Thursday, February 15, 2007

Area Yokel Sets Off Bomb Scare

An area yokel walking by the San Elijo lagoon mistook a lost buoy for a World War II mine. story, Buoy sets off Encinitas bomb scare

Somebody has seen that episode of Gilligan's Island too many times (the one in season 2 where Gilligan is fishing in the lagoon and he pulls in that old World War II mine and then he gets scared and runs across the water like Jesus).


  1. Great... a hundred government deadwood employees plus two brave "female" rangers all at govenment fat pay for an all day event to fish out a buoy. Tax money well spent. Good job CSI of the lagoon!

  2. Are you sure he was a local yokel.
    I think he must have been a Boston transplant.

  3. Another waste of taxpayer money. Too many government employees rushed around, on our dime, for no good reason.

    People panic. Government workers waste their time at our expense. No threat was phoned in. This kind of exaggerated response was definitely over the top.


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