Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Fight for Net Neutrality is The Fight for Free Speech

The Internet is the ultimate tool of the free speech that our founding fathers fought and died for. If value your right to whine about Encinitas politics (among other things) then watch this quick video and then visit Save the Internet Dot Com.


  1. That's the term I was looking for.. this blog is full of whiners.

  2. North County is full of famous whiners:

    Michael D Pattinson, Dan Dalager, Steve Aceti, the Encinitas chamber of commerce, the roadside park bum, etc.

  3. Thanks, JP, for fighting the good fight. First anonymous is only posting his or her famous whine here because he or she wants to drive us away.

    He/she is posting because he/she knows how effective your blog has been in local politics.

    It won't work. You can't dismiss other people for being whiners by whining about our exercising our freedom of speech.

    I signed the petition.

  4. the largest group of whiners is: anonymous. This blog is entertaining and fun. Keep it up.

  5. Kinda funny. Seems like this blog is full of people who see the beauty in Leucadia. What is the tour of leucadia about? Smelling the roses and seeing the rough diamond.

    Taking a stand for net neutrality is whining? That is messed up. Not doing anything about it, letting it happen, and then complaining is worth calling whining. JP is not whining.

  6. Last Post was stated perfectly.

    JP and others that act to make Leucadia and communities of Encinitas are the every day Heros.

    The people that don't do squat and than complaint about how crowded and crappy everything thing is are the whiners. Even worse are the people that support actions that degrade our community, like increasing density and prioritizing commuter traffic flow over community character (selling out to developers), and than bitch about how Encinitas used to be a better place to live.

    Sound familiar?

  7. Roadside Park BumMarch 01, 2007 11:19 AM

    Anonymous 7:29
    At least Capitalize my name, that's Roadside Park Bum!! And I don't whine, I tell the truth about Leucadia and then others whine about it.
    I tell the truth about lack of street lights, sidewalks and weeds in the center median of 101, and others whine about it. I tell the truth about lack of toilet facilities at the beaches and you know who whines about it. I tell the truth about a train that rips through your town 20+ times a day, creating a dust cloud that chokes a horse, and others whine about it.

    If telling the truth about Leucadia is whining then I'm guilty. If you have your head buried in a hole in the ground telling the world everything is just fine in Leucadia, then YOU ARE GUILTY!!!

    I am thankful that this forum exists and that J.P. does not censor us and allows those of us that have points to make the freedom to express those points here on HIS blog!!!

    Now you must excuse me, I have cars to clean and polish, work ,work, work!!!

  8. No one said everything is fine.

    No one has a monopoly on truth here, or anywhere.

    Keep trying for the porta potties; you are more likely to get those.

    As for maintenance of the medians, either the business owners will have to do their little sections, or low maintenance, drought tolerant plants need to be planted. Remember, City wants to tax us because they are short on their lighting and landscaping budget, supposedly.

    Sign the petition, if you care about net neutrality.

  9. Somebody has to pay for bandwidth if we are able to continue downloading millions of videos daily. If it's "free speech" that is your concern, then maybe we should be focused on reaching universal broadband deployment ASAP.

    We are facing a broadband crunch with the tremendous growth of online video content and we can forget about the prospect of IPTV with the current infrastructure. Even Google whos's YouTube ties up loads of bandwidth daily is warning against IPTV. We need to have incentives for upgrades and innovation not barriers to them. With "net neutrality" who will pay for these upgrades?

    I work with the Hands Off the Internet on the other side of this issue. Nobody's speech or ability to whine about anything is being threatened, we don't have net neutrality now and we are all able to be heard. Although those living in rural areas with dial-up may have a harder time. In addition, if an ISP were ever to try and block or degrade access to a blog or website, there are anti-trust laws and regulatory agencies that can immediately step in. Not to mention the consumer backlash such a move would create.

  10. I pay Cox cable $60 bucks a month for internet access. If Cox signs an exclusive agreement with Yahoo then I won't be able to visit this blog which is provided by Google.

  11. may hoti would like to explain that he/she is paid by the UFOs. Maybe hoti would like to explain how on earth we got the internet that we have today, without toll booths.

    Suggestion for hoti: Buy into your own rhetoric and go out and start internet II. Put toll booths on that one and if it is so much better then every one will dump internet version I and pay you more. Don't hijack the current system.

  12. No Shill Zone, yes AT&T is one of HOTI's many member organizations along with Citizens Against Government Waste, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the National Black Chamber of Commerce to name a few more. This list is easily accessible on our blog.

    While video clips of spaceships are catchy, they neglect the details and instead try to instill fear that "the end of the internet is near." This is baseless and even people who side with STI are questioning their tactics,

    "Save the Internet is a well meaning web organization intended to create a level playing field for all sites on the Internet. Too bad that its efforts are misguided by spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt [FUD]."

    You can make all the claims you want that what I'm saying is rhetoric, but you haven't addressed my arguments and the warnings of some rather credible and prominent network engineers.

    "Robert Kahn and David Farber, the technologists known respectively as the father and grandfather of the Internet, have both been highly critical of network neutrality mandates. In a recent speech, Kahn pointed out that to incentivize innovation, network operators must be allowed to develop new technologies within their own networks first, something that network neutrality mandates could prevent. Farber has urged Congress not to enact network neutrality mandates that would prevent significant improvements to the Internet."

    Anonymous, if Cox and Yahoo were to sign an agreement that wouldn't prevent you from viewing this blog. As I said, no blogs or sites will be blocked or degraded, that would constitute anti-competitive behavior and subject to laws we already have.

  13. It won't be blocked but it will take forever to load.

    I used to be on HOTI's side but none of the arguments on 'save the net' are very compelling.

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