Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Beautifying North Coast Highway 101 top the City Council's priority list for 2007

Encinitas sets goals for 2007: Hall property park, highway improvements first in line

Click the above link to read the NCT.com story about the city' goals for 2007.

Leucadians should be happy that after paying 20 years of property taxes to the city the process of having a decent downtown mainstreet infrastructure has finally begun.

The hairy back of Leucadia is getting an overdue waxing.


  1. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! City Council-

    Leucadia has been impatiently waiting for some love from our City. We finally are feeling like we are accepted with loving arms!

    The beaches are main asset of Encinitas and the reason we all live here. .With Council’s love, watch the Leucadia bloom and emerge the diamond in the rough! We all will greatly benefit from an improved coastal area.

    Thank you Council for your outstanding vision.

    Bonus thanks for including the skate park at Hall property! Skate parks are in high demand!

  2. And thank you to the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet organization. They did a good job fighting for this result.

  3. This is great news.

  4. Very stoked on being #1 on the List.

    One question- Does the following quote mean that the Leucadia intersection is being moved to Cadmus?
    "Improvements to Leucadia Boulevard's intersection with Vulcan Avenue received a high ranking, although no funds are budgeted to pay for the project, estimated to cost $5 million."

    Somebody clear this up for me!

  5. I only stayed for until the break because James Bond said, "I don't mean to be rude, but the public part of this meeting is over. The public input would have been most helpful. The various commissioners, for example, should all have been there.

    Some members of the audience made excellent speeches. I was about 15 minutes late, so I missed some. I wish it could have been televised. I saw Donna Westbrook in the lobby, and wondered if she spoke?

    I'm glad Leucadia is getting our share of the "pie," but I was unhappy with some of the "fuzzy input," by staff, frankly.

    I tried to bring up, in my three allowed minutes, about most people not wanting a seawall at Beacons.

    No sign of Charlie Marvin, this time. City did serve, to all, some croisant sandwiches, fruit and cheese, and bottled water, not just to Council, which was swell.

    I still think these should be held later so more people could attend.

    I'm going to the Council Meeting on Wednesday, too. Because I want to talk about roundabouts. We should put money into a safe crossing, before more round-abouts.

    That is up trying to keep up with the Joneses. RSF is putting in three, having problems with horse and pedistrian safety. RSF Review article suggest this will have to go to the Coastal Commission.

  6. Lsst Anon-

    Roundabout mean safer pedestrian crossing and a more walkable community. Support the Leucadia Improvements, its the gateway to the heart of our mainstreet. The street should be the safest it can be and look as nice as it can look.

    If roundabouts work in 90% of the world, they will work in Leucadia. What motivates you to keep Leucadia down in the dumps?

  7. Where did you get that 10 year old picture of Jerome?

  8. Perception is an interesting thing. I attended my first public type meeting by going to the Council workshop. Previous poster said she left because Bonds made it clear that the public portion of the meeting was over. I remember Bonds saying that because some lady in the front kept chiming in with useless "yeah, yeah, I remember that.. yeah, exactly" after every other sentence spoken by a Council Member. I'm glad Bonds spoke up. I was ready to deliver a flying dropkick to Ms. Yeah Yeah.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Doug Long won't get elected next time, either.

    He was rude to Mary Fleener, and he's been rude, posting here, anonymously.

    We're on to you, self-admited Paul Martens, Jane Fonda hater.

  11. Doug Long is RudeJanuary 23, 2007 10:19 PM

    That lady never once said, "Yeah, yeah." She was sitting next to Adam Kaye, reporter for NCT. There wasn't enough seating in the Poinsettia Room.

    The woman tried to say something about the grant re the Beacon's Beach Access. Council was not "on high," but was level with the audience in a three sided conference table.

    She tried to say something about discretionary vs. mandatory spending.

    I'd bet you'd like to drop kick a female senior citizen, Mr. Long. I notice you park your truck, big as day, in the 15 minute parking for as long as you feel like it. I'm sure there are a few people who don't appreciate your smug and condescending attitude, Doug. And you hide behind your anonymity, too.

  12. We can have sidewalks, crosswalks without roundabouts.

    What are your motives to rushing into roundabouts when the library is still a hole in the ground?

  13. Rancho Santa Fe is also considering three roundabouts. The Covenant "jury" is saying this will undoubtedly have to go to the Coastal Commission.

    Residents are concerned about pedestrian and equestrian safety with the roundabouts, which would be compromised.

    Yes, we could have medians and sidewalks without two or three roundabouts.

  14. How in the hell is RSF in the coastal zone? That doesn't sound right.

  15. The comment about Covenant "jury" and Coastal commission sounds like pure Babble.

    If roundabouts are good enough for Sante Fe Avenue, Rancho Santa Fe, Santa Barbara, Boston, Rome, and Paris, they are good enough for Leucadia.

    Thor- I agree with your comments about anyone that can not drive on a roundabout should not be driving. They are either drunk, speeding, or a Tard.

    Lets go to the council meeting and find out who this person is. It will be amusing to guess whether they are drunk, a speeder, or a Tard. See you there.

  16. There is no way a roundabout with a small radius is going to be safer than a stop sign.

    Can someone post a link to information on the relative safety of round abouts? Really, the safest thing to do is it make the speed limit 15 mph or take all the cars off the road.

  17. Why would you people ever embarass me by calling me 'Long'. I just think some of you whiners are not helpful to your causes. I don't think any of you 60's hold-over hippies has credibility. You didn't have it then and you don't have it now.

  18. Has anyone considered how much extra cut-through traffic on the residential streets will be created by the presence of these things?

  19. "Also, Mike Andreen of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce said that next month the chamber will ask to take over production of the Christmas parade." from today's NCTimes.

    That is the right thing to do, but let's make sure to remember Andreen's history and the need to watch out to see if the Chamber just becomes the middleman for a publicly funded event.

  20. Anony from 7:48-

    You are late to the game and you are wrong. Check out the previous posts on roundabouts.

    Roundabouts are much safer than 4 way stops. The facts stand for themselves. Sante Fe Avenue is so much better than a 4 way stop and the Leucadia Blvd roundabouts will be so much better than 4 way stops.

  21. Thor- Meet me at the council meeting. We will expose this enemy of Leucadia!

  22. That hater person is the one posting a bunch under anonymous and made up names.

    Go ahead and expose yourself at the Council Meeting. Because some want to finsih the library before starting more Mcroundabouts doesn't make them Leucadia haters, either.

    Personally, I love Leucadia. Only you, Fonda, Martens hater, are trying to turn this into a "hate fest." You think calling people retarded is going to help your cause?

    You are dead wrong, Long, or whoever you are.

  23. Rancho Santa Fe Review Weekly, 1/18/07, Vol. 21

    "Community members provide input on proposed RSF roundabouts project"

    Although funding still needs to be found for the project, San Diego County officials nonetheless hosted an open house on Jan. 9 on three roundabouts proposed for installment at varying locales along Paseo Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe.

    . . ."The question is: are there going to be signifiant impacts on the community, adjacent property owners, on the environment, on CIRCULATION, on all sorts of things from the project, and I think they (the County) will find that there are significant impacts and will need to do the EIR. I fully anticipate that it will be required," said RSF Association Planning Director Keith Behner.

    ". . .we are hearing some opposition to the project; we are hearing concerns with impacts to individual properties, things like that. We are also hearing concerns with the traffic counts that were done in the past, but we are doing a new traffic study."

    "We have just started the environmental phase, and once we complete that, which will be in another year to 16 months, then we will look for construction funding and make sure the community is still in support of the project and, if it is, then we will move forward with construction."

  24. The "hippie hater" guy posting here has a junior high mentality.

  25. Make love not warJanuary 24, 2007 1:13 PM

    Rancho Santa Fe is within the jurisdiction of the Coastal Commission. RSF has another weekly paper, Rancho Santa Fe News, put out by the Coast News Group. In last Friday's paper, there was an article about the roundabouts citing concerns about pedestrian and equestrian safety with respect to the roundabouts. The roundabouts in other countries are very different than what we have planned. We didn't get a long enough process of notification on this, or to study the circulation element. Just giving projects a negative impact declaration is not acceptable. This should be an agenda item, at the very least, so we can make our viewpoints known.

    Unfortunately, as JP noted, the Coast News Group doesn't seem to be current on its web site re keeping up with the most current paper. Great columns by Bob Nanninga this past Friday and the Friday before, by the way.

    Thanks, Bob!

  26. so,

    horse don't know how to navigate circles?

  27. As for saftey for walkers, they are not safer because cars do not stop unless cars are already in the circle, and that is really bad for walkers. Not everyone drives sober and I would rather be on the corner of a four way stop than at a corner with a roundabout.

    Controlled intersections of anytype can increase cutthrough traffic! Just ask the council and have them tell you about Crest drive.

  28. Last Anon- Lame. You write like you have shit for brains. You must support the Jerome, Stocks, and Dalager trio.

  29. Just a point of view so don't flame me.

    Even in the most pro roundabout countries as mentioned, less than one percent of their intersections are roundabouts. Most of those are in rural areas. The mojor intersections in the urban areas are traffic circles which are a different animal.

    I lived there for a decade so I have some experiance.

    I soy proceed cautiously on the roundabouts.

  30. The modern day roundabout work much better than 90% of the roundabouts through the world, and are much safer than 4 way stops or signals.

    If you want to educate yourself go the following links:



    Or just type in modern roundabout in your browers. There are a ton of studies and facts regarding the performance of roundabouts.

  31. I just went to the two websites to educate myself. Not much there. No data, just assertions. The one site is a guy selling services. There must be something better. Try again if you don't want to lose total creditability. I'm not Babble. I am seriously looking for information to try to make sense of all of this.

  32. OK. go to http://roundabout.kittelson.com/

    Its the FHWA site.

    or just

    type in modern roundabout in your search engine. There are a ton of studies and facts regarding the performance of roundabouts.

  33. gee that is not very helpful. Which site are you using to base your opinion?

  34. Just went to

    and looked for roundabouts in san diego. Thanks for the link. HOLLY SHIT!!!!

    There are three planned and two roundabouts in SD county? Legoland and Santa Fe. The three planned are on leucadia blvd. That is jumping in head first if you ask me.

  35. Somebody wants to spend, spend, spend taxpayer dollars to award himself and his buddies our hardearned money. These government contracts are a big gravy train.

    The Legoland roundabout, my daughter told me is terrible. People do not yield; there are accidents and near misses all the time. It only has three intersections.


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