Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yield for the fence next time

Another Santa Fe roundabout mishap.

click images for larger view


  1. What does Dr. Gee think of the roundbout?

  2. No car tracks in the dirt or ice plant, not a vehicular accident. JP you appear to be starting rumors that are not true.

  3. A tire track is clearly visable.

  4. These photos were e-mailed to me.

    Don't forget, I like small roundabouts. Well, I mostly just hate stop signs with a passion. I don't think roundabouts will solve all our problems, but I'm not against them.

  5. shadow from the sign, not tire track. same direction as shadow from the truck.

    my guess is a tree.

  6. Roadside park bumJanuary 18, 2007 9:50 AM

    I am going into rehab...
    They are taking my laptop....

    I my never be the same!!!!

    Staggering down the 101(FOR THE LAST TIME????) It's your RSPB!!!






  8. If the interestion didn't have the roundabout, there would be blood on the pavement.

  9. Two reported accidents, two DUI's. Plan your route accordingly heading home from the Leucadian.

  10. I know who took the pictures. He saw the accident aftermath, on Christmas Day, I believe, went back and got his camera.

    It took awhile for JP to post, because he wanted another shot, camera was not working right.

    JP is NOT starting rumors.

  11. This is why the accident reports at Santa Fe should be checked BEFORE we go ahead with any roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd.

    JP, I know you don't like stop signs, but they are safer for pedestrians than small radius roundabouts. That's why they have them in Del Mar, too. No roundabouts there.

  12. apples to orangesJanuary 18, 2007 3:16 PM

    You guys who think roundabouts are so hunky-dory, are comparing apples to oranges when you look at the roundabouts elsewhere. Leucadia Blvd curves, for one thing, already.

  13. We need the traffic report to be released, including a summation of accidents at Santa Fe roundabout before we go ahead with any more roundabouts.

    Most people DO NOT want a seawall at Beacons, either. Fixing the access is a priority because we don't want to lose our State funding, but the plans need to be resubmitted without a seawall, unless the City wants more lawsuits and delay, including delay through the Coastal Commission.

  14. I'm glad RSPB is getting some help with his crying and drinking problems.

    Maybe he can learn to tell the truth, too, while he's at it. He has been posting to increase his property values at public expense. That's okay, but if people disagree, they are not wanting Leucadia to be ugly.

  15. I see Babble is back.

    Me Babble, me don't know why but me dont like roundabouts, Me do like to babble. Babble,Babble, Babble.

    Charlie Marvin, bad
    RSPB, really bad
    everone else who wants to improve Leucadia,bad

    Me babble, I am good. At least thats what my other personalities say.

    you bad,


  16. I like the use of roundabouts as they seem to be DUI catchers. That is one way to get them off the road.

  17. I can't believe what a bunch of re-tards there are that live here. A round about is so simple to use the drunk Aussie's, Kiwi’s and Europeans have used them for years with out fail. Perhaps some of you who can’t follow the direction shouldn’t be driving... I tend to agree with Babble!Babble,babble,babble,babble,and some more babble!

  18. thor is right. there are too many re-tards here for roundies to work.

  19. The only peole that have trouble driving through the Santa Fe roundabout are the retarded Leucadians. Cardiffians know how to drive a roundabout.

    Leucadians better start practicing in the Santa Fe roundabout.


  20. The person who destroyed the fence got a DUI (that means the person was intoxicated. He was also 17). If a four way stop was there instead of the roundabout, the drunk probably would have run the stop sign and T-boned another person. The last thing we want is for another person to get T-boned and killed in Encinitas.

    We have a current liability at Hymettus or Hermes and I hope something is done before someone loses their life at either intersection and the City gets sued for negligence. The City has known about the unsafe condition on Leucadia Blvd. for years without acting on it.

    Thankfully we have a life saving roundabout on Sante Fe Avenue.

    Roundabouts will help get the tards, speeders and drunks off the road.

  21. That downed fence would blend right in along 101 through Leucadia.

  22. How many accidents have occurred on Leucadia Blvd. at Hermes and Hymettus? The really dangerous spot is at the railway crossing. That's where we should spend our money first. Let's get our priorities correct. Save the bling bling roundabouts for another day.

  23. Babble poster is the one with multiple personalities.

  24. Three roundabouts or two = bad. Any more roundabouts = bad, before traffic report is released, and accident statistics are compared.

    Someone wants this to be about personalities, not the facts; doesn't need the data, because he has his closed mind made up, obviously. Babble is a cyber bully. It's his way, or you are a babbler. He is a mirror to himself, now posting as Babble.

  25. DUI's are an unfortunate fact of life. I don't drink.

    We don't need roundabouts to protect every single intersection in Encinitas.

    There are already some medians on Leucadia Blvd and No. Hwy. 101. Please, can we maintain those better, to start? More trees would be lovely. The business owners could contribute more, as this increases their business value.

    Let's get Louie and crew to water some of the plants?

  26. Yeah, we don't need to waste millions on another yuppie McRoundabout.

  27. Babble, "fonda-hater" = Doug Long, and friends. Keep on trying to distract with personality attacks.

    Hasn't worked; won't work.

    Bye, bye, Babblehead. You want the roundabouts because they'll increase what you think is your net worth. Let's get our sidewalks in first, make the pedestrian crossing over the railroad track safer, too. I notice a small curb there, now, to separate the pedestrians from the heavy traffic.

  28. Sure seems like safer sidewalks and railroad crossings should come before more roundabouts.

  29. Council can spend more money on enforcing the speeding laws we have instead of donuts for cowboy cops. Start enforcing some of the laws, and people will slow down. We spend like $10 million a year on our contract with the Sheriff. With the men we have; we could do more. The traffic report should show where more patrolling is essential.

  30. Don't let name-calling posters manipulate with fear.

  31. That’s the biggest string from Babble ever. He/She is actually getting worse. Lets see if they can leave 30 posts in a row next time

    Like some previous poster said, it’s like debating in the special Olympics.

  32. That’s the biggest pile from Cyber Bully ever. He is actually getting worse; tries to have the last word on every thread. Lets see how long he can go on ignoring the issues and dismissing all of our posts, by calling people babblers.

    It's like a duel of wits with an unarmed man.

  33. That guy who keeps posting "babble," seems to like to call people "tards," and talk about the Special Olympics.

    He's the one who is integrity and decency challenged here.

    We can't stop speeders by making every intersection a stopsign, stoplight, or roundabout.

    This is really about personal property interests in the gentrification of Leucadia vs. people being able to get to Coast Hwy. and the beach without going round and round in circles.

  34. Babble-

    keep babbling!

  35. Who are you to say what constitutes babbling? The issue for this post is Mcroundabouts, whether they would be helpful, whether they are worth the price.

  36. The roundabout caught me by surprise this past holiday. Was driving to the old place on cornish I used to rent (for nostalgia's sake) and all of a sudden pleasantville rears it's head...


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