Friday, January 26, 2007

Hall property report

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Traffic top issue in Hall property report

I was expecting soil contamination to be the top issue, not traffic (how many SUVs with "Little Bobby is #1" written on the back windshield is this park going to attract anyway?)

Interesting quote, To compensate for the congestion, the report suggests installing traffic signals or roundabouts at the intersections.

Adding more roundabouts to Santa Fe, where one is in place at Rubenstein Drive, would make the busy road even more dangerous, said Peter Stern, who lives near the Rubenstein roundabout.

"It will also cause more noise," Stern said, "and as a resident near the roundabout, the perpetual honking is truly offensive. There wasn't any prior to the installation of the roundabout."

Honk if love roundabouts!


  1. Honk, Honk round abouts are cool. However, roundabouts at a freeway off ramp may not work. Perhaps we could take some of the hospital ground for an off ramp? Oh I forgot they are on the city's privledged list to get what ever they want.

    Round about or traffic light how are people going to get into the park? The only entrance is the alley behind the shopping center. Are they going to give up their access for the park?

  2. Honk. Encinitas ain't cutting edge, people. State DOTs (not just Cali) have placed in the past and continue to place roundabouts at interchange ramps. Why do they continue to do so? Because they have been shown to work.

  3. Hall EIR. Haha. Forget a park. How about one of them Super K-Marts or Super Walmarts, or better yet a nice two-story regional mall...get the consumers off the I-5 before they reach Carlsbad. If that were offered first, people would be praising the park idea.

  4. anon 9:57,

    Don't be so sour and lame. Stop the scare tactics. A super Walmart would have the same issues and maybe more, sure. BUT IT AIN'T ZONED FOR A SUPER WALLMART.

  5. Are DOT's departments of transportation?

    We need to carefully read the report, online, at the City's website; but I don't see how anyone can seriously say roundabouts are cool, until we get an objective report in on the one at Santa Fe, comparing the rate of accidents before and after it was installed.

    As mentioned by a previous blogger, the EIR for the Hall Property is all wet. The projected traffic impact calculations do not make any sense whatsoever, comparing our D rating now to an imaginary A rating three to 23 years in the future? The two or three planned roundabouts also need a comprehensive E.I.R. Precedent is clear that automatic "negative impact declarations" are not acceptable. Rancho Santa Fe will be doing a complete E.I.R. on their proposed roundabouts before proceeding. Encinitas should, too.

    Reports paid for by consultants who have a vested interest, or whose friends have a vested interest in pleasing those who have hired them, are not objective, but inevitably lean toward allowing and promoting increased development, including by the govt., in this case, our City, and the private contractors who are paid taxpayer dollars through our already thin wallets.

    Encinitas is overextended in operating expenses and pie in the sky capital projects. We have to slow down and rethink. Congratulations to Solana Beach for putting a moratorium on time share Condo development along the coast! Instead our Council and staff lobbied the Coastal Commission for FEWER affordable vacation rentals.

  6. If other states have placed roundabouts at freeway off ramps, and roundabouts are such a "cool" idea, why didn't we get SANDAG or NCTD to pitch in for the one at the Santa Fe off-ramp, or for one, only one, at the Leucadia Blvd. off ramp?

    According to the website provided in the previous post, there are none in San Diego County presently, except for the one on Santa Fe, and the one in Carlsbad.

    Both of these have reported problems. We should check out their effectiveness before proceeding with more. Some states are now removing roundabouts which caused excessive delays and back-ups.

    I think previous poster was right; the Santa Fe roundabout was installed as part of a con job to allow increased density and congestion supposedly mitigated by "traffic calming" constructs that the City is now unwilling to study for effectiveness before forcing more bonds, taxes and higher rates and fees, as well as small radius, unsafe roundabouts, on unwilling taxpayers.

    Start by being honest about the traffic circulation impacts of the Hall Property, Council, staff, and "consultants," if you want to regain the public trust.

  7. One example of taxes, rates and fee increases is the proposed ballot for Temporary Occupancy Tax for so called "vacation rentals."

    Hotels and motels pay this, out of tourist dollars, to help support sand replenishment, etc. Those rental units that are like businesses, that is they are rented ten months out of the year, or more, on a temporary basis, could be considered for "pitching in" on this, too.

    However Grandma and Grandpa, renting out a room for racing season, or renting out a room of their home just a couple of times a year to supplement retirement income should not have to pay.

    The hotels and motels do not have to pay a yearly permit fee either, at $150.00. That should be a one time fee, not an annual fee, which becomes another tax on vacation rentals.

  8. The Hall Property, with its overly complex development plans, leading to unmitigatable impacts, is already draining our local infrastructure with $37 million worth of bonds, passed without voter’s consent, for shuffled money that is coming out of the General Fund! This is not in the spirit of the Jarvis-Gann initiative of 1978, Proposition 13, now an amendment to our State Constitution.

  9. Because of the City's unchecked spending and bias toward development, the taxpayers are saddled with increased permit fees for remodels, increased water rates, new proposed and implemented taxes for short term rentals at private residences.

    Our City government has not shown respect for our financial well being, our existing private property rights and our quality of life. We hope the Courts and the Coastal Commission will continue to help mitigate in our favor!

    We also hope that Council will rethink some of its actions and past choices, under a different mayor, and will take positive steps in a new direction of transparency, public input, respect for its constituents' wishes, and integrity, including honesty and ethical behavior of public servants, courtesy and respect for the general public.

    The highest value is not the almighty dollar when it comes to quality of life, balancing financial gain for a few with the greater common good.

  10. To quote Saturday Night Live, I would like to say: REALLY? The Hall property EIR Report says traffic is an issue? What with its one-lane-dirt-road access? Wow. And what with Santa Fe being such a smooth, clickin' little avenue? REALLY? And the neighbors don't want the park? REALLY?!? I wish we could have seen this coming. But how could we have possibly?

  11. I thinks we should leave the Hall property undeveloped so I can use the area for camel rides. If my camels get sick from the toxins in the soil I can set up a taco stand with a new meat. We can call them "tacomels".

    I casn pay a small tax to the city so I can nhelp defry the cost cleaning up the camel dung. If the city dries it enough thjey can resell it as firewood for the campers at San Elijo State Park

    Progress ain't it great.

  12. REALLY? Don't forget the EPIC NIMBYs of Rubenstein Avenue. A Ghandi Memorial Meditation Park couldn't get approved by that frownin' bunch.

  13. The Draft EIR for the Hall property is an eyeopener in terms of what it says about traffic. Go to:

    Click on Hall Property Community Park and then either go to Summary, or to Traffic and Circulation for the complete section. The word roundabout is mentioned numerous times. The implication is that roundabouts are a major mitigation for traffic.

    Be sure to read the part that talks about what happens when regional tournaments are held. It's scary. The roundabouts will do nothing if the streets are clogged. They look nice, but it now appears to me to be the way the city council will justify their votes for upzoning, higher density, and intensive use of the Hall property.

  14. I sure wish they would put a roundabout at the I5 & I805 interchange, then we could really upzone.

  15. Have looked at Hall EIR and it is all wet. First, traffic impact marginalized, even though this study supposedly calculated traffic in 2010 and 2030 based upon future traffic from 16 different projects - including Scripps expansion and Brown property east on Santa Fe. Looking at the data, current conditions on the Sante Fe/Devonshire roundabout are rated C and D (just like in school) during peak weekday hours -- however in 2010, with no change whatsover to this intersection, the increased traffic generated by all 16 projects and the Hall property will incredibility and magically serve to improve the traffic flow and raises it rating to an A. Gee, I thought the more traffic the more congestion and the rating should go down. What is going on here? Typo? Doubt it. I urge everyone to read this EIR - even though it is written administrativese and may take several bottles of Asprin to get through, because the more eyes that scrutinize it the more ideas and concerns we can generate.

    1/25/2007 7:58 PM

    bonddi said...
    P.S.You can review the Hall EIR online through the City's website -- don't have to go to City Hall.

    1/25/2007 8:01 PM

  16. "Don't forget the EPIC NIMBYs of Rubenstein Avenue. A Ghandi Memorial Meditation Park couldn't get approved by that frownin' bunch."

    Really, as a matter of fact, the neighbors would love a so-called "Gandhi Memorial Meditation Park." And that "bunch," the Quality of Lifers, is a lovely group of neighbors, with integrity, which you do not exhibit; they are kind folks who care about our entire community of Encinitas, including Leucadia.

    Mostly, they are smiling, but not when it comes to the disrespectful, discourteous attitude of certain Council members and their "gang" of mean-mouthed associates that twist the truth with nary a pang of conscience.

    Your quoted, patronizing, and deceptive comment is classic Mike Andreen whose rag, Surf City Times is deceased. In his previous intermittent newspaper, supported by developers and realtors, Andreen was way Pro A and of course, Pro "Homey" Jerome Condescending Stocks. By the way, Mr. Think-You-Know-It-All, you managed to misspell Gandhi, too.

    You have lost any credibility you might imagine you have.

  17. I'm one of that frownin' bunch in Cardiff. I would love a Gandhi Memorial Meditation Park. Can we make a deal?

  18. Dear Ms. Lynn Braun-

    I am a thirty year resident and have paid taxes to Encinitas for 20 years waiting for some improvements to our neighborhood.

    After the opening of Leucadia to El Camino Real, I could not believe the increase in traffic. I am so hopeful that the City is finally planning on making the roadway safer. My kids are lucky they are alive, they were not so lucky. Good news is my grandkids will benefit by being able to safely walking to Beacons beach and experiencing all the glory that their parents did during their upbringing. I don’t understand your problem with improving Leucadia.

    I have driven the roundabout on Sante Fe Avenue many times a week and have never seen a problem with traffic in the area. The roundabout is nice, the walkways are great and the landscaping, while a little scarce, is much nicer that the barren dirt and litter on Leucadia Blvd. We have all being waiting a long time for some improvements.

    I have respected Encinitas Tax Payer Association for being vigilant on past issues. However, your inability to recognize tax dollars well spent, that will give return to the neighborhood well beyond the cost, is really making me loses respect for you and the Encinitas Tax Payer Association. You better poll your members to make sure you are speaking for the group. In my opinion, spending money on making Leucadia a more walkable community and safe for kids is money well spent.


    Grandpa in Leucadia.

  19. This single person, or single "group" of persons, its false conclusions and phony opinions on sheer greed and political ambition, without supporting facts, or local studies, without complete E.I.R's as should be required, or any traffic circulation report release; they/it selfishly promote roundabouts and reckless spending.

    We've come together and decided this "entity" is Stocks, Long, Andreen and/or Marvin = SLAM, the infamous cyber bully.

    Better watch out, they're attempting another campaign of misinformation, name calling and deceit, trying to SLAM our self-esteem, to manipulate us with fear and personal attacks if anyone stands ups and says, "Wait, give this some thought."

    They will SLAM you if you dare to suggest you are against roundabouts being used as a ploy for developers, both the City, and private developers, and all their associates and lobbiest "buds," to increase high density congestion, to decrease our quality of life, so they will personally profit upon our losses, and the losses of future generations.

    How do they do this? They falsely claim two, three, or four roundabouts will be "traffic calming," without studying the first one on Santa Fe!

    The City and this golf course set think they are above the State Environmental Law. The recent E.I.R. Draft of the Hall Property proves it.

    Take a stand; don't be SLAMmed by a bunch of jerks who think they are so much smarter than you and me.

    They are not. They make up names, phony blogger profiles; they're full of hot air. Take some Beano, SLAM. You're a gassy lot, alright.

  20. George=SLAM=Cyber BullyJanuary 26, 2007 9:05 PM

    George, are you part of SLAM??? Another phony person?

    Leave off of naming someone, first and last name, when you don't give yours, Grandpa.

    I happen to know Lynn is a grandma; she is a member of the taxpayers association. I sincerely doubt that you are. She doesn't speak, here, for the taxpayers association, but for herself.

    Why do you want to make this personal? Why don't you address the issues instead of turning your fraudulent comments against a particular individual?

    Why don't you give your name and address so Lynn can come and talk to you personally, or one of her legal representatives can, if she has one?

    Listen, George, get real. You know that pedestrian safety will be decreased, not increased by taking away the four way stop sign at Hygeia and putting in a roundabout. Use your head; use logic.

    I'm certain Lynn wants, and almost all Leucadians do want safer pedestrian crossings and yes, planted medians would be lovely. This does not excuse spending the money on ineffective roundabouts, with a too small radius, where people don't yield, and accidents actually would increase.

    The roundabouts should have an E.I.R. We looked it up, none is listed, not even a negative declaration. Why does Rancho Santa Fe have to do an environmental impact report draft for its roundabouts and not Encinitas?

    George, are you going into early senility, or is it already too late? Are you really SLAM? I think so, guy.

    You are obvious. You are not worried about your grandchildren, you are worried about more profit for you and your cronies, SLAM.

    You are no one to decide whether this is prudent spending. It's just biased spin and jive, your pathetic attempt to try "mitigating" the impact of the traffic congestion, mitigation mandated by the E.I.R. for the Hall Property, and other developments ongoing in Leucadia and Cardiff.

    You're a liar, George. And a coward. What's your full name? Afraid to say?

  21. Dear Lynn-

    You’re losing your grip. Please seek help.

    I hope the fine people of Leucadia and the Encinitas Tax Payers Association find the grace and compassion to forgive you for your misunderstandings. God be with you.

    Pleae get some sleep and we hope you get some help soon,


  22. George, if that's your name, I do want more sidewalks, definitely want a safer crossing over the railroad.

    We can have street improvements, including sidewalks, without roundabouts. In my opinion, roundabouts would lead to more accidents and more back-ups. Because there is a yield sign, instead of a stop sign, and an elevated, planted median, obstructing vision, pedestrian safety would actually be compromised.

    Now, please get off my back. Because I disagree with you, George, or with Stocks, Long, Andreen and Marvin, named SLAM, by previous poster (good one!) doesn't mean I don't love Leucadia.

    I've lived in Encinitas almost thirty years, too, homeowner here since 1978. I'm tired of being picked on by cowards and crooks.

    If you're not a charlatan and a shyster, I agree, you could and should, to prove your credibility, post your true full name and leave me out of what right now certainly appears to be your unsubstantiated, fallacious, emotion laden, manipulative and false conclusions and opinions.

  23. SLAM, George, you lost your grip a long time ago. Now you are trying to continue your campaign of misinformation.

    It didn't work for Aceti and it won't work for you.

  24. I guess because George didn't "Honk" that means he doesn't like roundabouts? I want sidewalks, not roundabouts.

    Dear George/SLAM-

    You’re losing your grip. Please seek help.

    I hope the fine people of Leucadia and the Encinitas Tax Payers Association find the grace and compassion to forgive you for the misunderstanding and deception you promote. God be with you.

    Please get some sleep and we hope you get some help soon. You'd better join RSPB in his rehab. They will take away your laptop, though.

    Liars anonymous, that's the 12 step program for you. Since you can't spell the word please, I suggest you really need some rest, coward.

  25. SLAM, there you go again, distracting with personal attacks rather than actually addressing the questions raised:

    1. Why no E.I.R. for the roundabouts as required in Rancho Santa Fe?

    2. Why can't we have more sidewalks and not more roundabouts?

    3. How could a one lane, too small radius roundabout work when the Fire Chief has recommended that it would be a public safety hazard?

    4. How could a roundabout help pedestrian safety? It is the sidewalks and railroad crossing that would promote pedestrian safety, not the roundabouts.

    5. Why didn't we wait for the city wide traffic circulation report rather than to plunge into more expensive capital improvements?

    6. Since we did a one year interim study of the red light cameras, why couldn't we do the same type of study, reporting accidents before and after the construction of the Santa Fe Roundabout before proceeding with more?

    7. Why can't we look at the Carlsbad Roundabout for its traffic accident statistics rather than roundabouts in other states and countries, based on biased web link reports, often provided by developers and contractors with a high density traffic mitigation agenda?
    Ok, SLAM/fake George. There are seven questions, not hype, not personality attacks. Please answer each question and leave your patronizing phony baloney out of it.

    You definitely don't have a grip on anything, except maybe the dollar signs in your scheming lies.

  26. SLAM could be Stocks/Long/Aceti/Marvin, too.

    Wham, bam, no thank you, sleazy SLAM; we don't want your stinking McRoundabouts. With the roundabouts, comes higher density, increased traffic, congestion, frustration, beaches and highways that are more and more crowded.

    Support your local beaches. Oppose the proposed Beacon's Seawall, also.

  27. Lynn-

    God be with you. Get some sleep. Please for the blog sake.



  28. We Love LeucadiaJanuary 27, 2007 6:44 AM

    Dear Lynn Braun-

    We have seven questions for you to answer-no personal comments just simple questions:

    1. Why can’t you understand facts presented to you about roundabouts?

    2. Why do you clutter this blog with your repeat nonsense comments?

    3. Why do you name call when you tell others not too?

    4. Why can't you learn from all the studies about roundabouts on the web?

    5. Why cant you go sit at the Sante Fe Roundabout during rush hour and watch how well and safe the intersection functions?

    6. Why can't you go to the City's web page and find the staff report for the planning commission agenda to understand why the project is good and why it does not need to go to the Coastal Commission.

    7 Why don't you want Leucadia Blvd. to be safer for people in Vehicles, kids riding their bikes to school, and families walking to the beach?

  29. We Love LeucadiaJanuary 27, 2007 6:46 AM

    Lynn Braun-

    Honk. Honk

    We love roundabouts.

  30. To George: I don't know whether you are sincere or not. I suspect not. Are you the new compassionate Charlie Marvin, or even the suggested SLAM? Now that RSPB is in rehab after having been unmasked, is this your new persona?

    For the moment I will take your remarks as sincere. You are not clear about whether your children are lucky or unlucky. Your grandchildren will never be able to enjoy Leucadia as we did 30-40 years ago, as too much has changed. Unless, of course, they like heavy traffic and crowded beaches.

    Are you really interested in improving Leucadia for everybody and not just for yourself? There are many ways to do that without roundabouts. We can have sidewalks without roundabouts. We can have landscaping without roundabout. We can have pedestrian safety without roundabouts. The "modern roundabout" is nothing but an old fashioned roundabout with yield signs. They are inherently more unsafe for pedestrians than an intersection with stop signs or stoplights. And when they are built on a slope with a raised planting bed in the center as on Santa Fe, they are even more unsafe. Visibility is obscured.

    Anyone can go to the Santa Fe roundabout, park their car, and cross Santa Fe on foot as a personal test. Do it on a busy weekday morning or afternoon, cross on the west side of the roundabout, and see if you enjoy the experience. Take along the children or grandchildren too. Remember that traffic will not be decreasing in succeeding years, only increasing.

    Someone has already posted the link to the traffic report for the Hall EIR. I read it this morning. I'm stunned. Will the city implement the park as planned and think that roundabouts will solve the traffic problems? Where will we park? The arrogance and stupidity here are monumental.

    Again, if you are sincere, please get over your fixation on a certain blogger here. Why have you made this so personal? Let's have a reasonable discussion of the issues in order that we do make a better Leucadia, Cardiff, Encinitas, and Olivenhain.

  31. Puzzled CardiffianJanuary 27, 2007 7:37 AM

    Can someone please tell me where there is a roundabout on a freeway off ramp in California, or even in another state? I've never seen one. A photo with the location would be nice.

  32. Jeez! This blog is getting a little unreal. All this name calling and conspiracy theory BS.

    You guys really need to quit reading so much sci fi.

    All the speculation about who is posting what. It's like a cheap soap opera, grow up, post your opinion, anonymously if you choose, but don't attack one another personally. What's the point in that? We may agree on some issues and disagree on others, that's democracy.

    Try respect.

  33. 1. Why can’t you understand facts presented to you about roundabouts? I, for one, can. The links on the blog are not facts, but opinions about other countries and other states, not Encinitas. There has been no traffic circulation report released for Encinitas. The Santa Fe Roundabout has not been studied to check the accident reports pre and post construction of the too-small radius there.

    2. Why do you clutter this blog with your repeat nonsense comments? Good question for you. More importantly, why don't you answer the seven questions as I am, here.

    3. Why do you name call when you tell others not to. You call someone out, RSPB, SLAM, calling every poster who disagrees with you by the same name, first and last, when you keep your phony anonymity, make up false personas, like "George," RSPB. You are condescending and patronizing, keep heaping your false "sympathy" and "blessings" on a particular person. Get over yourself. You are calling yourself names, really.

    4. Why can't you go read your so-called "web reports" and realize these and see that are not relevant to the type of roundabous here, in San Diego County. Here, there are only two, one in Carlsbad, and one in Encinits/Cardiff, on Santa Fe. We need to study these to see if they are traffic calming, to see if they promote pedestrian safety (they do not), and to check the accident rates. Why can't you realize that most of the contributors on these roundabout "links" are developers and wanna be contractors with an agenda for more and more development. The roundabouts act as a false traffic mitigation factor in the required E.I.R.'s for developers. Why can't you admit that is your real interest in roundabouts, not beautification, but higher density. The roundabouts might look good on paper. They won't work, particularly two or three in a row on Leucadia Blvd. Think about it and be honest with yourself.

    5. Why cant you go sit at the Sante Fe Roundabout during rush hour and watch how well and safe the intersection functions? I have; I've seen near accidents, and actual accidents, causing further back up and delay.

    6. The Planning Comnmision "agenda" does not explain why this building project should be exempt from an E.I.R. In this case, there was not even a negative declaration that is listed with the Coastal Commission. Why don't you go check with the Coastal Commission. Why is Rancho Santa Fe going to perform environmental review of its proposed roundabouts and Encinitas feels it is exempt? This is what happened at the Hall Property, before, with the illegal negative impact declaration for demolition and "clean up," which was actally illegal grading. Much toxic dirt was moved, there. This emphasizes the importance of Encinitas complying with State Environmental Law.

    7 Why don't you understand that Leucadians do want Leucadia Blvd. to be safer for people in Vehicles, kids riding their bikes to school, and families walking to the beach? I, and most Leucadians, do promote pedestrian safety; that is why I would like more sidewalks and a safe pedestrian crossing over the railroad tracks. Roundabouts are less safe for pedestrians, as explained here, repeatedly. Why do you not answer the questions posed to you and instead degrad and patronize, personalize? It is obvious you are attempting to distract from the initial questions asked of you, which you have not answered.

    Leucadians do not want two or three roundabouts. If the four way stop sign at Hygeia is replaced, I predict more problems, not less.

    Leucadians do not want a seawall at Beacons Beach, either. The City should have to comply with the same rules as private individuals. Sea walls are not allowed except in cases of imminent bluff failure, an actual emergency.

  34. Okay, I admit it. I'm in favor of massive development. More roundabouts would help my bottom line.

    I'd like to Gucci out Leucadia Blvd. and North 101 Corridor. This would inflate the value of my business leases and residential rentals, as well as my hotel rental units. I could charge higher rents. I'd like to make Beacons accessible to just as many families as are going to Moonlight. Every beach should have full seawalls, showers, full bathrooms. We can make it so residents can't park in front of their own homes. These spots, up and down Neptune, will be reserved for Beacons beach goers from out of town, the hordes who will come, the SUV mommies with their little ones. I think we should make Beacons accessible to Americans with Disabilities, comply with the ADA, that act that would make it easier for me to push a stroller or wheel chair with big tires down to the beach. We should have a tot lot at Beacons, too. It would be safe with a big seawall there.

    I am obsessed with a particular lady, too. I admit it. I'm in a 12 step program, right now, for lying. She was right about that, too. I apologize for my attitude, before. Really, you can trust me. I've changed. I'm telling all my spamer friends about this blog and all my clients, renters, and associates about the great surf schools that will be springing up at Beacons. I'm going to be renting out surfboards from one of my Neptune properties. Come and get it!

  35. to all

    Lynn B doesn't speak for Encinitas Txapayers Association. Our new President, Kevin Cummins, is the only person that speaks for the Encinitas Taxpayers Associaition. No position on improving Leucadia Blvd has ever been discussed by the Encinitas Taxpayer's Association Board of Directors and they have not taken a position on the issue one way or another..

  36. Last "Lynn Braun" comment is by some crazed poster, probably RSPB, who bowed out because he had no credibiliy, who is obsessed with me.

    Please, I again ask you to leave me alone. I clearly posted that I am a member of the Encinitas Taxpayers Association, but I speak for myself, only, here. I have never claimed to speak for anyone else.

    The person who is turning this into a hate match is simply trying to use his mean spirited brand of psychology to manipulate and to make me and others afraid to post our feelings. He will not answer any of the questions or address the specific issues, apparently because he can't use logic or be reasonable.

    It's just attack, attack, attack, from behind his mask of anonymity. His real concern is not safety, it's profit. He also gets off on spewing his deceitful lies and attempting to destroy others' self esteem. It's not working.

    I will continue to have and post my opinions, and thank JP for providing a forum for sharing information and fun. I hope we can all ignore the man behind the curtain who won't give his name, but loves giving out what he has decided is my identity so he can put me down.

    You are only making yourself seem like the lowlife you seem to insist on being. Now you've destroyed your "George" persona, too.

  37. Since no one except Kevin Cummins is said to "speak for the Encinitas Taxpayers Association," then should we just ignore the post by the one who again brings up someone who has not posted on this blog under Lynn B? I only repeat that name so you'll know what comments I'm referring to. I

    Why are you old guys obsessing about someone's name? You must be awfully bored with yourself.

    Leave people alone and get on with your lives. If you have some info, or an opinion to add, fine. If not, go for a walk, get some fresh air. I'm going to.


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