Monday, February 26, 2007

Let's Tour North Leucadia (part 9)

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On the corner of the south side of Grandview St is this funny little building that has had two different vehicles crash into it on two separate occasions.

I posted on Part 8 of the tour that we might want to think about putting a stop sign here. Left turns can be kind of hairy dealing with 4 lanes of obscured traffic.

I saw quite a few people get on and off the bus this day. Here we are in front of the Elite hair salon, previous home of The Buzz. I got my cut at The Buzz a few times by Richard and his chihuahuas. I haven't been into this new place yet, I've been making my wife cut my hair the last few years.

Sweet Airstream trailer!

The smallest used car lot on earth?

Leucadia!: Let's Tour North Leucadia (part 8)


  1. I miss the chihuahuas!!!

  2. You've gotta love the freedom of Leucadia when cars park on the sidewalk.

  3. I don’t call it freedom. I call it unsafe. The car lot owner is creating a public danger by parking the cars on the sidewalk and the hazard should be addressed. The car shop owner and the City are liable for any pedestrian that gets killed in that area.

    What jumps out at me is how incredibly unsafe the area is for pedestrians and bikes.

    The City needs to slow down the commuters ripping through town and put a 3 way stop at Grandview.

  4. anon 711,

    take a breath. The problem that you point to is the obstruction of the sidewalk. A stop sign doesn't fix that. Your solution is not tied to the problem. The ultimate problem is a history of poor development codes, poor enactment of the codes, and poor code enforcement. Want this to continue then keep voting for Dalager and Stocks.

    Free market forces did not bring the public necessity of a safe 101. It is time to turn the wild northwest of Encinitas into something a bit more tame by getting a proactive code enforcement division.

    Turning 101 into a crawl space is not the way to go. 101 is an artery not a side street where kids play. Arteries are suppose keep you from wasting your whole day driving around. I am in a rush to get home so that I can exercise damn it! If you make my commute time 20% longer I won’t have the time to exercise daily. This is also the reason I don’t take mass transit to work. Mass transit takes twice as long to get to work for me.

    And besides, stop signs are bad for the environment. You use more gas and pollute more in stop-and-go traffic. A lot more.

  5. Driver-

    I have plenty of breath. I walk in Leucadia often. Many you should try walking a little more and driving less.

    A suggestion to you. Stay on I5. Quite detroying Encinitas by cutting through our local roads. You are the type of people we want to slow down.

    Get out of your car and live alittle. Commuting long distances in cars is whats really bad for the envirnment, not a few stop signs. Maybe a few stop signs along HW101 will be enough for you to stay on I5 and walk and shop along HW101 more.

    Plus it would address the unsafe conditions at Grandview.

    I vote for a stop sign at Grandview and slowing down the speeding traffic.

  6. Walker,

    Why don't you call code enforcement and make the city make the sidewalk safer and stop whining.

    “I walk in Leucadia often.” So what? So do I.

    “Many you should try walking a little more and driving less.” What are you talking about?

    “Stay on I5.” I am not a cut through driver, but get a clue. What do you think is going to happen when Carlsbad and Oceanside complete their smart growth densification? I5 CAN NOT handle what we have now and it will not get better. So, walker person if you want things to change from this crappy course we are on get involved and get some people elected to state office who will put an end to this crap.

    “Quite detroying Encinitas by cutting through our local roads.” 101 IS A main artery and is considered such by your own city council.

    “You are the type of people we want to slow down.” ????

    “Get out of your car and live a little.” You have no idea what you are talking about.

    “Commuting long distances in cars is whats really bad for the envirnment, not a few stop signs.” Deflection. Nice try. Stop signs are not good for the environment and that is an inconvenient truth for you. Why not outlaw cars on 101. Pedestrians only!!!! That seems to be your motivating principle, so just say it.

    “Maybe a few stop signs along HW101 will be enough for you to stay on I5 and walk and shop along HW101 more.” What are you talking about? Everyone would rather drive the freeway. Who wants to drive through junky Leucadia and it is faster and better on gas, when the congestion is not bad. Congestion be bad becuz you didn’t stop Carslbad and Oceanside from going apeshit density crazy. Our upzoning is going to make things worse too. It is only going to get worse with all this smart growth bull.

    I live in a mixed use building. Isn’t that smart enough for you?

  7. Close all business on 101 in Leucadia. Open it up to three lanes each way. Put all the traffic up leucadia blvd. Then we will have the Leucadia you are looking for.

  8. With just a little work that little stretch of 101 could be given a really cool presentation. That little courtyard next to a funky car lot, that is not overbearing, just needs some work to the sidewalk and some planters and maybe some palms. Easy.

    The property owners should invest in 101.

  9. What does everyone think of the censorship going on with the art banners? NC Times, today-Feb 27. I also heard one woman was forced to remove the disgusting phrase "Breast Feed" from her banner. Who the hell do these artists think they are, anyway? All the trouble makers should be forced to get a real job at the Jesus Is Lord nursery.

  10. The art is going into the public right of way. It was dumb to create art for that venue that is politically charged.

  11. I did not like the clown thing and Maggie, I did not like the Bowman and Houlihan is a whore sign thing, and I don't like the bush thing either.

    Keep the politics on the talk shows and editorial pages, private gallerys and off the puplic streets.

    Now that I am thinking about it, I kind of pisses me off that this artist would use a great program like the banners to express her politics.

    Next year we can look forward to Pelosi, Hillary Stocks and Bonds and Barth lampoons on the lightpoles.


  12. drives roads, walks beachesFebruary 27, 2007 8:08 PM

    Driver, good post, and I agree with what you say, except Leucadia is not junky, remember.

    Yes, the business owners could do more to clean it up themselves.

    If the art deal is sponsored by the City, then I can see that they don't want the "demon jester" banner with a Bush Mask. He was foolish about his initial reasons for attacking Iraq.

    The NCT didn't say anything about the Breast Feed banner. That could have been allowed. I don't think that's political. That does feel like unnecessary censorship.

  13. Nobody has suggested closing all the businesses and having three lanes each way.

    Yours is a typical flame post.

    One more stop sign might help safety. The supposed offending businesses should be approached by Leucadia Merchants Asssociation, and told to move their cars. Business owners can use their own collective influence before going to Code Enforcement, if there is any code against parking in front of the business there.

  14. Why doesn't code enforcement do their job and go talk with the offenders who are blocking the few walkways we have down town?

    I like the idea of a all way stop at grandview. It would improve the safety of the intersection, slow cars, and encourage communtors from Carlsbad and Oceanside to use I5 instead of clogging up our local roads.

  15. Love our Earth and CountryFebruary 28, 2007 7:07 AM

    Hello Driver:

    I hope you are doing your part to help the USA and our Environment by driving a fuel efficient zero emissions car like a Hybrid. If you are one of the masses that drive a Huge SUV or Truck while commuting you could give a dam about the environment or USA's dependency on foreign oil.

    I hope you are doing your part. Actions speak louder than words

  16. I love the walk along the Leucadia corridor, J.P. I have owned a home in Leucadia going on 32 years, I have had a business in Leucadia for 4 years and I'am offended when someone calls Leucadia junky. Positive input and actions by caring individuals are what affect change. L101 Mainstreet Association has asked council to reduce the speed down Leucadia's corridor to 30 mph and enforce it. The issue is safety and when you have residents and business along the corridor you need to slow down. The city needs to enforce the pedestrian right away and putting sidewalks in Leucadia is a positive beginning. Unfortunately, the sidewalks will not go this far. I'am looking forward to more positive changes for Leucadia in the future.

  17. Hybrids are not zero emisson. Hybrids also have a big environmental cost associated with the batteries. I drive a convential car that gets 32 mpg. The benefits of a hybrid are strongest in stop (sign) and go traffic. Don't put stop signs in and I won't have to purchase nasty batteries that come in a hybrid.

    Think globally, act locally. Like that? "Consider the future, act today" is an even better bumper sticker. I only have one child. That is it.

    You can reduce, reuse, and recycle to your hearts content but if the population of the planet continue to expand all the overuse of resources will continue. The world population is 6.6 Billion people today. So what if you reduce consumption by 45% per capita (good luck on that). Conserving is just delaying the envitable. At some point real soon, if not now, you can't conserve enough to make up for the population growth.

    I will buy a hybrid if Walker donates to

  18. Hello Driver:

    Good for you. The hybrids have near zero emisions, do some research. Thats why they get the car pool lanes stickers.

    Even better that you only have one kid. Your offsetting part of my maid 6 kids. I agree with you -

    -Overpollution is the biggest threat to the world.

    -Govenment Debt is the biggest threat to the quality of life in the USA.

    -An all way Stop at Grandview would improve the conditions on HW101!

  19. You give enviros a bad name. Overexagerating risks and benefits does no one any good.

    Comparison of the hybrid mpg at this link:

    Only a few of those vehicles get about double the mpg as I get. That means using half the fuel. SO HALF THE EMISSIONS still remain. That is not any where near zero.

  20. You are right.

    All commutors should be using vehicals with over 40mpg and near zero emmisions cars (doasn't matter if its a hybrid).

    If the US citizens drove energy efficient cars, we would be an energy independent country, we wouldn't need to meddle and send our poor kids to the middle east for oil, and we would be able to leave our earth in a decent shape for our 1.9 kids thanks to people like you.

    If you're driving a big truck or SUV as your commutor car, you destroying the earth and resulting in the deaths of kids in Iraq.

    An all-way stop at Grandview would be good for the envirnment because it would result in more drivers staying on I5 with no stop signs and they can travel at a constant 15 mph during rush hour or take the train. In an Accord or Prius- traveling at 15 mph results in over 50 mph.

  21. OVERPOPULATION of HUMANS is the biggest threat to Mother Earth!

    Do not have more than 2 kids or the govenment should tax you heavily.

  22. The wild animal park dumped their monorail for biodiesel trams. The trams put out more CO2 in the air than was produced for moving the monorail. You just can't do the same things without a car.

    This would not matter if we didn't have so many people on the planet. Other countries are soverign nations . We can only control within our country and coax other countries (or we could be evil imperialists).

    The US population is growing at a very fast clip. Immigration and the reproductive rate of first generation immigrants is driving this. THIS SUCKS TO HEAR AND YOU AREN'T GOING TO LIKE IT; that makes Billbray one of the best congressmen in the nation's capitol for protecting the nation's environment.


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