Saturday, February 17, 2007

Let's Tour North Leucadia (part 8)

As we continue our walking tour of North Leucadia our traditional sidewalk ends, turning into more of a path. We also approach our first public beach access, Grandview St which leads to the surf spot aptly called, Grandview.

But first we encounter the classic little Log Cabin Apartments.

The Log Cabin Apartments have cleaned up over the last few years. They have a nice courtyard shaded by beautiful full grown trees. There is a good sense of place here and the Log Cabin Apartments symbolize your entry into "funky" Leucadia.

You still encounter little communities like this in central California, but in an increasingly gentrified southern California the Log Cabin Apartments are a rare bear. Through my work I meet a lot of travelers from Europe, Japan and Australia and they always comment on the Log Cabins when staying in Leucadia.

This section of Leucadia has a lot of people out jogging, walking dogs, etc. There is a lot of traffic here as Grandview is a popular surf spot. Don't kill me for saying this but I think sooner than later we are going to have to put a stop sign at Grandview. It's hard to make a left turn from Grandview and all day long the residents and visiting surfers struggle to cross four lanes of oncoming traffic.

It's cool to look back from where you walked and see all the nice big trees. Leucadia is a true beach/surf town and reminders are everywhere.

This little commercial building often rotates tenets. The minimal parking is tough. I wonder if a stop sign would help draw in customers as well as allow left turns? Maybe this space should return to housing and not retail?

Leucadia!: Let's Tour North Leucadia (part 7)


  1. If you put in nice sidewalks that place at the end won't need parking because everyone will sell their cars.

  2. Grandview is just about the worst wave in Encinitas. For some reason I still go out there and every time just about 3 seconds after my first wave I kick myself for being so optimistic and thinking that THIS TIME it is going to be good enough to be fun. Five seconds later I always wonder how it could be so bad but still attract such a huge crowd.

    After being run over by Kahuna Bob's graduates in the water at Grandview I am always a bit more cautious for the rest of the day. So when I exit Grandview Drive and go north on 101 I don't turn left! I turn right and use the u-turn turn pocket that is 100 feet to the south. I think they should make it illegal to turn left out of Grandview and make everyone use the u-turn turn pocket. Safer and traffic won't get so backed up too!

  3. Grandview is a better wave than any of the Beacons breaks....

    Great tour JP- I love it.

    I also think that Grandview intersection definitely needs a 3 way stop. The 3 way stop would also help manage the cut through traffic from I5. That intersection has massive accident counts... How many times can those adjacent buildings get hit by cars?

  4. Good ideas, safe driver, JP, and anonymous, too.

  5. No No Wait, Wait.

    We should tear down that building on the corner put in a four story mixed use building. That would make the intersection safer. I don't know how, but I am sure it would.

    On a serious note, now that the log cabins have been cleaned up I think they are a very interesting part of Leucadia. You won't find that type of character in Irvine.

  6. Grandview needs a 3 way stop sign and a safe pedestrian crossing across the highway and the train tracks.

  7. Don't you dare put a stop at Grandview because then they will all cut down my street (Vulcan) instead.

  8. Put up two new stops on Vulcan-One at the park and one at the school. If you place the two on Vulcan and place the one on Grandview, the traffic will stay on I5 were it belongs and not cut through our neighborhood.

    The traffic already cuts through Vulcan and has tripled in the last 3 years. Stop signs are needed.

  9. by like olivenhainFebruary 19, 2007 11:34 AM

    We should have a stop sign at every intersection like in Olivenhain.

  10. Make Vulcan a one way street going north only.

  11. I like both the last ideas....

    Lets take back our town from the hell driving commutors cutting through our neighborhoods to avoid I5.

  12. Sammy Davis Jr used to stay at the Log Cabins.


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