Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Natural Sand Replenishment Currently Underway

Beacon's Beach, Leucadia California

This photo was taken Feb 23rd 2007. It shows the indicator rocks for North Reef and the boulder.

These photos were taken March 13th 2007. The south swells have already pushed up enough sand to cover the indicator rocks AND the boulder.
The dredging they've been doing in Carlsbad at Ponto and the power plant may also have contributed to this. There is a lot of sand moving around the beaches right now. If the government keeps their hands off we will have good waves and good fishing this summer.


  1. The only council member not at the State of Community dinner was Jerome. He was in washington D.C asking for sand!!!!

  2. Just a DrywallerMarch 14, 2007 8:53 PM

    All you anti people are all twisted up. Jerome is a surfer and is supported by the surf community. He wouldn't be doing this if it would be bad for the surf.

  3. Jerome hasn't surfed in 20 years. We wish he still surfed. If he surfed things would be a lot different in Encinitas.

  4. Jerome is not a surfer.

    Tell me a time when Jerome is going out. We will all be there to support him and give him (push him into) a few waves. I bet he could barely catch a wave on a fricken boogy board.

    I agree. If all the council surfed or at least loved the coast, Encinitas wouldn't have the traffic nightmare and developers plans for ultra high density in our low key coastal community.

    Try this on-Jerome sells out Encinitas to developers who will bankroll his future plans for a life long career in politics. He supports selling out Encinitas for developer pure bottom line. Watch after his re-election to Encinitas City Council he will try and go state.

  5. Restore the natural sand import levelsMarch 14, 2007 10:35 PM

    JP- The influx of sand in Leucadia is a direct result of the sand being pumped onto ponto from the Batiquitos lagoon over the last few months. They have added major volume of Sand (yeah).

    Sand migration along Leucadia goes from North to south typically except in big southern swell periods. Hence the new sand in Leucadia and the rest of the southern beach.

    I say keep on pumping batiquitos lagoon sand.

  6. message to kelp killer aboveMarch 15, 2007 5:08 AM

    You missed a key point. A moderately long period south swell occurred between the two photos. Thus the sand that was out there to the southwest of the Leucadia beaches was pushed onto the beach to the. What is being said is there is enough sand. Don't pump any more than is feasible for the kelp and reefs to sustain. You eep pumping Batiquitos and you will kill our reefs and kelpbeds.

  7. When there were no RR and highway berms much more sand was naturally pumped out into the surfline during high rain events. Its called a river delta and is the natural source of bookooo sand. That’s why there is good surf breaks at cardiff and ponto the delta provides a shallower surfline and better waves.

    Bottom line-The ocean floor is a dynamic place and the sand, sand bars, and contours are always changing.

    I am not saying pour over the rocky bottom and kelp. I am saying major sand imports have naturally been occurring over the last several million years until the manmade dams, RR and highway berms blocked much of the natural sand migration.

  8. I want some of what the "drywaller" is smoking

  9. Why is the city asking for bids to haul sand from San Juan Capitrano? Was it on a Council agenda?

  10. Yes, this should be agendized, I agree. I'd like the Dept. of Marine Fisheries to make a presentation at the Council Meeting. This should not be automatic. Right now the Chamber of Commerce and Aceti are all for sand replenishment, full tilt, damn the kelp. That is not taking into consideration that natural sand replinishment is happening, as JP point out, plus we are getting sand from the Ponto dredging.

    I also don't think Jerome has been surfing lately. That sounds like Andreen spin.

    Save the Kelp!

  11. Hauling of "sand" from San Juan Capitrano seems to be a done deal. What kind of sand? Is it from a subdivision development up there? Why doesn't Orange County want this "sand" on their beaches? When will this "sand" be dumped on Moonlight Beach?

  12. The sooner the better. More is better. Support Sand.

  13. We DO support sand. Our beaches are full of sand. Go to the beach and see for yourself.

  14. Remember when a previous council entertained bringing in sand from Arizona in the large trash trucks?

  15. JP, you are right, and your ought to know. I do, too. The beaches have sand, now.

    Support quality surfing, and marine habitat. Save the kelp. Some sand is a fine thing. Too much of good thing is bad . . .


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