Friday, February 09, 2007

Let's Tour North Leucadia (part 7)

Next to the new Mobile station are the Sea Bluff condos, our only coastal gated community.
I must admit, I don't like gated communities. I think they scream "I'm a paranoid freak who is terrified of the world" or "I'm doing creepy things behind these gates."
Sea Bluff has their own beach access stairs. I used them quite often in the 80's before the Grandview stairs were rebuilt because I had a few friends living there. At the time most of the owners of Sea Bluff were the local shady small time drug dealers. I hope it's not that way anymore.

Sea Bluff was the epicenter of the short term rental drama. Tempers are still pretty hot about that. See Leucadia!: Limitation, not ban, urged for Encinitas. Mayor Guerin's blood boils

Factoid-Before Sea Bluff was built the bluff was covered with tomato plants and the surf spot out front was called Tomato Patch.

Status: Funky despite their best efforts.

Now we are really cruising down the sidewalk as the highway swooshes by us.

As we leave the Sea Bluff condos we approach the Pacifica Apartment/Condos and encounter more activity. Here on our coastal walk we see more pedestrians, joggers, surfers, moms with strollers and dog walkers.

The Pacifica Apartment/Condos are basic pop-out style architecture.

Pacifica provides a lot of housing and the residents here seem to enjoy the neighborhood. Everyone I passed was friendly. Most of the cars parked along the sidewalk had Leucadia pride stickers on them.
Status: Harmless
See Leucadia!: Apartments vs Condos in Leucadia

Blogger sez: All this place needs is an updated paint job. Paint over that sickly pink with some cool earth tones.

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  1. Before Sea Bluff there was the Leucadia Flee Market. Inscence, antiques, antique rugs, water pipes and local artisian's wares filled a unique people's market. It was unique and lost in time.

  2. That's right. I couldn't quite remember what location the flea market was at. I was just a young little kid, but I do clearly remember walking around that flea market. It was like a community garage sale. My parents bought me some fossilized shark teeth that I still have today.

  3. I liked the flea market too. I got a floor buffer there, some seashells, some ceramics.

    It was great. Those were the days my friend; we thought they'd never end.

  4. Are you not entertained?

  5. No, not at all...

  6. Leucadia is funky and should stay that way. This is one of the last seaside towns that hasn't sold out to development. I was born in La Jolla and fled in 1996 for Encinitas. After living at Windandsea for 7 years, I just couldn't stand watching all the old beach cottages torn down and Home Depot Condos built. La Jolla used to be a village, had an artist's community, and local small business owners. Now, it boasts a Victoria's Secret store among other national megachain monstrosities. The real treasure of any community is keeping an identity -- change can be good but only if it enhances local character - otherwise the whole strip of southern california will be a homogeneous highway of fast food restaurants, chain stores and ugly high denisty homes. The more I travel in planned developments the more I appreciate potholes, peeling paint, unlined parking lots, homemade signs, flower stands, etc.

  7. The paragraph above in inaccurate. Although some of the units are rented out, the Pacifica Complex is a condominium development. I know, because I've owned a unit there since 1988.


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