Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hungry for Art in Encinitas

The Thursday night Brave Art gallery showing had a big turnout. This town is hungry for a good art scene. It would be cool if there was a hip art gallery on the Leucadia 101 corridor.


  1. Encinitas' art gallery belongs in Leucadia. Leucadia is the art and soul of Encinitas.

  2. thanks JP for posting this! Just checked it out, and this is one cool show. For better or worse, grafitti is part of American Pop Culture, and it's certainly been an influence in my art direction. It's the art of the streets, and I also enjoy the subversive appeal of grafitti that is a reaction to Consumer Fixation and the way we are bombarded with slick advertising images that make us feel like we aren't "good enough". Anyway, this show is full o' youthful enthusiasm and I saw quite a few things that had sold-always a good sign. I'm sad when I see Gang tagging in stupid places, like trees and shop windows...that's just idiotic.

    We do have a cool art gallery in Leucadia...Ducky Waddles!

  3. Street art on a canvas hanging on a wall inside a building is But I did like how it brought a lot of people together for a good party.

  4. Leucadia- the art and soul of encinitasMarch 17, 2007 7:58 PM

    I agree... I like it when the Pannikan featured art work in the lower level. I wonder why they nixed that venue!

  5. man, i gotta stop traveling . . . that looks like a good party.

  6. It sucked. Couldn't find a thing that matched my couch.


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