Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The last southern California coastal open space, thank you Camp Pendleton

I took these photos last weekend from that little view point off the I-5 in the middle of Camp Pendleton. Thank god for the marines. It's so nice to be able to actually see the ocean while driving down the freeway. At this point it's surreal to see the southern California coast without McMansions, 7-11's, Blockbuster Video's, Starbucks, etc.
Can you imagine if the marine base wasn't there and it was sprawl all the way from San Diego to LA? It's nice to get a little elbow room feeling, even if the base isn't accessible to civilians.

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  1. JP,

    Now come on, we should throw the Marines out of Camp Pendelton and develop the land. I for one would like an oceanfront lot.

    If we got rid of the marines perhaps we could end wars. After all their overly agressive attitude gets us into those wars. If we had no military we could just rely on Mexico and Canada to protect our shores. A lot less taxes for us to pay so we could afford to develop all that pristine land.

  2. If it wasn't for Camp Pendleton we would be sitting in sweatshops making garments for the Chinese instead of the other way around.

  3. if it wasn't for camp pendleton we would all be one giant LA.

  4. Orange County sucks and I do not want anything to do with it.

    Thank you Marines!!!!!

    You gotta keep it separated!

  5. Too Bad the marines are being used now to keep oil prices down so some San Elijo Hills dude can drive his yellow H2 Hummer without breaking his wallet.

    Bring em home and save em for a really national security cause.

    I say take care of our National Debt, before the China Economy takes care of us for good.

  6. I believe it was gifted to the gov. May it always serve as a seventeen mile buffer between us and them.

  7. don't forget to thank Camp Pendleton for the massive toxic plume coming out of the las pulgas dump.

    irregardless, I thank the fact that the base is there every time i have to drive up to hell a

  8. Actually, alot of the base is accessible to civilians, especially the beaches. Campers are allowed at Del Mar beach north of the harbor and often on the beach directly north of the rest area. Just make sure you bring your drivers license and proof of auto insurance.

  9. I worked for years on Camp Pendleton. I got to experience what the California landscape was like 150 years ago. I even got to experience what the prairies were like, when I almost got bulldozed by a bison. Mostly, I was constantly impressed with the Marine Corps training. Ask me about it and I will tell you why you have to respect the accomplishment of just being a Marine.

    Camp Pendleton is not a reserve or a designated open space. It is the home of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force. I am very proud of the Corp. I very much hope their tradition will remain in their sight after the current war.

    I can't really speak to the general demeanor of the soldiers in the Corp now but before the war it would be hard for me say that Marines who I had made a point to talk to were "aggressive," especially the officers. Instead, I could say they were ready to fight.

    The Marine Corp is a different kind of force. It might be a bit dated now but I recommend Tom Clancy's book titled Marine to get an idea of what I mean. The Marines know how to take ground. I always loved when the Marines tell local government officials that they can't use their property for a municipal use such as an airport. As a reminder of their mission they have told the public, "Marines are in the business of taking ground not giving it up."

    It sucks that Rumsfeld was put in charge for the Iraq war. The Marine Corps knows how to take down countries like Iraq AND they know how to handle insurgencies. They had a little experience in the banana republics to draw upon, for instance. The Marines were not alone in recognizing that providing security after Saddam fell would be paramount. That takes a lot of troops. I recommend reading Cobra II by Gen. B. Trainor to see what happened with that idea under Rumsfeld. Things should be different and it should hurt us all daily that Marines are being asked to do so much after they were let down so badly.


    Lucky for all you who enjoy the "open space" that the Marines are in the position of needing that chunk of property. At one point someone figured out that we could give Japan Camp Pendleton to pay off our debt with them. Notice how there are sloping mesas near the coast and a small range behind the Mesa. All that property has the most amazing Ocean Views (I will send JP a couple photos if I have the time and you all want to see them). That is a lot of ocean view property! Image how much that property is worth with density bonus and 'smart growth' development.

    Surprisingly, the Marines have decided to be natural resource stewards as well as soldiers. In my view I would not ask them to do this at all. This is outside the mission of the Marine Corps. But since they do, I do enjoy the view when I am driving to surf Trestles. I will also be thankful that the Marines decided to lease part of their property to the State Parks so that we can surf on what would otherwise be off limits to the millions of civilians crushing in on all sides of the base.

  10. Shit Kevin, thats deep. Nice!

  11. Less open space.


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