Monday, January 15, 2007

What are your goals in life young man?

From my e-mail inbox:

Dear Friends....As many of you already know there are two council goal setting meetings scheduled for this month.

The first is this Tuesday, January 16 at 4pm. The 2nd one will be Monday, January 22nd, also at 4 pm. Both will be held in the Poinsettia Conference Room at City Hall. The meetings are generally 4-5 hours long.

The purpose of these meetings is to review past goals and the status of those goals.

Review and assess financial funding limits and opportunities.

Set goals for 2007 and beyond.

In the past there has been an opportunity for public comment...usually prior to council discussion.

I urge you to attend and participate in the discussion about the direction you want YOUR city to take. Most importantly it is an opportunity to offer positive solutions and approaches to a number of issues facing the community.


  1. I read with a little chuckle today a story in the SD Union that said that SD city councilmen had an "edifice envy". In a city with great financial worries they want to build a new city hall for the politicians to work in and around.

    Does this sound familiar? Your city council has suffered with this disease for a long time and it's symptoms will be displayed at their goal setting seminar.

    I would bet three camels and two herim girls that your "council persons" won't have a goal set to say, "lets live within our means and reduce cost of government to our citizens?"

    Why? They too have an "edifice envy".

  2. What if a lot of us showed up and gave our thoughts for as long as we wanted to talk. Civil disobedience, as long as it is not violent, is still posssible in this country. If they arrest us, all the better for a newspaper story exposing the corruption from within. Anyone who has the time and the willingness, let's do it. Gather any facts youj have and bring them to these meetings. Speak as long as you need to and let's see what happens.

  3. Jnae Fonda HaterJanuary 15, 2007 9:45 AM

    Do we have a nutcase blogging? What possible purpose would it serve to disrupt the goal setting meeting and get arrested?

    Exactly what corruption would you expose? If you have examples of corruption by our elected officials I suggest all you need to do is contact the District Attorney. If you mean that you don't like the way the city is run then you need to address that at the ballot box.

    Anonymous, Perhaps you should go back to woodstock and smoke more dope.

  4. A lot of the corruption has taken years and years to expose. JP, I don't know who you were talking to, but would you have told Martin Luther King, Jr. to get a hobby?

    I hope you were talking to the anonymous person, "fonda hater," who is calling someone who suggests civil disobediance a "nut case."

    That's how many corrupt regimes squelsh dissent. They limit the public's ability to speak. Anonymous is right. At a recent meeting, we were informed by Glenn Sabine that Council had not adopted Roberts Rules of Order, and that it could basically "do what it wanted to" regarding conduct of Council meetings. There is nothing "codified," therefore speaking for more than three minutes would not be breaking the law. Council gets unlimited time, and can address what people bring up, or not. The public cannot re-address Council's often erroneous comments. It's not a debate, but just Council, often, NOT listening, and showing disregard. I think things could change with Teresa Barth. I hope so.

  5. I'm certain getting arrested in this town is no bed of roses. The police are hired by the City, and just follow along with whatever they are directed to do. This way Council can act as judge, jury and executioner.

    If a lot of people attended and spoke for their three minutes or so (maybe more with time donations) we could make a real difference.

  6. I have contacted the District Attorney. They won't do a thing against an officer of the City, no matter how strong your evidence.

    I think the State Attorney General, now Jerry Brown is who one should contact re a Grand Jury investigation.

    Part of the problem is that the City does not follow the Public Information law fully. There was an article in Friday's NCT about the law enforcement agencies in California getting an average of F on a test by Calaware and various newspapers that should the same tendency. The Public is not allowed full and open access as is required, with certain exceptions.

    The City of Encinitas has far too many closed session decisions, and just has a meeting to affirm what has already been decided. Anytime any action is initiated, it should be reported on the minutes for the agenda, by the case, showing the parties involved.

    The budget setting workshop should be interesting, but some people cannot attend on Tuesday night, beginning at four. How many are home from work?

  7. Open government is essentialJanuary 15, 2007 11:32 AM

    I read that article about incomplete or failure to disclose information requested by members of the general public.

    The Sheriff's department, which includes Solana Beach and Encinitas, got a D grade.

    I also think Encinitas is faulty on disclosing actions taken in closed session hearings. Because there is "pending litigation," does not mean that the city's attorney client privilege trumps the public's right to be informed what cases were discussed.

    Teresa Barth did state at a forum that the City was not reporting closed sessions properly. Glenn Sabine is not doing a good job; many realize this.

  8. Roadside park bumJanuary 15, 2007 11:36 AM


  9. Perhaps some of you should look up the meaning of corruption. Corruption is an illegal act. I personally agree we have a screwy city council that needs to be changed but they are not corrupt.

    We need to recall them not disrupt public meeting and go to jail. Our anonymous hold over from the 60's probasbly likes jail. Perhaps he/she should lay down on I-5 to protest the traffic jams due to over building.

    We don't have enough sand on our beaches and the kelp doesn't stop enough wind. Perhaps he/she can block all the entrances to Moonlight Beach and show everyone how much we shouldn't let people go to the beach until the kelp forests grow back.

  10. god damit,
    even a relitivly benign topic such as attend and say what the goals shoud be blows up.

    whats next? abortion, religion, tobaccoo, stem cell reserch,

    folks please help the council by giving goals and listening to others.

    I'm sure Martin Luther King would not mind.

  11. Dear god damit

    Do you really think this council, including the new wonder lady Barth, gives a rats ass what you think? They have proved time and time again that they don't. Why is this goal setting meeting different?

    JP is the only one that cares. JP for mayor. Yea, there is a thought.

  12. Roadside park bumJanuary 15, 2007 4:21 PM

    Waaaaa, Waaaaaa, Waaaaaaa

  13. Wow, a lot of bitterness here.

    I think "Fonda Hater" is one of the bitter ones.

    Martin Luther King and Gandhi both talked about passive resistance and non-violence. People are frustrated when they are ignored or showed disdain at Council Meetings, or when closed sessions are held without being reported properly.

    I think Fonda Hater is Doug Long, defeated Council Candidate, or a family member? He's also the Pablo hater. Could be a Guerin, though, but I don't think so, this time.

    Roadside Park Bum is a retired attorney who benifited plenty from the behind the scenes deals, right Charlie?

    You don't have to call it corruption; you can deny to your heart's content.

    Go ahead, Charlie, cry some more; call us whiners, say we want Leucadia to be ugly.

    Lots of people who've been through the sixties posting here, right?

    Charlie and Doug sure have.

  14. Line Item Audit neededJanuary 15, 2007 5:44 PM

    Right, if one can get off work on time, and can get a babysitter, one could sit for hours and listen to all the staff reports, and the rambling speeches of Dan Dalager, etc. But we can't get a line item audit, that is a forensic audit, to tell us how the money is actually being shuffled.

    Dan Dalager said there is an independent audit every year. Not a line item audit, Dan. It's a snow job. As more people retire in Encinitas, the unfunded pension liabilities will continue to increase.

  15. How can we have any real input when Council and staff always have the last word? Yes, we can vote, but a lot of people who voted for Dalager the first time, for example, didn't vote for him the second time. Still, the power of his business connections, and the incumbency proved to be difficult to beat.

    I do think we should give Teresa, Maggie, and the others a chance to rethink priorities, as James Bond suggested in the NCT article.

    If the incumbents want to be re-elected, they better realize people have lost trust. You can turn this around!

  16. James Bond, before he went over to Christy Guerin's side, said you cannot keep increasing your operating expenses and your capital improvements, and balance the budget.

    We just put into effect another bond, that should have allowed a public vote. That is corruption, to poster who was asking about illegal acts. Also, putting that storm drain fee on our trash bills was illegal. That's why the city was sued and lost.

    The District Attorney and the Attorney General have huge discretion in deciding what to bring to a Grand Jury, or what to prosecute or not. We are living in a privileged society. Where money goes, power flows.

  17., everyone is sore and testy because the Big Football Jocks got beat by the Other Football Jocks.

    My friend came over last night after attending The Game and from the look on his face, you wudda thought his dog got hit by a car. I gave him a big hug. Come to the meeting tomorrow and give everyone a big hug!....

    ...jes' kiddin'!!

  18. The more people that can attend, or write our Council Members, the better off we will be. Mostly what we have been hearing from the government is about "acceptable collateral damages," from all the mistakes that have been made.

    Deceiving or manipulating citizens, taking away people's quality of life, our right to vote, are pushed on us as acceptable because we are so afraid, or we are caught up in an "edifice complex." My library, my sports complex, my fire Mcmansions are bigger than yours.

    Perceived "security," and status trump all civil liberties. If you disagree, you are labeled a hippie, a whiner, a nut case, or worse. Council has rolled their collective eyes at those who helped to establish Encinitas to prevent upzoning, to insure that people could have some local control!

    The developers and their associates, including consultants, "independent contractors," unprincipled lawyers, and accountants are the insurgents around here.

  19. JP, did you mean your goal in life is to get a hobby?

  20. I think he was talking to the poster before him, the "hater" who was calling others nutcases, telling people to go smoke more dope?

  21. My advice to the activist is to collect your thoughts, dress professional and bring a clear concise list of goals to share. Don't show up in slippers and bathrobes and act like crazy hippie nimbys. Get in the game for once.

  22. We dont need to worry, you whiners wont show up. You just like to bitch behind your web curtain. Keep on whining, we don't even hear you.

    All we hear are the people who contribute and work on our campaigns- like Developers and the City Staff like the fine Fire Chief and his boys....hopefully this year, we'll get the City Manager working on our campaigns and really smoke in the 2008 elections.

    Keep up the good work whiners, You're really making a difference!

  23. I have never seen anyone show up in slippers and bathrobes.

    I know Dan Dalager, RSPB, (Marvin)and Doug Long like to call people whiners. They whine and babble about so-called babblers and whiners long and loud.

    Council appears to try to make it hard for everyone more people to show. Why couldn't they have a budget workshop on a Saturday? Why would they begin so early, and say it will go on for hours?

    You are so busy attacking people, you don't know what you are talking about. If Gandhi or MLK showed up, you'd be the first to have them arrested.

    Yeah, the fire dept. and police dept. have been shown favortism, as has staff. We citizens, however we are dressed, come last.

  24. I saw Louie there, one time, at a Council Meeting, during oral communications. He was asking for the city to help fund the lights on a community Christmas Tree, closer to Moonlight.

    The City Clerk read his presentation. He did a great job. I wonder if they did help with the expenses?

  25. Supposedly Martin Luther was the first one to cut a tree for Christmas Eve. I think the city should contribute toward this if they can sponsor and produce a Christmas Parade, and Christmas Musical.

    Lights on a tree are celebrating the coming of longer days, originally, the Winter Solstice.

  26. Hmmm. Well, Council should not judge people, whether they show up in coveralls, like Grower Gil, or whether someone's wearing a Hawaiian Shirt, or a suit, like the high-priced, overpaid consultants Council has so often hired to do staff's job.

    Council would rather listen to these consultants who "massage" the numbers, so that they can justify the job they want "their boys" to be paid to do, or justify the excessive sale price they want their buddies to collect, through the taxpayers.

  27. Lack of open bidding is corruptJanuary 15, 2007 9:29 PM

    There should be open bidding on Storm Drain contracts, for example . . .

  28. It's my understanding we fund our pension program through CALPERS, that we make up any shortages on our invested funds as we go. . .with a two year accounting lag from the fund on shortages, and still invest 3% even when the fund has prospered. Is this not correct?

    Of course everyone should make it to the goal setting session that can with clear consise requests. They're going to listen to all of them and then chop up the projected $ pie for projects. If you don't speak up then they are shooting in the dark.

    Or you can skip the meeting and run up the red anarchy flag and see if the troops rally.

  29. Hope I can be thereJanuary 16, 2007 7:11 AM

    Hey you city council whiners. Who got the most votes in the last election? Was it Barth? No it was Dalger. I guess the people don't want him or don't like what he is doing, they just vote for him in great numbers.

    Yea, you 60's whiners show up and sit in. Perhaps chain yourself together. It will be fun to watch you get arrested. A little chant, a dobbie or two if you are sick, wow its just like old times. Perhaps you can get married for a night to one of your cell mates while you are in the pokey.

    Sounds like loads of fun and entertainment.

  30. I believe that I can go to the Monday night meeting, as I have that day off. Are there any specific goals that anyone might like me to address? Please be clear and concise and I will do my best to be heard. I wil show up in business attire (that is the part I hate!) and attempt to add to the goals discussion. Passive resistance is not such a horrible idea. It did get the Brits out of India. Also, check out the NCTimes Editorial today. It states what we have all been saying about the lack of legal pubic information being given to citizens. Obviously it is happening in other cities as well. We CAN make a difference if we keep pursuing what is important to us and the community. I also belive we have to decide what that is and stick to together as one community instead of 5.I know that this is a Leucadia blog, however the residents of Cardiff, Old Encinitas, and Olevenhein(sorry about the spelling) are pretty much on the same page. I don't know as much about New Encinitas. If you would like to contribute your ideas, please put them on the blog. I hope J.P. doesn't mind. I hate giving my own e-mail address to some of the posters on this blog. You know who you are!

  31. Everyone I talk to around town thinks that Dalager was against prop c and therefore voted for him. They are shocked when I explain the truth. Dalager is very good with quotable sound bites for the north county times. I am curious to see if his blunders are exposed during this term or if my friends and neighbors will continue to drink the Danny kool-aid.

  32. I can't make a 4 o'clock meeting so here are some goals off the top of my head:

    An audit of the city's finances.

    A level headed non-political approach to capital improvements.

    More open government and less whining from Mr. Dalager about people interested in open government.

    No more fee or tax increase attempts until after independent audit.

    The planning commission needs to challenge the developers of these new density projects to really think these project out and not just fill out the footprint of the property.

    Less hostility on both sides of the coin and more level headed discourse.

    A concise plan of action for the next Giant Nipple Man attack.

  33. I'm going on behalf of The Leucadia Town Council. We have 3 issues:

    1. Safety along Coast Hwy 101

    2. Artworks in the Leucadia Blvd. roundabouts which we are willing to raise the funds for.

    3.Designs for the Leucadia sidewalks, which I call "Continual Walkways"; beautiful designs created with colored concrete stains and motifs such as waves and dolphins.

    If anyone would like to see these designs, email me and I'l send 'em to you. You'll be impressed!

  34. JP, The city hasn't gotten the tsunami evacuation plan signs up yet...maybe they can add the Giant Nipple Man plan to the signs.

  35. giant nipple manJanuary 16, 2007 2:30 PM


  36. giant nipple manJanuary 16, 2007 2:31 PM

    MRRRRRRARRRAW! (my latte is cold)

  37. I couldn't go, but it was today, Tuesday, Dr. Lorri, not yesterday.

    Wasn't it?

    Person who keeps calling people whiners, talking about doobies, and sit in's, is Fonda/Pablo hater=Doug Long, I'd say.

    Doug, you should know that Dan Dalager had plenty of doobies in his day. And he marched to help establish the Coastal Commission, too.

    Unfortunately, he is regressing to pre-college days, and has managed to deceive and/or disappoint a whole lot of people. Ever hear the expression power corrupts? Denial and deception don't help, either. LESS people voted for him this time around, right?

    I predict he won't run again, as he'll now be eligible for his pension benefits.

    I don't know about Gil's comments. Is the Fire Dept. paid through CALPERS? Is Council? I know James Bond saying something about having to pay people 100% of their wage in many cases.

  38. Mary Fleener- You did a wonderful job tonight. I love Art.

    So did Charlie Marvin in asking council to allow themselves to visualise what Leucadia and all of Encinitas could be, if you just don't go down the status quo.

    Thanks to you both!

  39. My understanding is that there was a meeting tonight, which I could not attend, and there is one next Monday, which I believe that I can attend, barring any unforseeable suicidal patients. So, RSPB, keep drinking and don't attempt anything that night OK? I would love to hear of anyone's experiences at tonight's meeting.

  40. dr. lorri: the next meeting is Mon., Jan 22.

    Thanks Anon, for the good words. I had back; Fred Caldwell did the computer graphics on the PP presentation.

  41. One out of two is not badJanuary 16, 2007 10:14 PM

    Less hostility on both sides of the coin and more level headed discourse.

    A concise plan of action for the next Giant Nipple Man attack.


    They listened and did not cut anyone off. Some dude talked for 10 minutes about his flooding but they let him talk it out. Also the discorse when they talked to each other and added to and debated the goals was extreamly civil.

    James Bond was actually folksy. No really he was!

    Giant nipple man did not make the cut.

    Enviromentalist were there in force and Leucadia was well represented and had it's act together.

    The room was to small and the crowd was overflowing but hey, those are goodthings I suppose.

  42. I too think the residents, staff and council did a fabulous job last night. I hope the positive momentum lasts throughout the year.

  43. I also didn't see any "sit in" mentality expressed at the meeting. Generally, I was very impressed with the caliber and thoughtfulness of the public comments. And I was also impressed with Mayor Bond's convivial attitude.

  44. I couldn't go, but I read the NCT article this morning.

    I'm glad they are caring about Leucadia. I see Beacons is first priority. The article seemed to make the seawall a "done deal." I know from going to the Planning Commission meeting about that; it is not. In fact, Charlie Marvin was really the only one, that night, who specifically spoke to wanting it.

    The homeowners on either side of the wall, including a lawyer Marvin used to work with, did not want a seawall. Most of the audience did not want a seawall. A seawall is not allowed, for residents, except in an emergency situation. Staff had said, then, that there were unmitigatable impacts that would be caused by a seawall.

    I wish I could have been there to speak to that. I'm glad everyone got to talk. I already did submit a letter about the seawall.

    Thanks, Mary. I'm all for art, too.


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