Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Leucadia Blvd Intersection Crossing

Dan Dalager and Doug Long test out the new Leucadia Blvd crossing with Alfred Guerin in hot pursuit.


  1. Isn't that what we have now?

    Ol' Danny boy like keeping it the way it is and rather focus on building a swimming pool and teen center at the Hall property.

  2. There was a fatal accident on North Coast Hwy 101, in front of the Panikin last night. Whatever the traffic conditions, there will be some accidents on any road.

    Well-traveled roads have more accidents. Beware. When the Eckes and Council opened up Leucadia Blvd, when we and surrounding cities allow higher density development, more accidents are inevitable.

    But I did laugh out loud at this post, just now, JP.

    Three roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd. would lead to more accidents, not less.

  3. wrong-o The three traffic circles will lead to more accidents because of the reduced speed. The accidents that may happen will be of far less severity.

  4. Pannikan is a death trap. They should ban left turns out of there.

  5. All-way stops will reduce traffic speeds even more and therefore lead to even less severe accidents. There is no magic in roundabouts to prevent accidents. Didn't "wrong-o" contradict himself in his two sentences? We don't want to build something that will cause more accidents.

  6. Babble is at it again.

    Listen Babble just try and comprehend the following. There is a difference between number and severity of accidents. The less severe, the less people get hurt and die. A accident might mean a broken tail light. At a 4 way stop, some drivers blow right through and T-bone someone who has the right-of-way. Roundabouts are proven to be much safer then 4 way stops and Signals.

    I know you wont change your mind about roundabouts because you can't learn. You are stuck in your own little crappy head talking to your many personalities. The rest of us understand and get it. You are hopeless. You are Babble.

  7. I heard the young man that got killed was not in the truck that flipped. He was in the car knocked off the road, over by the railroad tracks.

    His name was Josh, only 29 years old. Tragic.

  8. The traffic study that has yet to be released, could tell the number of severe or minor accidents on Leucadia Blvd.

    By waiting for a one year mark, we could determine the number of severe or minor accidents happening now, at the new roundabout on Santa Fe, as opposed to before the roundabout existed.

    We could also see how the stop sign at Hygeia is affecting traffic, and accidents, before and after it was installed.

    Anti-babble poster is the biggest babbler of them all.

    Surf in peace, Josh. Hope you're catching breakers in the sky.

  9. Babble (AKA Paul Martens)- 4 way stops promote people getting kill by T-bone accidents. The same type of accidents that killed Josh. Roundabouts prevent Kids from Racing 80 mph down the street and will prevent deaths.

    I know you wont get it, but others do.

  10. We want to keep Leucadia Funky, RSPB, not stinky. Please go babble and stagger with your alter ego, Osama, somewhere else.

    You don't know how to make a point except to hurl accusations, call names, and tell lies.

    Behind the bum's mask is still a drunk. Go back to where you came from: the figments of your own delusional imagination.

  11. The accident was on North Hwy 101, not Leucadia Blvd. According to your logic, there should be a roundabout at every intersection, or by every public establishment where people might pull out into traffic.

    You have not said the reason why we can't wait until we see how affective the one at Santa Fe has been at preventing accidents, minor or severe.

    If 101 is the problem, then why are we spending all our money for THREE roundabouts on Leucadia, before the facts are in?

    You are the one who can't learn, won't listen, can't answer the questions raised. You have decided that anyone who opposes the three roundabouts is Paul Martens. At least you finally spelled his name right.

    He doesn't seem shy about identifying himself, as you do. You don't care if it's him or not; you just want a target to attack, attack and distract from the real issues.

  12. Weird! That anonymous so fired up for roundabouts acts like we should not have any stop signs or any signals anywhere.

    Sounds as though he wants roundabouts everywhere! Won't happen.

  13. how not to die on the roadJanuary 06, 2007 6:50 PM

    Try driving with both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. Try paying attention to the road and traffic ahead. For best results drive sober.

  14. Encinitas resident killed in crash

    By: North County Times wire services

    Encinitas resident Joshua Tiscareno was declared dead at the scene -- North Coast Highway and Athena Street -- last night after his Chrysler 300 was struck by a pickup truck driven by a teenager, according to law enforcement authorities and the Medical Examiner's Office.

    An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

    Sheriff's Sgt. Randy Webb of the Encinitas substation said the teenager, whose name was withheld, was going as fast as 80 mph just before the wreck, and that appeared to be the primary cause of the accident. No intoxicants were involved, he said.

    The collision, reported at 9:34 p.m., occurred when Tiscareno pulled out on Athena Street to make a left turn onto the North Coast Highway, Webb said.

    The pickup truck driven by the teenager swerved to the left and struck the Chrysler on the driver's side, he said. No charges are being sought against the pickup driver pending the outcome of the traffic investigation.

  15. Paul- AKA Jackass- AKA Babble- That type of accident is called a T-bone. The roundabouts on Leucadia will keep Leucadians on Leucadia from ending in the same result. You are a frickin dumb shit. The project will include two roundabouts and will force people to slow down, hence resulting in lower severe accidents.

    You are a cancer in Leucadia that needs to be removed.. I don’t know why you want your fellow Leucadians to live in a crappy unsafe environment, but you do.

    You are the Anti-Funky Jackass that should be run out of town.
    You have become the number 1 enemy of Leucadia. You better move to LA. I hope you repent for your stupidity, so Karma doesn't take you out shortly.

  16. Most of the interections with 4 way stops would be better with a roundabout from a safety and efficiency standpoint. The 4 way stops do serve to limit the number of cars that can travel down the road. If we put 4 way stops at Hymettus and Hermes less cars will travel Leucadia Blvd. Fine by me, but I don't think others would dig it to much.

    1/06/2007 4:05 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Americans haven't done a very good job in traffic engineering over the last 50 years. We have been doing it wrong. The Australians and most Europeans are doing a must better job and are light years ahead of the US as far as designing efficient safe roads.

    1/06/2007 4:12 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Why the heck can't we start with one roundabout, where the four way stop is now, and see if that helps or hurts safety and traffic flow?

    Why three Fire McMansions at once?

    Why three roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd?

    The accident on North Coast Hwy. 101 last night was a head-on collision, no "T-Bone." It wasn't at an intersection, but just north of one.

    1/06/2007 5:41 PM

    Anonymous said...
    We have one roundabout on Sante Fe and it works fine. We need to control traffic at the Hymettus and Hermes Avenue interection and that why we need two roundabouts. We are not going forward with 3 at this time so you should be happy. But I know your not Babble.

    1/06/2007 5:44 PM

  17. Local chef dies in Encinitas crash

    By: North County Times

    ENCINITAS ---- A 29-year-old Encinitas man, who worked as an executive chef at Today's Pizza & Salad restaurant, was killed Friday night when his car was struck broadside by a speeding pickup on North Coast Highway 101, authorities said.

    Joshua Tiscareno was going to the store in his 2006 Chrysler 300 at about 9:34 p.m. He drove out of Athena Street to make a left turn onto North Coast Highway, when his car was struck on the driver's side, said Encinitas sheriff's Sgt. Randy Webb.

    A 16-year-old Encinitas boy driving a 2000 Toyota Tundra southbound at about 85 mph, with a female passenger, saw the car pull out and swerved, but was unable to stop in time, Webb said. The Toyota pickup rolled onto its side, Webb said.

    Tiscareno was pronounced dead at the scene, he said.

    The 16-year-old boy and his passenger were both taken by ambulance to Scripps Encinitas for evaluation, Webb said. The extent of their injuries was not available.

    Deputies do not suspect drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash, he said.

    "High speed on the part of the pickup appears to be the primary cause of the collision," Webb wrote in a news release.

    The medical examiner's office said Tiscareno is survived by his parents, Craig and Teresa Tiscareno. He is also survived by an older brother, Spencer Tiscareno, and a girlfriend, said Mike Corbin, a friend of Joshua Tiscareno's and owner of the restaurant where he worked.

    "He was the guy that everybody liked ... He's a real Encinitas local boy," Corbin said.

    Tanya Corbin said the restaurant staff is devastated, and the customers will be once they find out.

    "Really and truly, people who knew Josh loved him," she said.

    Tiscareno had worked as a bartender, then went to culinary school and worked as a chef at other restaurants before opening the restaurant with the Corbins.

    Tanya Corbin said he helped them build the restaurant.

    "We may be the owners, but Josh is the backbone," she said. "We truly could not have done it without him."

  18. For all you people that want to know about traffic accidents, there are two ways to get the information. The Sheriff's Department presents a monthly report to the city manager about accidents and tickets in the city. It compares accidents with where and what kind of tickets that are written. It should be available at city hall. The State of California keeps a computer file of all accidents in the state that can be searched by area or zip code called State wide traffic accident reporting system (SWTARS). This can also be checked at any time and the information should be available at city hall.

    So if you think it is important to see how many accidents we have had on Leucadia Blvd or the Santa Fe round about just ask. Quite complaining. Take action then let us readers know what the results are. Otherwise shut your pie hole.

  19. The most important element to deal with is speed.

    Creating clutter reduces speed. accidents still happen but the victims in the aftermath are on their cell phones calling their insurance agency, as oppossed to mom and dad on the cell phone calling family informing them of the death of a son.

    Idiots are the wild card and it's difficult to prefent a 16 year old from being stupid and going 85.

    having said that, reducing road width, reducing lane width, popouts and or roundabouts, diagonal parking, verticle deflection with speed humps, audible differences in road texture all are tools that will greatly minimize the chance of this happening again. A by product of this and natural result is an improved pedestrian enviroment.

    Density is not an issue pro or con. In fact I would have to argue that density slightly reduces speed by creating clutter. Hwy 101 in a less dense era of the 40's and 50s saw far more fatalities than it does today.

    This accident was rare in the sense that most fatalities are head on crossing center line types. (50mph +50mph +100mh)rarly do sidestreet pullouts and t-bones cause this. In this case the speed of 85 was the killer.

    The car goes 40 or less, 30 is better,and both drivers can react and avoid an accident. If an accident happens it's a fender bender or light injury at worse.

    Leucadia, via the the city, is negligent or at best case to stupid to know better, by leaving these and the rail situation as status quo,

    Serious issues need to be fixed.

  20. last poster,

    refreshing to see sane logical arguments as oppossed to tirades and name calling.

    Agree with most, not some, but refreshing. Clearly you have some experiance.


  21. The intersection at Athena and 101 is difficult to make a left turn out of. The parking in front of Robbies should be restricted to allow for greater visual dimension.

  22. The monthly traffic accidents report to the city manager should be given to the city council at a council meeting so everyone can compare the data. It isn't. The engineering department likes to keep that information closed off. The state data is very general and doesn't have a detailed report for the cities. The question is why isn't the city council requiring these reports to be presented to them at a council meeting. Why keep the reports behind closed doors?

  23. Yes, and if the statistics and info is so easily available, then why hasn't the citywide traffic study been released, yet? Our city staff, including engineers, are paid a lot of money to compile information and make reports. John Q. Public, who is busy, often to the point of being overwhelmed with job and family duties, doesn't usually have the time or inclination to bring all this info together.

    Previous poster seems like he is attempting to make someone who asks questions, asks for the traffic report to be released, somehow responsible for the accidents themselves.

    Previous poster, if it's so easy to compile this, then you do it, and share it here, or shut your cake hole.

  24. Anonymous person from yesterday night at 10:57, you had better watch out for your own Karma, dude.

    You are not the judge of anyone, but you reveal your own anger, hatred, and drunkeness. Everyone here is very sad over Josh's death.

    No reason to spread your bitterness, calling an individual a cancer, all that, because someone doesn't agree with you. Could you try showing some compassion, instead of venting your spleen?

    Here you can hurl your meanspirited attacks without fear of anyone knowing who YOU are, coward. Please stop, get a hold of yourself.

  25. I don't get why we can't start with one roundabout on Leucadia Blvd., like JP suggested.

    The best spot to start, I think, is at Hygeia, where the stop sign is now. Then we could see if the roundabout works better than four way stop signs.

    While the roundabout or roundabouts are being built, traffic will be a worse nightmare, of course.

    I'm sorry about that accident on 101, too. But I don't see what that has to do with roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd.

    We would have to put roundabouts at every single intersection to prevent speeders. And they'd still find some way to race.

    Many lives are now changed forever by that 16 year old driver's foolish decision to go so fast.

  26. That one poster calling names sure seems emotionally invested in this topic.

    It's funny he posted right around 11 o' clock. Guess he was pretty plastered by then.

  27. Poster about traffic reportJanuary 07, 2007 1:17 PM

    I won't get the reports because I don't care about them like you seem to do. They are available at the traffic commission also. Go to a meeting. Get involved. You are good at whining but don't seem to want to find a solution.

  28. You don't care about getting the reports because you want to go ahead without having all the information to see whether or not roundabouts, more than one, would be a good expense of our money.

    You get involved and go to the meetings and get reports. You are the one who wants money spent without release of the traffic study Dan Dalger said was already done.

    You want another costly capital improvement; you and the City should be required to justify its need and its potential effectiveness with statistics that are compiled and released in comprehensive form. That is what staff is paid to do.

  29. You are good about babbling about whining and whining about babbling, not so good at coming up with the info you say is so easily available.

    Right, it's obvious you don't care about what anyone says, and just babble on about how people should leave town if they disagree with you.

    I care about Leucadia, and your saying otherwise is BS. I don't think people would be posting here who aren't involved and don't care, one way or another, about our community.

  30. It seems name-caller is the one who cannot learn, because his mind is very, very closed. Many would like to see the traffic report compiled and released, and see how many severe accidents have been avoided by the Santa Fe roundabout, before we plunge ahead with two roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd.

    Did we have fatal accidents at that Santa Fe intersection, before? I, personally, have been to meetings, and I am involved. So hypocritical poster can stop lecturing us. He admits he doesn't care about the studies or reports.

  31. babble is back at it. I have read his same points at least 10 times each. Each time his points mean less and less. Please Paul get some new points, and increase your Meds.

  32. last anonymous=cyber bullyJanuary 07, 2007 7:20 PM

    last anonymous is the same coward who keeps posting over and over, the only one in favor of three roundabouts.

    It's easy to call names. Look at yourself in the mirror. The reason posters, not just me, are repeating our questions and points, is because they remain unanswered.

    You don't care how big a fool you make of yourself, cyber bully, as long as you get the last word.

    Cyber Bully is back at it. I have read his same points at least 10 times each. Each time his points mean less and less. Please RSPB, Osama, get some new points, and increase your Meds.

    Better rethink your excessive drinking, cyber bully. You are hurting yourself, your own causes, more than me.

  33. Roadside Park BumJanuary 07, 2007 10:12 PM

    I am not "Cyber Bully" nor "Babble" I AM the RSPB!!! I only post under 1 name, unlike you Fake Leucadian, Thimble headed posters that now have wised up to post under "Anonymous".

    When I was 16 I didn't have a car, let alone a new truck!! And traveling at 85 MPH was unheard of, least of all on 101. Needless to say this kid got some explaining to do!!!

    Does a Chrysler 300 have sideimpact airbags??


  34. RSPB, you are a cyber bully, that is why you, a great fraud, call others fake. You surely know the meaning of the word fake, phony one.

    You can try to knock down other people's self esteem, but someone only has to realize how low you've stooped, how delusional you've become, to feel sorry for you, cyber bully, drunken bum.

    I pity you. You haven't "wised up" at all.

  35. Roadside Park BumJanuary 08, 2007 7:18 AM

    Don't pity me, buy me a beer or 12!! I don't need your pity, I need beer!!

    I tell the truth about Leucadia and you call me a cyber bully, waaaa,waaaa. You and your kind are intolerant!!!

    You run around crying for every crackpot idea under the sun to be accepted, but you can not accept the idea of a drunken bum with a laptop and wireless access!!! Waaa,waaa!!!!

    Now if you would most humbly answer the question that I posted, knowing full well that you have your day to begin and prepare for in such earnest, if you could just take a moment.....Does a Chrysler 300 have side immpact airbags???

    Most humbly waiting your answer, with breathless antici......pation!!! I am the RSPB!!!

  36. ....and another blog topic goes down the toilet of personal invective.

  37. I can't believe how hard you people let RSB yank your chain.

  38. Roadside Park BumJanuary 08, 2007 10:20 PM

    Neither can I, yet still no answer to my question!!!

  39. Maybe no one knows the answer. I saw the car, on the side of the road, didn't see any side air bags.

    The truck was upside down in the middle of Hwy 101. Amazing the kid and his girlfriend got out okay. They were on the side of the road, hugging.

    Sad, sad night.

  40. Okay, someone else there said he thought he saw side airbags.

    Same answer, though, I don't know, and don't understand the reason for question, either.

    The questioner could ask for a police report if he's interested, as an attorney.

  41. Oye carnal, RSPB. Estás muy loco con tus pendejadas. Take it easy. ¡Cálmate! Life is too short to get all worked up over three roundabouts. Let's go down to TJ and check out the roundabouts. Y tomar unas copas de tequila.


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