Saturday, March 31, 2007

Let's Tour North Leucadia (part 13)

On this section of our tour of Leucadia's coastal corridor, we have just walked past the Bar Leucadian and are now at the empty lot at the corner of Edgeburt Dr.

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This is an example of why it would be great if whomever bought this lot did something cool with it. I am a big "Keep Leucadia Funky" guy but I don't consider dirt sidewalks and puddles to be funky. This site has a lot of potential. What happens to our empty lots is very important for the future ambiance of Leucadia. I would like to see the lots purchased by heady developers/architects who would build modern 21st century projects that are LEED certified like this building.

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I had heard a rumor that the owner of the fine St Germain's restaurant in downtown Encinitas was interested in this lot and wanted to move the 101 Artist Colony here. Has anyone else heard this rumor?
Since this sign says commercial/residential coming soon for lease, I assume there is already a plan for this space. I truly hope they build a cool structure and not some god-awful Carlsbad style stucco monster, or something like that terrible building in Cardiff where Miracle's coffee shop used to be.

Ah, more info. This notice says that they are to be 9 condos on this location and the commercial space will be 9,879 square feet. I'm surprised they are only putting in 9 condos and not more.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this little block of north Leucadia.

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  1. Roadside park bumMarch 31, 2007 12:23 PM

    This is the death zone of Leucadia, where walkers are forced into the roadway because of cars parked in the right of way or flooding.And zero street lights along that stretch of road also!! Shame on the city!!

    Don't expect the city to do anything in this area, they certainly won't put any sidewalks into this part of town, too many flooding issues. Also didn't they pass a law requiring all developers to fix the flooding problems on 101 adjacent to their property as a requirement for building permits?? If that is so then don't expect any developer to touch this area of Leucadia with a ten ft pole!!!

    Your photo shop highlights one of the major problems along 101, the BUTT UGLY rusty guardrails through L101. Remove them they are UGLY!!! And an eyesore!!! Yes I know many people think these rusty guardrails are part of the funkyness of Leucadia but they are wrong, these guardrails are ugly and those responsible(Sheila Cameron and crew) should be held accountable. But this is America where politicians can crap on the people at will and we are told we should like it because it will be good for us!!!

  2. I confess, I kinda like the rusty guardrails. I think they have an old California rustic vibe, heh.

  3. But there should be some cool plants in there between them, especially on this stretch.

  4. I agree. I like the coreten steel. Its supposed to rust to create a rusty bown color. Thats the architectural look.... it sure beats the hell out of the galvanized version you see on the freeway. Landscaping would look rad in the medians.

    I agree with all the other points the bum makes.

  5. Carlsbad Council to look at La Costa Avenue traffic

    By: BARBARA HENRY - Staff Writer

    CARLSBAD --- A proposal to study ways to improve traffic on La Costa Avenue, including possibly removing one lane, will be debated by the Carlsbad City Council on Tuesday night.

    City staff members are seeking the council's approval to hire a consultant to study traffic-calming proposals for the 2.1-mile segment of La Costa that stretches from Rancho Santa Fe Road nearly all the way to El Camino Real.

    Residents along the roadway want one key change: a reduction in the number of lanes, or what's termed in traffic engineering jargon a "road diet," a city staff report notes. Tuesday's meeting begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive.

    Christine Davis, who lives in the far western end of the road study area, said Friday that she and her neighbors want the four-lane portion of La Costa in front of their homes to become a three-lane roadway.

    Their goal would be to have two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane. The area where the second westbound lane currently exists could be turned into a bike lane and a traffic transition area, the residents have said. That would allow them to get into and out of their driveways without having traffic coming directly at them at the posted speed of 45 mph.

    Davis and others in the area have met twice with city employees since last fall to discuss their concerns. In response to those discussions, the city has painted speed limit figures on the pavement and conducted extra police enforcement in the area.

    Simply painting the 45 mph speed limit on the roadway near the existing speed limit signs has helped substantially, Davis said.

    The city traffic engineer couldn't be reached for comment Friday. In the past, city officials have said that Carlsbad has historically had a policy of keeping two westbound lanes on La Costa in order to handle the heavily volume of commuter traffic heading toward Interstate 5.

    Removing one of the lanes would require traffic studies, a review by the city's Traffic Safety Commission and a vote of the City Council. Tuesday night's council agenda is available in the City Hall section of the city's Web site:

    Contact staff writer Barbara Henry at (760) 901-4072 or Comment at

    If La Costa goes to 2 lanes, Encinitas should make all the roads south of Carlsbad 2 lanes, like Olivenhain, Leucadia Blvd. and HW101. I'm tired of Carlsbad dumping all their commuter traffic on our local roads.


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