Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mayor Bond Speech Highlights

Perennial Encinitas incumbent Jim Bond received a Raspberry from the North County Times and much criticism from the community for not preparing a speech for the State of the Community Address

Encinitas mayor delivers state of the community address


Highlights of Bond's speech include:

Assured crowd that we are winning the war on terror.

Gazed wistfully past crowd for 10 minutes and then gestured outward with his arm, "This used to be all cow pastures."

Started off by saying, "Good evening ladies and germs, I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired. Hey now, how about that Dalager and those Jews? Now thats a big matzah ball!"

Stressed need for Lacrosse fields at the Hall Park property.

On streets, "We need more of them and we need wider streets. Traffic will never be the way you want it. Cars are getting bigger and faster. They got smaller for awhile there. Remember the Le Car? What the hell was that about anyway? You will never be able to jump in your car at 7:30 in the morning and get to where you're going as fast as you want to because everyone else is trying to get there, too. What I'm saying is that the reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns -- the ones we don't know we don't know."

Finally lost crowd when he said, "All in all, running for president of Carlsbad was the best decision I ever made."


  1. I heard the whole night totally sucked.

  2. Ex-City ManagerMarch 28, 2007 9:30 PM

    James Bond giving a speech??? Ahhhaaaahhhahhahahahahaha!!!!

    Mayor James Bond??? Ahhhahhahahahahah!!!!!!!

    Leaving town before another "Precious Eucalyptus" to quote the former pres of LTC falls to the ground!!!

    Knowing I've left town leaving 60,000 townspeople holding the bag for millions and millions of dollars of debt???? AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA Oh stop me, someone please stop me, I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt!!!! Aahhahahahahahahhaaahahahaha!!!

  3. One in 10 after 65 get alzheimer's disease and 1 in 5 after 80 years old.

  4. We finally succeeded in getting rid of that Guerin idiot. Now let's work on getting rid of some of the other council idiots!

  5. The guy is known to carry a flask with him at all times and has been seen sucking on the thing prior to city council meetings at the catered dinners.

  6. Danny Boy and Jerome "Duke" Stocks voted Bond is as Mayor. Blame them.

  7. Gil lost his appeal last night. According to the NCT article the vote was 5-0 against the appeal. The city residents are in deep trouble when all the council members approve such a high density project.

  8. No one protested this development at the Planning Commission. To much fuss and to late. Gil should have lost any appeal he makes. He doesn't even live in Encinitas. When he becomes a resident we should start listening but not until then. He leases/works in green houses that are trying to upzone to R-25 from R-1. That doesn't give me a lot of faith in anything he says.

  9. My guess is that Gil's fun at playing god (i know better than the planning and city council) most likely cost the developer about 100k in an effort.

    Most of you will applaud loudly at that comment, but those of us that would like to see housing return to a resemblance of affordability know that the buyers of those units will ultimatly pay the higher price.

  10. You mean the short term rental units?

  11. anon 905,

    I am sorry, but shut up unless you know what you are talking about. Gil's appeal had nothing to do changing the density. The council had no legal right to make adjustments to the density even if Gil brought that up as part of the appeal. He didn't, so they didn't even have grounds to discuss a change in density. The density decision was make at the time of the upzoning a long time ago. Keep that in mind when the council tries to upzone in the future.

  12. anon 1208,

    100K? The developer is 6 months out from demo with or without the appeal. Where do you get 100K?

    If it were a 100k, how the hell is that going to change the affordabilty? Is the developer planning on selling at a fixed price above cost!!!!! I figured the developer was going to sell at market value, which is a damn far distance from the cost of construction.

    The cost of housing is decoupled from the cost of construction. Stop the BIA propaganda. A few weeks

    If you are one of the investors then and they are telling you this cost 100K you better ask for proof because your slice of the pie is getting skimmed.

  13. and the Library did not cost more because it was delayed for years,

    and Petco park did not cost more because it was delayed for years,

    and the Hall property will not cost more because it was delayed for years,

    every month, and every year cost money and someone has to pay. In this case it will be the new owners of the condo lofts.

    anon 12:08, right on!

  14. Funny post, JP.

    I'm glad Gil made an appeal. I could not attend, and could not afford the money to appeal. If density could not be considered, then my questions would have not been resolved, anyway.

    In the Court system, if any part of an appeal succeeds, then the appeal is successful. Legally, Gil should get his $250.00 returned. He did get a modification on the short term rentals which will be handled through covenants and restrictions on the titles.

    I don't believe there is enough parking allowed for all the residential units, all the employees and all the businesses. Apparently, others disagree. I'm glad they will be tracking this.

    Some mean-spirited posters just can't seem to stop attacking, flaming out at others who are trying to help our community.

    The developer did not spend $100,000 on this appeal, that's for sure.

  15. lets all start a collection bucket for poor Gil, I'm in!

  16. Gil's appeal included information about the dangerous entrance and exit from the "extended" F street. The traffic study only considered small 30 feet delivery trucks in the delivery area. The study wasn't realistic. Most stores have deliveries in 50 feet long trucks. There is no way for trucks to turn around. That means that the trucks either back in or back out holding up traffic on 101. The trucks will also block the entrance and exit to the below ground parking lot. Wait till the Pacific Station residents complain to the city to fix the problem.

  17. Condo Price:
    "In this case it will be the new owners of the condo lofts."
    Poor try. If the market value of a condo was based on the cost of production then appraisers would audit the developers books instead of looking at comps. Why are the prices of condos downtown falling like a brick when they were all built at the same cost? Does not compute... not compute...

    The city is not selling the Library, so this has no relevance.

    If it were being sold I doubt any fool would purchase it for the cost of production. The cost was a consequence of the city going bling bling overbuilding and using expensive materials that got more expensive near the time of construction, yet they decided to move ahead anyways. Humans have a hard time cutting their losses you know.

    Don't forget that it was not the delay itself, it was the timing that got them on the concrete. The price of concrete will not go up forever, duh!

    Pacific Station:
    Besides preparing for the appeal that he was obviously going to win what were the costs to the developer? WHere does 100K come from? He was not going to break ground anytime soon.

  18. The NCT reported that the developer estimated that the 650 square foot flats would sell for $450,000. That works out to $692 a square foot. No ocean view, on a busy street, and next to the railroad tracks. P.T. Barnum would be proud.

  19. The library became a boondoogle when they hired the architect who designed a building that used that much cement in the shorings. More cement meant more cost.

  20. I hope the delivery trucks cause backups on HW101, maybe more people will stay on I5

  21. JP-

    Great right-up..... your satire on reality is excellent. You could right for Saturday Night Live!

  22. Gil's concern about the parking was validated by DEMA's concern about parking last summer. Remember when DEMA was trying to scare all of us into getting parking meters?

    I still think we need a downtown employee only parking lot somewhere in the area.

  23. Why on earth would someone pay $300,000 for 650 dollars, to live packed in next the RR and next to 10 people you don't like.

  24. As long as Aceti gets his own reserved space. When he is not using it we can set up the booth to sell the last of the fan club T shirts although we are down to small and xxl.

  25. I would predict that they will stand in line to buy a 700 sq. ft. condo loft for 450K to 500K

    The area rocks! coaster, cool downtown, shopping, restaurants, beaches, library, cottonwood creek park and free entertainment every wednesday night at city hall beginning at 6pm.

    we will see.

    its a 50-50 on if the project ever gets built. the approval is easy...reaching into your pocket and paying for it is where the road gets bumpy.

    Good Post J.P.

  26. Downtown survives on local trade. Don't expect local trade to continue with projects such as Pacific Station.

  27. Roadside Park BumMarch 30, 2007 8:10 AM

    Pacific Station condos will be purchased by 'Out of Towners'!! Mostly from LA!!
    They will buy these affordable units (affordable compared to Santa Monica or Marina del Rey) and only come down on weekends!! They don't add much to the local community other than a few restaurants and the such. They don't live nor work locally and aren't involved with the problems of the local community.
    As far as they are concerned they are leaving the problems of LA for the weekend and coming to paradise, only 2 hours away!! Most of the units will be vacate during the week and as long as the HOA keeps the gardens blooming and the walkways clean they will be happy!!

    They no nothing of the problems involving Encinitas nor do they care of the problems. They just know they are getting OUT OF LA for the weekend and that's good enough for them.

    The city will approve this project because of the tax revenue that will be generated. The city needs the $$$ to feed the beurocratic machine.


  28. A good use of the hall property would be a Costco...which would generate big $$$$$ for the City to solve long term City problems. You could use 30 acres for Costco and 10 acres for a nice neighborhood park.

    Also sell the quail gardens property to pay back some of the costs for purchasing the PW yard. Zone it commercial to get more money. Or use the quail gardens property for an affordable housing or low income housing. A nice mobile home park would look nice on that property. Why is the City holding that excess property? Sell it and use the money to solve some existing problems.

  29. Like the man says. The LA pople will buy up these condos after they sell out in Del Rey, and coast north. We are LA all of us,TS.Get on your board and fly right Kamahina.

  30. and what's wrong with LA people buying into this complex? They can ride the train down and walk to their condo. They can spend money in our restaurants. They can surf whiel they are here and purchase stuff at our local shops. I don't see a downside.

  31. LA owners of property in Encinitas can vote new taxes and fees on the city property owners. That's the downside.

  32. The DESP does not address density per say. It does spell out the minimum size residential units in the specific plan area.

    I did not appeal to the city council expecting the project to be stopped. The developer, city staff, and planning commission all made decisions based upon the DESP. I appealed to the city council because I had concerns with the traffic/parking management and because of the density I thought short term rentals in this project were a mistake.

    anon 11:59 knows very little about most things apparently. The property where I lease is not trying to upzone to R-25 or R15 or R-8. If you check the city documents you will find that they are trying to up zone to R-5. This would translate to 46 units on 11.3 acres. I consider this to be a very reasonable amount of density. The Pacific Station density is 47 units on 1.6 acres. Park Place which borders the greenhouse property on two sides is R-12 and the parcel accross Santa Fe is R-5. Your lack of correct information doesn't give me a lot of faith in your raves.

    My appeal probably cost the developer 10,000 dollars at the max. If I had not gone before the council there would have been no council accountibility. The "warts' that I addressed were touched on at the planning commission but there was no concensus on eliminating them.

    There will be no short term rentals in the PS development and that may help guide the council in future dense projects. I do not want a town made up of dense short term rentals. I want it to be a town of long term residential families. again the density in the DESP was left incredibly vague when the specific plan for the 101 corridor was developed. I am not trying to play god but i can read a set of plans and recognize warts and thought the council, staff, and developer needed to be aware of those warts and that the residents should be aware of them also.

    Poor Gil doesn't really need a collection. $250.00 is only three nights out with his wife. Community awareness was worth that.

    The chances of getting a costco approved for the hall property are slim and none.

    i'll be gone a few days for the Ca-Boom Show being held this weekend in Santa Monica. So if the acidic blogs think they are keeping me away it ain't so, just have more important things to deal with the next few days.

    blog on!!

  33. Gil,

    I value your comments and participation. I wish more "citizens" of Encinitas would be as active as you. The right to appeal and have your day is important and I support it. I do wish it was a broader appeal so that the council could weigh in in other areas,but I did not appeal so who am I to complain on one who did appeal.

    I too support the project, but think that a project of this size should have considerable council oversight.

    Ok, Gil says 10k max and I say 100k, so we at least established a cost of some level.

    I think the project is somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million.

    10 mill for the land and 30 mil for construction.

    Do the math on a 30 mil 30 year loan see how much 30 days time cost.

  34. Roadside park bumMarch 30, 2007 1:33 PM

    Anon 10:54
    There is nothing wrong with people from LA buying into this condo project, better then than Zonies I say.

    Yet they really do not contribute to the community in a daily way. They will come and go and think every thing is perfect in Encinitas when we know this simple is not true. None of them will be here to object when their tax $$$ is being spent by a foolish and money driven council.

    Drive Neptune some evening, you'll see that most of the homes are empty during the week. Almost all the ocean front properties were swept up by LA folks. You can't buy any oceanfront home in Malibu for less than 15 million$$$ but you can in Leucadia. While that is good for them, they don't add anything to the local setting, except a few $$$ to the restuarants. They don't shop here, work here, live here, and they really don't want to be part of any solutions to Encinitas problems!! Problems with infastructure, parks, housing for homeless bums!!

    But it's all right by me if they buy into Pacific Station, even cheese eater are welcome for all I know!!!


  35. anon 1252,

    There was no delay to the project start time so don't calculate a 30day delay.

  36. Maybe Jim will forget he lives in Encinitas and will go home to a new home in Carlsbad paid for by you know who.

  37. Bums and LA folks are the same breed. We don't want them here!

  38. rspb is from here not la.


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