Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cardiff Double Take

Bi-polar Cardiff duplex. Photo courtesy of my good pal, Festus Porkmeyer.


  1. are you sure one side is not in Leucadia?

  2. See, there is low income housing in Encinitas.

  3. Would Gil Foerster would protest if the nasty condo owner decided to "upgrade"?

  4. I say we knock it down and put up 47 units of mixed use on the one side. We could have a small market for the neighborhood. Cardiff Market needs some competition.

  5. I would object if they tried to go four stories and 6 units.

    If you mean giving the place a paint job, then either you really need to put your thinking cap back on or stop trying to vilify Gil, because you have gone over the top insinuating that Gil's concerns regarding Pacific Station are anything like objecting to someone repaint their house and adding trim.

  6. Meek shall inherit the earthFebruary 04, 2007 9:44 AM

    I don't always agree with him, but I really appreciate Gil's posts on Pacific Station, and also his speaking up for reason at the Planning Commission meeting.

    There are a few posting here that would like to target anyone who doesn't agree with their pro high density development agenda, and do everything in their power, including implied threats and intimidation, to get people who question or who advise caution in moving forward without considering traffic, and parking, for example, to stay home from City meetings.

    Gil, thanks for your courage and your persistence. A longer post now and then is fine, too. People read your posts!

    And JP, please don't get discouraged. We will get past this.

  7. Dear meek,

    You are sick, sick, sick. This BLOG is pure entertainment. If you think that it has any effect on public policy you are sick, sick, sick.

    JP. great entertainment.

  8. No effect on public policy eh?

    *cough* prop c *cough*

  9. I consider this blog to be a great community resource and a personal resource for feeling part of the pulse of the citizens. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I thank JP for making it available and I thank those who blog on it for providing input and differing points of view.

    It is those like meek and dixie that make me follow thru on things, like pacific station. Do those simple acts help change policy, for me they do unless I am dead.

    Again: "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." -Margaret Mead.

  10. and if people find it entertainment and come to read the blogs then it has served at least two purposes, information and entertainment. Sweet!

  11. Gil,

    It is great entertainment and you are a great entertainer. JP. I hope you are not taking credit for the defeat of Prop C. There area great many city people that were pulled to gether by forces other than this blog that workede against Prop C.

    Don't get me wrong. I read this everyday for the entertainment value. I don't believe anything I read here unless I verify the info. Much of what is written is pure drival and more times than not fantasy.

  12. I'm not taking credit, but you can't argue that this blog didn't have an effect.

  13. I believe we are sharing opinions, info, and some links to the City's website stuff, too.

    It takes effort, but some people are checking out the staff reports, and the draft E.I.R. for the Hall Property, for example. This is helpful information. Information can be entertaining, too, like solving a puzzle.

    JP, you and this blog have had and do have a great effect on public policy. Good job, everyday!


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