Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Leucadia beaches more walkable than downtown mainstreet Leucadia

click images for large view, all photos taken Tuesday March 13th 2007

Beacon's Beach, Leucadia California. Big wide sandy beach with decent early season south swell. Note small kelp bed visible in the upper right portion of the photo.

Big wide sandy North Leucadia beach, great for jogging.

North Leucadia mainstreet around the same area as above beach photo.

Would you rather walk on the beach or down the coast highway in Leucadia?

Some patches of cobblestones down by Grandview Beach surrounded by sand and more sand.

Maybe we can scoop up those cobblestones and use them to make a sidewalk?


  1. Walk don't shuffle

  2. Excellent Point. HW101 should not be life threatening.

    I think council is starting to get it. HW101 corridor should be an attraction for all people to come and stoll to an enjoy the cool ellectic beach area businesses.

    Invest in the walkable infrastructure and all Encinitas Residents, local businesses, tourists, city coffers, and local residents will benefit. Its called a smart investment to assure Encinitas’s future as a UNIQUE, high quality of life coastal town.

  3. Encinitas mayor delivers state of the community address

    As for streets, Bond said, "We need more of them and we need wider streets. Traffic will never be the way you want it. You will never be able to jump in your car at 7:30 in the morning and get to where you're going as fast as you want to because everyone else is trying to get there, too."

    He might as well say- “Lets Make Encinitas a Highway for Carlsbad”.

    I heard bond put a bumper sticker on his car that says “ I love LA”

    Who is clueless about the vision for Encinitas?

    I think Bond should step down in 2008. 16 years of LA attitudes has done enough for our coastal town. Maybe Bond should finally really retire and enjoy some peace.

  4. I don't understand those photos. The newspaper said the beaches had no sand. The mayor said we have sidewalks. Does...not...compute.

  5. Roadside park bumMarch 14, 2007 3:36 PM

    Hey I used to pass out against that fence and have tripped and fallen because of that pothole. Yup, the beach is much safer that Leucadia's Hwy 101, and nicer to look at also! Thanks Encinitas City Council you've done a great job of keeping Leucadia rundown and ugly!!! Make sure to note on the $10,000 phone survey that the city is doing a great job of keeping Leucadia rundown and ugly!!!


  6. im only 14 but ive lived in leucadia all my life. the reason leucadia is luecadia is because it hasnt been "upgraded". do we realy want more people crowding our city?
    when i think of luecadia i think of a laid back little coastal town i dont know about you but i dont want to think of it as a tourist attraction. side walks would just add more pedestrian problems. foot trafic can be good dont get me wrong. but i dont want to come back here one day and find it as a city, not as a laid back coastal town as it should be


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