Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We Live in Yuppie Hell

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The gentrification of north county ramps up. Yes, you too can be a cardboard cutout white bread family living the California dream in your psuedo-McMansion behind your safe gated community walls and ride down to the coast highway on Sunday with your bitchin' Harley. You might as well start surfing at Cardiff on a rubber surfboard made in China while you are at it. Group hug!



  1. Yeah. Like no possible noise issues here.

  2. The thought of every person in that neighborhood having the same Harley is hilarious.

    It's a shame Harley became such a lame brand in recent years.

  3. They should all get Vallecitos Ridge leather jackets made, heh.

  4. JP,

    You seem to be a typical Encinitas snob. Not everyone surfs and can still enjoy the coast and our city. Many people enjoy Harley motorcycles and have legal pipes.

  5. JP is far from a snob, I'd say. He opens this up to anonymous, again, and that's the first wise crack you can think up?

    The "golf-course set" and all the gaz guzzling SUV's, the too loud motorcycles of all makes, the eager beaver developers and associates, the speculators, those who are profiting by taking away diversity and packing in more and more McMansions are going to have us driving around in circles on their McRoundabouts, designed to look good on paper for "traffic calming" purposes, but to cause delays and back-ups, more pedestrian safety problems, in real life.

    Yes, the gentrification of Encinitas, including Leucadia, Olivenhein and Cardiff is upon us.

    Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?

  6. Wow, I thought everyone could agree on this. Gotta have thick skin to post here.

    Last yuppie "anonymous" must have a vested interest in high density development. He probably has a Harley and an SUV . . .

    We love ya, JP!

  7. Yes, I am a snob. More than that, I am an elitist bastard. I think the yuppification of California motorcycle culture is a sad thing. Motorcycles used to be really cool.

  8. Wow if you think JP is a snob, you must fit the bill or be a beverly hillbilly. Get Real. I think its funny cause its true!

  9. That’s hilarious! Like Bob said, can you image the noise issues?

    The first thing all the leather wearing wantabees do is plop a straight pipe on their "Hog".

  10. JP is most definitely one of those trailer-park-surf-snobs you've heard about, it's true.

    Golf, tract homes, and Harley's. LOL.

  11. Harley photo shoot going on at Swamies yesterday. Part of the same Ad campaign? Good revenue source for the city. Bust loud pipes and the swarms of pedal pushers in lycra for running stop signs. $$$$$$$ Jesse James just got fined $300 thousand for exhaust violations. Actually I like the sound of a loud ass bike sounds like America. Lycra and shaved legs on the other hand thats France.

  12. Don't make fun of me. I'm really cool. I ride a Harley, eat at the Chart House and beat Ms. California.

  13. A Harley was THE bike of the Hell's Angels.

  14. You know why there are so many bikers around nowdays? Its that damn helmet law. Prevents thinning of the herd thus weakning the species. Same with the surfleash and surfers.

  15. Ford was the truck of the American Cowboy and stood for Quality. Man how things have changed.

    Now- Ford and GMC stand for crap and will go bankrupt in the next decade.

    Now- Harley stands for fat, leatherwearing wantabe, with 2 time divorcee on the back wishing she was still in her 40s!

    Go Harley! I think you have a branding problem.

    I can't waite to cruise Vallecitos Ridge in a few years. Thats going to be some neighborhood!

    The Hells Angels will want to switch to Vespas. Those are still cool, or maybe electric bikes.

  16. Sweet-

    Its about time.

    $271,250 for smog violations
    Posted Jan 28th 2007 7:38AM by Mike Magda
    Filed under: Etc., Green Culture, Solar, Carbon Offset, Legislation and Policy

    California air regulators slapped Jesse James with a monster fine for building 50 custom bikes that didn't have state certified emissions equipment. The LA Times says the $271,250 fine applies to bikes built at West Coast Choppers between 1998 and 2005. Inspectors from the Air Resources Board found the vehicles didn't have proper smog equipment on the exhaust or intake systems and they could spit out 10 times the amount of hydrocarbons allowed by state law. Regulators say James was not targeted and they have brought action against 20 other customizers.

  17. They have the same house, the same motorcycle, the same Dockers khakis, the same 8'6" Bic surfboard, the same haircut, etc. It's like a sci fi movie portraying some freaky world of the future where everyone has to fit a certain mold or they get thrown into a "re-education camp."

    Picture it: 9:00AM on a peaceful Sunday morning in Vallecitos Ridge. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the smell of Jimmy Dean instant breakfasts is wafting through the crisp morning air.

    But then - VRRRRR-OOOOOMMMM RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!! - The silence is broken by the sound of two hundred and fifty seven Harley Road Kings simultaneously starting up, their owners preparing for their weekly cruise up and down 101.

  18. JP and all your blogging buddies,

    It is sure easy to get under your skin. I don't own a harley and those that run them without mufflers should be taken off the road.

    However, they are the minority. A larger safety issue are those people that ride bikes and ignore traffic laws.

    I am glad other people can afford houses in North County. Why should be the only lucky ones to live in paradise?

    I have lived here longer than you have been alive. To me you are the newcomer that have changed our community. Not some people that want to enjoy the beach on the weekend.

    P.S. you guys are really entertaining. Your blogs are great.

  19. The hoardes of lycra clad 10 speeders have been a plague on this community since the 80's.

    In fact, I think those people have backed off a little. Last weekend the big group only have 50 bikers when 20 years ago there would have been 80.

    Of course, the traffic has more than doubled since then. Danger! Danger!

    The razor and shaving cream companies must be stoked that men started shaving their legs.

  20. Bikes are quite and healthy for the riders. They are only looking to excersize and burn a few calories.

    Hogs are disturbing the peace, and pollute by throwing their used butts on the grounds that end up in our Ocean. People that run straightpipes suck and desire a ticket.

  21. I heard San Elijo Hills is offering a free yellow Hummer!

  22. I run straight pipes on my Triumph Chopper I built from scratch. I don't care if anyone thinks they are too loud. It's a safety issue.
    Loud Pipes Save Lives!
    People drive like New Yorkers here. They cut really close to your bike. They don't realize if they bump into you, you might die.
    A lot of guys can't wait for this biker fad to go away. There's going to be a lot of late model Harleys for sale, real cheap, with low mileage.

  23. Jon P- I hope you buy a yellow vest and drive defensively.

    I also hope you buy a muffler or get a ticket.

    No excuse for the illegal noise. Should all bycycles and scooters have 100 decibel noise makers on them?

  24. jon p.

    You are full of it. The safety issue rant has been a losing defense since it started. If that was true we shouldn't have mufflers on anything so we could all hear them. I would like everyone to know when my car was coming. If trains didn't have mufflers we could hear them coming down the tracks better. If we all had sirens we could hear vehicles better. Get a life buddy.

  25. Shit... sorry I meant to sign my name to that last comment.

  26. sounds like the typical straightpiper mentality to me. The straightpipes do understand tickets. It means less money for Marlboro reds and beer.

  27. first anon,

    Your generation changed north county. You set the zoning in the north county cities and allowed the Eckes to fight off incorporation for so long.

    YOU OPENED the floodgates. You invited the newcomers. Don't be a Dalager and now treat the 20 year residents as second class citizens.


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