Monday, January 01, 2007

Leucadia Roundabouts need big Easter Island Heads

click photo for large view

It's so obvious that the only clear choice for our new Leucadia roundabouts is too have big Easter Island heads in the middle of them. That would show those Carlsbad and Del Mar creeps.

Sure, the indigenous people of Rapa Nui may have destroyed their culture by obsessively building these giant heads; but you have to admit it was worth it. The heads are that cool.

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  1. Wait for it . . .January 01, 2007 8:13 PM

    Hee, hee, JP!

    Better be careful, though. Gung-ho guy, previous person in favor of three roundabouts, without further study, release of traffic study, or comparison of accident rate at Santa Fe, will accuse you of being Paul Martin.

    By the way, name-calling poster from before, Pablo, the former council candidate did post on this blog once, UNDER HIS NAME.

    "Pablo's" name is Paul Martens. And I am not he. Okay, go ahead, babble on about our alleged babbling . . .

  2. I like the heads! Keep it FUNKY! J.P.

  3. I like it. A Big Easter Island Head on Leucadia Blvd.

  4. I love it-

    I am not Paul Martens because I didn't use my own name. But I am not he. I mean I am not me. I mean I and not I. Oh damb I give up. I'm babble.

  5. Roadside Park BumJanuary 01, 2007 9:16 PM

    The only head I like is the head of foam on a glass of beer!!

  6. The Head needs a concave hat gently sloping to the west to symbolize the city's treasury sliding into the ocean.

  7. JP

    With three round-abouts wouldn't it make more sense to keep a city theme. We could erect statues of Guerin, Bonds and Dalger. Or we go for a surfing theme and erect statues of Weber, Jacobs and Hansen.

    I am torn between the two themes. On one hand we have the council persons that have made this a great city and on the other we have icons that have made surfing the great sport it is and our leucadia economy is based on surfers buying coffee and donuts.

    Which should it be? Hmmmm....

  8. This is Leucadia. Let's put the cheapest thing we can find in the roundabouts. If we use native plants we won't have to water. So, I vote for tumble weed and cactus. This is really native.

  9. How about statues of Charlie Marvin, Paul Ecke III, and David Meyers (sp)? They all work hard and are so successful.

    Maybe we could have three heads in the middle of each roundabout, like one big Guerin head, and an Aceti, and a bust of Dalager, half man, half lap dog, on a second.

    What about the third? Jerome Stocks, James Bond, martini in hand, and Michael Pattinson?

    Oh, no disrespect intended. We better include a big head of Commander Al Guerin, "Assistant Sheriff." He looked mighty grumpy at Guerin's going out meeting. Wonder why? Let's ask him what he thinks about roundabouts.

  10. I say we stick RSPB in the roundabout and pour plaster over him. He can be Roundabout Bum, add even more community character.

  11. Roadside Park BumJanuary 02, 2007 7:16 AM

    In keeping with the Leucadia theme, let's put dirt and weeds in the center of the roundabouts, no reason to change the "Character" of the community!! Bob will be happy because dirt and weeds are native species and don't require any water!! I'll toss some trash on it for flavor, hell I'll even puke on it to make everyone feel at home.

  12. There are already some medians further east on Leucadia Blvd. What was planted in those. Drought tolerant plants do not have to be ugly. Some cacti are lovely.

    Not all drought tolerant plants are cacti, either. You can plant flowers, if you want, in front of your own homes and businesses, and water them, too. But you will not be doing your community, overall, a favor, to plant species which require a lot of water in this climate.

    James Bond, our water board guy, can tell you this.

  13. This is one of JP's best posts ever. It certainly is the most subtle yet so decisively strong. In case you didn't realize it, the creation of those statues on Christmas Island required substantial societal investment to create. In fact, the “towns folk” had to go into “resource debt” to do it. They also overpopulated. They were not living within their means and they went bankrupt and never recovered.

    Bling Library=big heads.
    Lease Revenue Bonds=resource debt.

    There is a good book on this called Collapse, by Jared Diamond. Modern economies are not immune from going the way of the Rapi Nui.

  14. Why plant drought tolerant stuff?

    There is plent of water for everyone and the millions more the BIA wants to cram into San Diego! We wouldn't add more people if we didn't have the water for it, so stop being so parinoid.

  15. you are all infedels, in my country we do not publicly critise our leaders. May a 1000 camels breath in your faces and stomp on your feet.

  16. Omar,
    In your(our) country we always criticize those of another faith and the unfaithful infidels. It is obvious that you haven't attended the right madrassa.

    Perhaps you should ride camels around the round about. And eat dates in the center islands ofr this wealthy city we call home.

  17. Just becareful about how close you place them to La Jolla. They'll end up tossing a cross in the center of it and claiming it a war memorial.

  18. As a community we are required to use a certain amount of reclaimed water each year from the treatment plant. There is water available for the public right of way landscaping.

    As for Easter Island, the rapi nui were instructed by "little green men" to create the heads if they didn't want the planet destroyed by phasers the next time they passed through this galaxy. It must have worked cause we're still here. They sacrificed for the good of mankind. Quite noble really.

  19. hee hee

    good one gil. glad you are back.

  20. JP...I have always wanted to go to Easter Island....if we could get this in Leucadia....Wow think of the money I would save plus the tourist dollars we could Disneyland and people who think they have been to Switzerland to see the Materhorn! You are a marketing genius.

  21. At last we will have a proper altar where the likes of RSPB can worship. And Gil Foerster can bow down in obeisance too.

  22. The roundabout in JP's photo, with the big head is way to big, too wide a radius, with two lanes of cars going around it to be the one on Santa Fe!

    Will we truck in the reclaimed water, Gil? Wow, I didn't know you are an expert on the Easter Islands, too? I thought most of the reclaimed water is going for the golf course?

  23. Anywhere you see pink piping there is reclaimed water available. There are restrictions on it's use since it is not potable. I don't know of any authority on the Easter Is. which is why it might have been "little green men," although I'm not an authority on them either.
    I hate putting anything that obstructs vision or distracts drivers in the round-abouts. Cell phones are distraction enough.

  24. Dear Fellow Leucadians --
    My position on the traffic circles
    will flip if and only if Easter
    Island Heads are incorporated into
    the final projects.
    There is little doubt that backing
    up traffic all the way to the 78
    for most of '07 should be the only
    way to go, despite reports to the
    YVT Paul "Pablo" Martens

  25. Gil: As a plant man, you need to look at a color chart. The reclaimed water pipes are not pink. The color is closer to a light lavender. Or call it heliotrope or lilac, but not pink. All plant names by the way.

  26. Finally Paul posts under his own name instead of blabbling 8 Anonymous posts.

  27. Jake, you're a fake, and you are wrong about Martens.

  28. Actually, I'm a Cake. Aren't you original..... back to good ol' Babble.

  29. I do not think that they should take the Moais from Rapi Nui (Easter Island) and put them somewhere else. Those heads are a peace of history on the island. They have been in the same place for Centuries. Taking them away would be like stealing! >:(

  30. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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