Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Encinitas bans black kids selling overpriced candy from knocking on your door after 6 pm

Watch the video on KFMB's website here.

"There are exceptions. People canvassing on behalf of political candidates, government officers... Girl Scouts... Boy Scouts," Houlihan said. "I think the limitations will make people feel safer."

(translation: "There are exceptions, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts. You know...white people.")

Solicitors who want an Encinitas permit need to pay an $80 fee and pass a background check before they start going door to door.


  1. There can't possibly be a problem with door to door soliciations. Our city is not walkable, remember.

    This government control is totally in contrast with the new urbanism where everyone is suppose to talk to others in their community on a daily basis. These kids knocking on your door are getting big kickbacks on the money they bring in but they also give our community such a great opportunity to experience the new utopian dream of connecting with everyone else on a personal level. They walk to you!

  2. Vans bring the kids in from other cities. The kids are dropped off in various neighborhoods. The vans then pick them up on the street corner.

  3. It sounds racist. But it's not.
    Black, white, Mexican. Criminals come in all colors.
    Kinda like Jelly beans.
    This has definitely become a problem in my neighborhood.
    We've seen these guys coming out of a neighbors back yard, and several times looking in peoples windows.
    But....just like almost everything else, the idiots at the City & the Dumb Fucking Cops miss the boat.
    These solicitors are casing out your house while you're at work, in the middle of the day, when the neighborhood's empty. That's when they should be banned. Say between 6:00AM - 6:00 PM
    I'd feel safer if they would show up in the afternoon when I'm home. Not in the middle of the day.

  4. JP,

    Your are not a snob but maybe an elitist. You don't think there are black boy scouts and girl scouts? Where have you been all your short life?

    The ordinance is a good start, but we need to ban all door to door solicitors at all times of the day and night. They are like walking spam. Didn't ask for them and don't want them around my house.

    I can purchase all I want at the store.

  5. Now all neighborhoods can look forward to the push carts commonly found in downtown LA.

  6. A govt. officer should have ID, and a warrant if he expects to enter your property. These "govt. officers" should make an appointment like anyone else, unless they are called in for an emergency or an after hours noise complaint, etc. Even then, one doesn't have to let them in without a warrant. But please be considerate and quiet down if it's a noise complaint.

  7. anon 1143, gee is that you lynn?

  8. They should ban creepy surfers from going around putting cards advertising their blog on people's windshields.

  9. One came to our door after dark. It was hard to see him until my dog made his eyes open wide and we saw the whites of his eyes. Good dog!!!!!!!!!

  10. This issue is not black or whiteJanuary 31, 2007 12:42 PM

    JP ... I didn't think it was a matter of Black or White. I thought it was to keep the surfers from selling door-to-door after a full day of surfing while the sun was up. You should be more alarmed by the discrimatory effect on unemployed surfer dudes!

    btw ... I often ask people who come door-to-door if they have City permits as currently required by ordinance. They never do. This ordinance will be no more enforced than the one currently on the books.

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  12. Lynn. Take a mental vacation for three weeks. Leave the blogosphere for a while. You will come back refreshed.

  13. Lynn- Please, Please, Please go play in the rain and GET SOME MUCH NEEDED SLEEP, you are really sounding full on delusional.

    Council may have to get you frisked you before you enter the council chambers and other may run at a Lynn sightings

  14. I am all for this ordinance...I don't need anyone of any size, shape or color knocking on my door to sell me anything! If I want something, I will go out and get it. Someone knocking on my door to sell me something is like a billboard coming into my living room and twisting my arm to make a sale. I agree, it is a double standard to allow some groups knock on my door and not let others, but I am happy they are starting with stoping these knuckleheads.

  15. City charges excessive feesJanuary 31, 2007 7:59 PM

    I think the ordinance is fine, but anyone soliciting money, including political candidates, should have to pay the a fee and have a background check. As for boy scouts and girl scouts, the city, could give a small grant, or buy cookies.

    $80.00 seems excessive for someone who is doing this on a seasonal basis, for soccer, say. But it seems unfair to exclude certain groups from the fee requirements.

  16. I know it's bad form to hijack your topic here, but just wanted all to be aware that the Pacific Station project will be heard before the Planning Commission tomorrow night.

    Enormous project over two layers of underground parking. It will set the standard for downtown development for the future. Sorry to butt in.

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  18. From this point forward, I am not responding in any fashion to someone who degrades me by using my name without revealing who is posting, someone who continues to post anonymously, and under different names.

    I will continue posting my comments about JP's posts for those who read and don't post, and for those who refuse to let a cyber bully yank their chains . . .

    I have deleted a couple of previous posts that were not on topic. One was actually me asking about the Planning Commission meeting, which I now realize will have Pacific Station on the agenda. Too much density! This project further reduces our quality of life, peaceable dwelling, peaceable driving, all of which have been diminished already by the traffic congestion and lack of parking on Hwy. 101, particularly, near the train station.

    Pacific View should become a place for overflow parking from Second St., and a pocket park!

    As far as door-to-door salespeople, putting up no trespassing signs and no soliciting signs has helped me, along with a latched gate.

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  21. Question? Do these "solicitors" ever ofer for purchase something you actually need, something you don't already have, something you can't find for yourself, and in the case of food objects anthing healthy?

    I applaud the city council on this one. Until the Sheriffs Department becomes a crime fighting unit, and not a "someone will be there soon"
    operation, I say Bravo.

  22. The sheriff can't respond if you don't call. Although I think the sheriff's department is very mismanaged in our city, they can't enforce this ordinance unless we call them when the solicitors come around.

    Who oversees the sheriff's work and sets their priorities? The answer is the city manager who neglects that part of his duties. Perhaps we need a citizen's group to oversee the sheriff's department and set rpiorities. Maybe that group can get them out of Starbucks and enforcing these type of quality of life issues.

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  24. GrownUpCandySellerFebruary 11, 2008 2:40 AM

    The debate hasn't changed much in 20 years ago when it was Santee and Lakeside trying to tie our hands trhough really stupid laws that were clearly targeted at black kids selling candy. For those who think the cops aren't doing enough; no need to worry really. They would routinely follow us, harrass us, and just do whatever they could to throw us in jail. Can't speak for everyone but my candy selling job did help me. It was a great job for a 14 year old and I did go to college, but not as a direct result of that job. I also gained a good work ethic; better than my Pizza Hut job gave me. I think the most important thing it gave me was a good look at the mentalities of the adults I would be dealing with as long as I was in THIS country. Of all of the people who were hungry while watching a movie and just wanted some candy, those that bought a lot of candy because they liked the idea, those who just said no and closed the door, to the ones who seemed so self absorbed and greedy in their adulthood that they couldn't understand the nerve of a kid trying to try capitalism by selling candy door to door, it was a good look I got at all of that. I got a really good look at all of that.

  25. Actually I am shocked that a title like "Encinitas bans BLACK kids selling overpriced candy from knocking on your door after 6pm" has not been commented upon.

    Shouldn't the title read, " Encinitas bans solicitors after 6pm?"

    This is really polically incorrect not to mention ethnically insensitive. It shocks me that after 24 comments to this article, no one has suggested that the title be changed.

    It may be a fact that many of the soliciters are African American children, but the ban does not apply only to African American children.
    Even though this blog is not an official blog for Leucadia, you are representing people from Leucadia and right now it looks like people from Leucadia and Encinitas are racist.


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