Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Real Estate Blog Understands Leucadia?

Check out this real estate blog, the comments about Leucadia are right on. It's refreshing to find a real estate agent who doesn't come off like a total whore. The real estate agent makes some good observations about Leucadia. For example,

Leucadia, on the north side of Encinitas, borders on Carlsbad, and for me is the most appealing area of this seaside town. It bears many reminders of its surfing roots, yet at the same time is undergoing a renaissance of sorts, with many new and expensive homes, disappearing nurseries, and more upscale dining and shopping. Yet, it retains much of the rustic, quaint seaside charm that has attracted so many residents and vacationers over the years, despite the move into the 21st century.

Leucadia slideshow with captions click here

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  1. Yes, he seems decent, and nice slide show, too.

    Thanks, JP. Happy Sunday.

  2. Excellent-

    One thing to add is the area is known for being an Artistic haven and having a tremendous feeling of Soul within Encinitas.

    Leucadia- The Art and Soul of Encinitas!

  3. The agent Jeff Dowler is a new resident to north county. This is important because the anti-funky crowd doesn't understand that the reason transplants like to buy houses in Leucadia is that it is funky and different. Leucadia isn't like the Stepford style neighborhoods they came from. The funky is the selling point.

  4. the above comment is the exact reason I bought in Leucadia about 20 years ago and I beleive it still holds true.

    I would shoot myself if I had to drive up to a home in Rancho Carillo Carlsbad and see all my neighbors with 2.3 children, a pitbull, Harley in the garage, and all addicted to Starbucks and Taco Bell.

  5. not that this has to do with the real estate agent -- but did Big Jim's BBQ shut down???

  6. No
    Big Jim sold his resaurant.

  7. Thanks for your comments on my blog on Leucadia. I LOVE this area. We looked here when we first moved to the CA 2 years ago but couldn't find what we wanted in our price range - but did find stuff we loved on Hillcrest....perhaps some day (I also sold a duplex on Hillcrst recently). I would live here in a heart beat. I don't want it to change. The new housing is good in terms of bringing in more tax dollars, but it is sad to see the nurseries disappearing. Hopefully the area will retain its charm and funkiness, and the folks who buy the new homes will appreciate what Leucadia is all about. The beaches )especially Grandview) are terrific. And I love Le Papagayo - wrote about it recently on my Fans Of Coastal San Diego Blog. Cheers!

  8. Oh, and by the way, I spend a lot of time in Cambridge, MA (home of harvard and MIT, etc). It's referred to as the Republic of Cambridge. No place like it except Berkeley, perhaps. Talk about funky - Central Square is it, at least by Boston "funkiness" standards.


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