encinitas. I think the City should give them $100k per year. Its time for Leucadia to kick it into gear and get some things done. We have a big enough list of projects.

  16. DEMA didn't do anything except be a figurehead. All the money for the rehabit came from the city coffers from all the city revenue. The cleaning of the sidewalks was required by the surfrider lawsuit, and the city pays for it. The light pole flower hangers and maintenance is paid by the city. The word was that the business owners didn't want to pay for more complete security downtown. The city is paying for it. DEMA never produces their budget or income to justify money from the city. Did DEMA do or is there something else going on?

  17. DEMA didn't do anything, except get it done! Thanks DEMA.

    The last poster is clueless and I don't feel like educating the clueless right now. Maybe they can go to DEMA websight and start educating themselves.

  18. Is the Miracles Cafe gone forever? Charlie Marvin's new two story building on San Elijo has a large sign with restaurant wanted.

  19. I love that new building. Sweet Architecture!

  20. Aceti using DEMA were the puppet of Mayor Guerin and her croonies. They supported with money and deeds the ballot measures that were soundly defeated by the voters, Prop A and C.

    They should not get any city subsidy until they become non-political.

  21. The last poster I have a great idea move your ass back to the east coast where you can view all sorts of "Sweet Architecture."

  22. Why did DEMA push prop C so hard? Many members of DEMA are restaurants which affect urban runoff. But only homeowners were expected to pay for the clean water program, not the restaurants. Can you say scam? DEMA needs to be less political.

  23. Oh Yeah-

    A few people view crappy dilapidated TJ style buildings as cool architecture -Like Royal Liquor.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    NoTaxLady has a twisted but amusing mind. I'm just glad she's not on council anymore. Talk about a schizophrenic Leucadian.

    She should use the posting name of nofactslady

  24. To the NoFactsLady poster,

    The facts are:

    Guerin worked for Vista Downtown Merchants then came to Encinitas DEMA to work.

    Aceti, President of DEMA, worked hard for Prop A and C

    Dalager and Long are members of DEMA who supported both of them in the last election.

    DEMA has done nothiong I can see for this city except try and raise taxes and support Guerin and Dalgers in thier sometimes twisted efforts.

    Tell me where I am wrong. Where does their city subsidy go? Oh, I forgot, they got the city to hire a person to enforce parking in downtown only.

  25. and don't forget,

    Doug Long is a DEMA director of the year.

    So with Aceti, Long, Guerin and Dalager (downtown Dema type) They have practically ruined Encinitas,

    that's why it so beautiful downtown because it really is just a ploy to rein everthing.


  26. I see your point. Lets give everything to DEMA so the rest of us can look like shit. Good idea. That DEMA and city council has done a good job for Leucadia and Cardiff.


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