Monday, March 12, 2007

The Ebb and Flow of Our Sand Drama

The bureaucrats are still convinced that our north county beaches are "sandless". Now our Encinitas mayor Jim Bond has drank the kool-aid. If only these people would just go to the beach and take a walk...

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George's Beach, Cardiff yesterday, Sunday March 11th 2007. There appears to a lot of people walking on these "sandless beaches". Hell, the beaches are more walkable than downtown Leucadia.

Read Saving the Sand Coast News article by Wehtahnah Tucker click here

The city of Encinitas is now blaming the January 2000 bluff collapse on a lack of sand, this is nonsense. I was surfing D St that same day and there was a lot of sand that winter. The bluffs of south Leucadia have been bone dry for years and that is why they are fragile. Sand definitely helps reinforce the base of the bluffs, but you might as well stack sand to the very top if you don't want the bluff to have any failures. The bluffs are now like dry sandcastles that won't stay up. They need some moisture to stick together. You can test this yourself right now because there is lots of sand on the beach to make castles out of.

*Right before the January 2000 collapse that killed that poor women a squadron of heavy Camp Pendleton helicopters flew by. I remember because the windows at my house on H St were shaking. About 20 minutes later I remember hearing the sirens of the emergency vehicles heading towards the beach. Coincidence? Maybe, but there were some big Santa Fe freight trains that day too. Did this combination help contribute to that day's collapse?

Burning Question: Why is the city using the 2000 bluff collapse death to push their sand agenda when people keep getting killed on our roads, and the city won't address the infrastructure problems on those roads?
Sheriff's deputies probe fatal crash as school mourns
Encinitas chef was loving life when tragedy struck: Joshua Tiscareno, 29, killed in crash on Coast Highway

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A few weeks ago there was a ribbon of the dreaded cobblestones at Beacon's Beach in Leucadia, but they were only two stones deep and are now covered up by sand again. Notice our nice big recovering kelp bed. This kelp bed wasn't even there at the beginning of the winter. This kelp bed is a very positive thing for surfers and fisherman. Ideally the kelp beds should stretch across the coast of Leucadia.

Saturday Feb 17th Beacon's Beach. Lots of sand, some exposed reef that the tourist enjoyed checking out. This reef is now mostly covered by sand again.

We are beginning to get some early season south swells that are pushing sand back on the beaches.

Look, the cobblestones are now covered up. Photo taken this morning, Beacon's Beach Leucadia.

From the Coast News article:
In its initial recommendation, the Army Corps proposed sand re-nourishment of 628,000 cubic meters along a 2.4-kilometer stretch of Encinitas coastline with a scheduled program of sand renourishment every five years of 262,000 cubic meters. The costs would be split evenly between the city and the Army Corps.

the National Marine Fisheries Service and the state Department of Fish and Game, charged with protecting marine life, rejected the large amounts of sand proposed in the study. Studies have shown that too much sand deposited at one time would wash back into the ocean, burying offshore eelgrass and kelp and the reefs that provide a habitat for fish and lobsters.

If you are a surfer, fisherman, lobsterman, local beach lover, tourist or homeowner you should support the Marine Fisheries request for half the sand that the dreaded Army Corps of Engineers wants. The Army Corps massive amount of sand will choke off our kelp beds and ruin our surf spots. This will impact several levels of our local economy and will greatly affect our quality of life.


  1. The torrey sandstone part of the bluffs is actually more stable when dry. When wet it is heavy and loose.

  2. It's a fine line between too much moisture and not enough. North Leucadia bluffs are damp and have less failures than south Leucadia.

  3. Look, I'm posting this here, because it's the current thread, and it's related. The commercial interests, business interests, are really running this city. They want more sand and will twist the facts, and manipulate people through fear and hyperbole to get what they want. We need business, but we don't need back room "lobbying" where special interest presentations are made to Council Members, who all are in attendance.

    I think it's so strange that the Chamber of Commerce is hosting the psuedo Council Meeting tonight, sold out, where the dinner is $20.00 a plate.

    I hope you got tickets, JP. The Chamber logo and the Encinitas Seal are both at the top of the page; At the bottom are the sponsors: EDCO, COX, SDGE, Scripps Memorial Hospital, Southwest Bank, Cal Pacific Orchid Farm. Are those current sponsors?

    Confusing. I am told it is not being taped. The flier says: Keynote Speaker Mayor James Bond; Briefings from critical community sectors including education, fire, sheriff, business, health and the arts!

    I appreciate our business community and understand it is vital for taxes, also, to support our government "needs." But this feel funny to me, although I'm told they "always do it this way."

    James Bond should come back to a regular Council Meeting with a State of the City Address, where we can all hear this, as well as see the special presentations that he, and all of Council, are "conditioned" through, and influenced by.

    Special interests should not operate behind closed doors, essentially, when City Business is being discussed before Council.

    Government should be by and for the people, not by and for special interests, catering to commercial "sponsors." It is inappropriate for a government entity to, in place of a Council Meeting, have an unreported meeting which is not accessible to most citizens.

  4. I'd like to see tonight's State of the Community Dinner. Better than a reality show.

    Save the Kelp. If we start writing James Bond and all of Council about cutting the amount of sand in half, from 10.8 million cu. ft. to 5 million cubic feet, that would be great.

    Also, JP, perhaps you could get a contact number through the Dept. of Marine Fisheries, and the other County entity that recommended cutting it in half?

    I'd write or call them to ask them to make a "special presentation" at a Council Meeting.

  5. Roadside Park BumMarch 13, 2007 9:09 PM

    When is the District Attorney going to file charges against those drivers ?? It's been a long enough wait!!


  6. Just got home from the State of the Community dinner. Nothing new, just a report card of community business with a strong Jim Bond slant. Read all about it in Adam Kaye's report. Jerome Stocks was not in attendance, he was in Washington asking for sand!!!!


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