Monday, March 26, 2007

SANDAG Profile Warehouse

For those of you out there who love minutia, SANDAG has an interesting website where you can check out the population, income and housing stats of Encinitas and other north county cities.

For example, did you know that there are only 435 Black people living in Encinitas?


  1. Somebody should tell them that there are only 434 black people living here because Sal moved to LA.

  2. Ethnicity only matters if ethnicity matters.

  3. I find it interesting that the medin age is 40 something, but proponents of a lot of soccer and baseball fields for the Hall property stem from the idea tht there are so many kids that need this. I wish they had an exact count of how many kids there really are in our community to see if this is really true. Or instead is it a ruse to have lots of tournaments for out of towners? Just curious!

  4. Tournaments from out of towners is what Dalger wants. I raised my two kids recently through soccer, lacrosse, baseball and football and we always had a field to play on. Where does Dalger get off stating that we don't have enough fields so we need regional sports park?

    I have a neighbor who doesn't like the baseball fields available because they aren't up to his college playing day standards.

    Perhaps we should use the money designated for the regional fields to upgrade the current fields.

    Dalager, like Guerin, just wants an edifice to him built to commermerate his time as a city councilman.
    Personally, we should just give him a bench or something with his name on it overlooking a dump.

  5. My two kids also always had fields to play on. Also, the library was never overly crowded.

    We are stuck paying interest for lease revenue bonds on these capital improvements, now, like it or not.

    Tomorrow's agenda includes, on the consent calendar, Item 1A, authorization for an amount not to exceed $174,000 for the fiber optic installation of the Public Works facility and the Wastewater Division offices to the City's Institutional Network (I-Net) using "available funds for purposes such as this in the Government/Education Access fund." I just wonder if this $174,000 is in addition to the $500,000 that was to be used to bring the Mossy property, which was supposedly "turn key ready" into conformance with the needs of what is basically a parking lot with buildings for limited staff use, as most are busy in the field, one must presume.

    Just amazing to me that $10 million still isn't enough and that the taxpayers and San Dieguito Water District Ratepayers are being forced to foot the bill for these real estate bonanzas.

    I wonder if Dan Dalager got a "finder's fee" for this transaction, which is a common real estate perk?

  6. Does the profile say we have 3 male council member's bought and paid for by the developers lobbying groups?

  7. so are you saying women can't be bought?

  8. Danny wasn't bought. They didn't need to buy him because he went willingly.


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