Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Puddle Time

Anyone catch that crazy downpour this evening?


  1. I like a few puddles. I seems more natural to me. Not everything needs to drain like LA does to the concrete river.

  2. I was smart enough to go for a run before it started... about 2 miles from home it started pouring... weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  3. LA streets were make to work as storm drains. When the storms came, crossing the streets was like crossing the Colorado river. Two and three feet deep in some places. Cars were always flooding out in the intersections.

  4. This is not LA. Go Back to LA!!!!!!

  5. Water falling from the sky! Holy Crap Al Gore is right!

  6. I could tell that this rain was a direct result of global warming. It tasted an awful lot like an iceberg.

    I wonder if we in Leucadia will get a sub-tropical or troprical climate from Mr. Gore's global warming?

    I wouldn't mind a few monkeys and such living in the bannana orchards off of Hygia Street. Maybe we can get a rubber plantation on Vulcan. Sounds exoctic to me.

    This climate change could give the Ecke's a whole new reason to stay. Perhaps bring some of their operations back from central america.

  7. Yes, your writing and your photography is excellent, JP. Thanks, everyday.

    I hope the polar bears can adapt. . .


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