Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moonlight Beach Sand Check

All photo taken Tuesday afternoon, Feb 20 2007
Click images for large view.

In this photo looking south towards Swami's we can see the 2001 sand built up at the base of the cliff, acting as a retaining wall. There is so much sand at Moonlight that the lifeguard trucks are leaving tracks and are able to drive the entire Encinitas coast on sand. This sand is a mix of the 2001 sand replenishment project and natural sand. What is interesting about this photo is the building built on the bluff with seawall and rip rap boulders. The experts tell us there should be no sand here, but there is.

Tourist enjoying our California winter, taking a stroll on our sandy beaches.

Talking heads in the media are telling us there is no sand on our beaches while people are writing messages of love in this non-existent sand.
The big base of sand at the "tourist section" of Moonlight Beach is a mix of natural, 2001 sand, and the remains of the god awful itchy rough sand they often dump there. It's much nicer to come down to the natural beach and enjoy the classic sticky gray and black Encinitas sand.

Looking north at Stone Steps. There is even enough sand here for people to walk to Beacon's and back. The birds are hanging out by the runoff from Cottonwood Creek.

By the way, there is a dead seal under the D-St stairs.

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Thanks to a reader for remembering this previous post on a sneaky proposed sand tax: link


  1. Sorry to be off topic, but what in the hell is the story with that house in the first picture and has anyone ever seen it occupied?

  2. Nothing to see here people. Move along.

  3. J.P.,
    Thanks for providing the evidence that seawalls and rocks DO NOT cause beach erosion. So now that issue is out of the way, it should be clear sailing for the City's Beacons Beach project. Without any objection from the fabled "Surfrider Foundation" and other enviromental nutcases!! Let's make sure the Surfrider people get a copy of this posting and the photograph with the house on the beach!!

    J.P. we get it that you don't want any sand replenishment, that's fine with me that will leave more $$$ for sidewalks in Leucadia. This city plan of stopping at Jupitor is a scam!! Why don't they want to continue the sidewalks to Leucadia Donuts and beyond?? Why no sidewalks in the flooded, no lights zone of town?? What is the city waiting for?? Does someone need to get killed like on Santa Fe Dr.??

    These and other questions are sure to be ignored by the city, so why bother asking!! Well if I don't, who will and why not??


  4. RSPB, we get that you want a seawall. We don't. The majority of the people who actually go to Beacons do not want a seawall there, as was apparent at the Planning Commission meeting when the draft E.I.R. was considered. Because someone disagrees with you on an issue, doesn't make them "environmental nut cases." Now you are sounding like Michael Pattinson's article, yesterday.

    People who actually go to the beach, walk our beaches, know that there is plenty of sand right now, at the time that it is typically lowest.

    No one ever bothered to address JP's burning questions from before.

  5. Answers to your burning questionsFebruary 21, 2007 1:07 PM

    Burning questions:

    Who stands to personally make money from a 2007 sand replenishment project?

    Anyone who lives or owns a business within San Diego County. Sandy Beaches are an asset to home prices and tourists business. Just ask yourself; would you like to play, walk and look at a sandy beach or a cobble beach?

    Why do the sand bureaucrats seem to believe that all the 2001 sand is gone?

    Not all sand gone but most of the sand is gone. The City's have sand profile surveys (physical evidence) to show that most of the sand is gone.

    Is anyone looking into other ways to stabilize our bluffs besides sand and seawalls? What about vegetation on the bluffs like deep rooted tomato plants?

    Everybody including surfrider and every bluff top owner is looking into the issue. Reality is there is no effective way to stabilize our bluffs without toe of slope protection from either a sandy beach or seawall.

    Hey JP-

    Nice pictures at low tide. Of course there is some sand. Please walk and take some pictures at a tide greater than +3 foot and see how much beach we have and the constant erosion at the toe of the bluff.

  6. Such propaganda from both sides. I run beacons to moonlight often. It is simply not possible at the higher tides, unless you don't mind jumping up onto someones private stairway, or jumping into the plants every time a wave comes through.

  7. The nattering nabobs of negativism are out in force again. Steve Aceti and his acolytes, along with Michael Pattinson, are pushing their agenda for more sand replenishment. They don't seem to have gone down to the beach to take a look, and they seem ignorant of the north Pacific oscillation which causes a climatic cycle of about forty years.

    Doesn't Aceti know that the Self Realization Fellowship temple fell into the ocean in 1941 under the onslaught of powerful winter storms? My parents used to talk about the wet, stormy years in San Diego during World War II. This was the approximately 20-year wet part of the cycle. Around 1953 the approximately 20-year dry cycle started. It ended in 1978 when Encinitas had record rainfall. In the next five years there was very heavy sand erosion. El niño conditions (every 5-7 years) play a secondary, but sometimes strong role, in the oscillation. El niño condtions have their origen in the tropics along the equator.

    We are now back in the dry cycle. The weather is dryer, calmer, and colder (as last month) with less powerful winter storms. The result is much less sand erosion on the beaches. The beaches are more typical of what we had in the 60s and 70s, not what we had in the 80s and 90s. J.P. is correct. We don't need to rush and dump a lot of sand on the beaches. With spring arriving the sand on the beaches will start to rebuild. This is normal. Let's not let the sandhogs stampede us into an expensive program when it's not needed.

  8. It's never been possible to regularly jog our beaches at high tide during the winter. The higher tides always reach the base of the bluff. In the summer there is more sand and less extremes in the tides.

    J.P. point and photos is that for late February, there is more sand on the beaches than in previous decades. Yes, the photos were taken at low tides, but it's the only time to see how much sand is there. I remember years when it was solid cobbles at low tide in the winter. It was impossible to jog even at low tide. The observation about the climate cycle is well taken. The last time we had such cold weather was back in the seventies.

  9. High tide is called high tide for a reason. Get a tide book from 7-11 if you want to walk on the beach.

  10. There are photos of Beacons at high tide on the previous post.

  11. I walk the beaches. There have always been narrow beaches, here The seawalls between Stone Steps and Beacons makes the narrow beach factor worse. One can only comfortably walk for long stretches at low tide.

    We do not have wide sandy beaches, like Florida, for example, or Oceanside, due to the jetty there.

  12. Person answering the burning questions, and next poster, too, are both part of the Aceti lobbyist crowd.

    Not every property owner wants more sand. I don't. The value of my home does not go up for me, with inflation, if I want to stay put.

    What has decreased has been my quality of life due to higher density and resultant crowding, traffic congestion, raising water prices, etc.

    Aceti, above, does not answer the burning questions, and apparently does not actually walk the beaches. Steve Aceti and his bogus Coastal Coalition, which is a lobbyist front, stands to benefit. So do the developers of new high density projects, such as the Condos/Hotel going in down by Ponto.

    Good post, anon, on nattering nabobbers!

  13. Roadside park bumFebruary 21, 2007 3:04 PM

    I couldn't careless whether there is a seawall or not a seawall. What I care about is a safe passage up and down to the beach from Beacon's. What's wrong with that?? NOTHING!! What is there now IS NOT SAFE!!!

    Don't be angry with me because JP has established that seawalls and rocks don't cause erosion!!

    If the city needs to put in a seawall to make it safe, then do it!! If a stairway such as Grandview can be put in that's OK with me also. Whatever solution the city decides upon it must include bathrooms!!!

    Both the Surfrider foundation and enviromental nutjobs oppose bathrooms at the beach. Why?? When you figure that out you call me, 'cause as far as I can tell they are just busy bodies know-it-alls with too much time on their hands.


  14. Lynn Braun!

    Knock it off.... multiple posts from you from 2:32pm to 3:03 pm is over the top. Especially when you start complimenting yourself on your own posts.

    Get yourself under control.

  15. Please stop the use of personal names. I made one of posts between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm. I am not the person you think I am. I live in Cardiff and regularly stroll the beach from Cardiff State Park to Swami's. Ten years ago I had to use the goat trail above the riprap almost all winter long. This year it has only been at the very highest tides. And there has always been enough sand at the base of the stairs so I don't get my shoes wet with the highest tides. That certainly wasn't true in the early nineties. This is starting to sound just like the Prop. C debate, only Aceti is not using his name, but the language and attacks are the same.

  16. The sand level is pretty good on our beaches this year and I expect to have great surf halibut fishing when they start to move in closer in april and may.

  17. You are out of controlFebruary 21, 2007 6:02 PM

    Steve Aceti, Council Members, including former Mayor Christy Guerin, and Michael Pattinson are all public figures. Aceti is a self-admitted lobbyist for more sand. He gets paid by many cities and businesses, as well as other individuals and entities to promote tourism, for profit. Profit is fine, but not when it interferes with the kelp production and damages the surfing conditions.

    Most citizens disagree with the idea of putting more sand on the beach this year.

  18. Anon 5:36 is over the top, foaming at the mouth. Knock it off and stay on topic.

    Take back our beaches from special interests.

    Save the kelp!

    Listen to the Department of Fish and Game. We don't want more sand this year. We can reconsider next year, depending on the storms, and the tidal conditions.

    I also would be interested to know how much it would cost to get bulldozers to pile up the cobblestones, as suggested by JP.

  19. That photo posted, facing south at Moonlight, does not prove that sewalls do not make matters worse, from what the picture shows.

  20. RSPB,

    How about joining me for a BBQ at the D-street stairs?

    Just say when. I will bring the equipment.

  21. I've got more Beacon's access post coming soon. I don't think a seawall is necessary for Beacon's, too costly for one thing.

  22. Thanks for adding that link at the bottom of your post JP.

    Is this the start of a planned campaign to raise taxes? If it is like the airport or transnet campaigns they will be using your taxmoney to get you to vote for this.

  23. The no sand propaganda is the beginning of a SANDAG campaign to raises taxes, mainly the TOT. This is the device where they promote tourism by raisning taxes on businesses serving tourists, such as hotels.

    Folks at the March 20th Parks and Recreation Commission meeting at City Hall staff is presenting a status report to the commissioners. This would be a good time to fill council chambers. The parks commission over sees Beaches, and should here your concerns,as should staff. The meeting begins at 5pm

  24. Sorry, missed the important part. The status report being given on March 20th is for the Beacons seawall project.

    And RSPB, as a recently resigned parks commissioner I can tell you there will be no restrooms at Beacons because there is no room for one.

  25. There is room for 2 or 3 porti-potties next to the bike racks and payphone at Beacon's.

  26. JP- Whats with the random editing?

    You let lynn do multiple posts rambling on and on and name calling.

    However, you are selectively editing opposing views. I thought this was an open blog representing all sides of a story. Are you now only keeping postings that you agree with?

    Why did you delete the 5:36 pm post?

    Why don't you delete the Lynn ramble from 2:32 to 3:03pm?

  27. Edited anon 5:36pm postFebruary 22, 2007 7:29 AM

    Please no personal name calling. Please! Please!! Please!!!

    Oh- that right except for me.

    I can slam Charlie, Coucilmembers, Aceti, City Staff, RSPB, Charlie, and everyone who does not share my views.


    I fear change

    I hate any improvements

    I post numerous redundant fictional rambling posts under many different names

    I am Babble

    Guess who I am?

  28. I too had forgotten about the sand tax. Now it's perfectly clear. The usual suspects are again trying to sneak in a tax increase to fund their agendas. It's not about sand, clean water, or even lights. It's a way to free up money in the general fund for special interests and fool the public that we are funding a public need that is already being paid out of the general fund. Sound familiar? Remember Prop. C.

  29. This whole "LynnBraunBabble" thing is just meant to distract from the real issues.

    I've been deleting some of Lynn's post too, or post pretending to be Lynn (like I have time for this playground stuff).

  30. Do us all a favor and delete the real Lynn comments.

    You can tell which ones they are from the rambling nonsense repeated over, over, and over, and over, and over.

  31. Bob,
    There is plenty of room for bathrooms at Beacons, Grandview and Stone steps. You may not want them, but there is plenty of room!!

    Bathrooms, Toilets, WC's, call them what you want, they are representative of the 1st world. If you want Leucadia to be 3rd world you are doing a disservice to the community.

    You tell us what we can't have but never offer an alternative. Soooooo, tell me BOB and everyone else outthere in Leucadia Bloggerland, what are we to do when nature call while visiting the beaches of Leucadia???

    Can we come over to your home??? Do you defecate and urinate into a bucket and then toss the waste into the street?? Or do you use a FIRST world toilet that leads to the sewer system so the waste products can be properly treated??

    There may never be toilets at Beacons, but that will only helps keep Leucadia 3rd world!!


  32. No more sand this year. We don't need it.

    No seawalls, either. They further narrow the beach, and create errosion at either end, damaging the adjoining properties. Other alternatives are there, and our City can use them.

  33. RSPB,
    Do you think maybe, the owners of the multi-million dollar homes near Beacons would allow porta-potties to undermine their propery values? I think not. And to consider Neptune Ave. to be third world is absurd. I suggest you attend the next Parks and Recreation commission meeting on March 20th, as to see staff's presentation on the proposed changes to the Beacons parking lot. Obviously you're out of touch and lack knowedge of the planning process.

    As a roadside bum your advocation of public restrooms is not surprising. Questions. Would they be locked after dark like the restrooms at Moonlight beach? What is the cost of a service contract for the porta-potties? How often would they be serviced? What is the likelihood of vandalism?

    As for you convienient concern over surfers urinating in the ocean, I suggest that to be nothing but a red herring, considering more than 150 million gallons of treated waste water is discharged in to the ocean along the San Diego County coastline on a daily basis. And that is only the conservative estimate.

  34. Roadside Park BumFebruary 22, 2007 9:50 PM

    If bathrooms are good enough for Moonlight beach they are good enough for Leucadia beaches also!!!

    If bathrooms are good enough for Del Mar Beaches and the accompaning multi, multi-million $$$ homes they are good enough for Leucadia beaches and the multi- million $$ homes also!!!

    Once again you change the subject and refuse to answer a simple question, where would you have us beach users go to the bathroom??? Not all of us want to use the ocean as a toilet!!!

    AS for answering your questions, you already know those answers, your questions are the real red herrings around this blog!!!


  35. RSPB,

    I wonder how many, and how often, surfers wriggle out of thier wetsuits while surfing to take a shit, and them put back on to continue thier session. Most surfers take care of the thier defecation needs before entering the water.

    As for toilets at Moonlight beach, please notice the width of that beach, and that those facilities are not adjacent to private homes. I would also point out the State of California built the restrooms at Moonlight long before Encintas took control of the beach.

  36. Roadside Park BumFebruary 23, 2007 7:46 AM

    Still you refuse to answer the question!! You are not worthy of my time, yet someone needs to keep you honest and I guess that has to be me, noone else wants to ask you the hard questions.

    Bob, My friends and I don't want use the ocean as a toilet, WHERE DO WE GO TO THE TOILET WHILE VISITING THE BEACHES OF LEUCADIA???? WHERE BOB,WHERE???

    Your lazy excuse about adjacent homes, is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Go the the beaches of Del Mar, you'll see that the PERMANENT toilets are adjacent to multimulti million$$$ homes. But then again, Del Mar is 1st world while Leucadia is being kept 3rd world by people like yourself.

    So now I ask the question that you have always refused to answer: What financial interests do you have in keeping Leucadia 3rd world and ugly??? How are YOU making $$$ off an ugly Leucadia???


  37. Reading BOB and RSPB argue with each other is like watching two monkeys try to fuck a football. How proud we are to have not one, but two village idiots.

  38. Monkeys fucking a football. That's good. Point taken.

  39. I don't see how there would be room. But I could see one porta potty at Beacons.

    I guess it would have to be locked at night. Gil tried to look into this, before. The cost would be minimal.

  40. Most people actually using Beacons Beach are locals who do use the bathroom facilities before they go there. People with families go to Moonlight or Ponto, where there are bathrooms, and more parking. Moonlight also has snack stands and a tot lot.

    Locals do not want Beacons to become another Moonlight. Variety and diversity are good. Leucadia beaches have traditionally appealed more to locals.

    Local buisnesses should be well aware of this and not try to turn all of Encinitas into Orange County. Call it third world if you want; we love Leucadia and don't appreciate those who downgrade us so that they can get the taxpayers to pay for improvements to benefit them, which "improvements" lead to more crowded beaches, and a degradation of the narrow beaches and limited parking we have.

  41. Please note that Bob still refuses to answer a simple question!!

    Anonymous- Beacons will never be Moonlight because there isn't enough parking!! Nor at Stone Steps, but there is plenty of parking at Grandview and plenty of need for a bathroom!! If you can't understand that need, head off with your monkeys and fuck your football!!

    Your emotion and feeling based arguments are trite and loathesome.

    Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to the carwash, lunch hour is over for me.


  42. A Porta Pottie at Grandview would be nice. Last time I was there, the parking lot was not that big, really, either.

  43. RSPB don't ride off on your high horse yet.

  44. If anyone wants porta potties at a STATE BEACH, lobby the state parks and rec department. Question #1 - Why is city money used to pay for the state's responsibility?

  45. Beacons is a state beach leased by the city.

  46. I legally own Beacons Beach. I may reclaim it soon and not allow any of you panzies to walk or surf on MY BEACH. Alla Know the TRUTH. and the TRUTH is I.

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