Sunday, March 25, 2007

Small Child's Day at Beach Ruined by Cobbles

Unless we spend millions of taxdollars these cobblestones will destroy the foundation of our community. Won't someone please save the children?

Leucadia!: Kids have fun at beach despite cobblestone boogeyman


  1. How did that kid with the ball get sand in his eye? That's unpossible.

  2. My dog Lobo loves to walk at that beach. OOoops, wait don't tell "The Man". No I mean he wishes he could walk on that beach. Another south swell chain of events on their way. Watch for disappearing cobbles. They might make it on an endangered geology agenda.

  3. Those cobbles hurt my feet. I hope they are burried soon.

  4. JP = potty mouth.

    I hate when I get cobblestones in my wax.

  5. The really wild thing about this is that somewhere, someone is putting money into a SAND LOBBY to convince our government to spend their money on this bullshit project.

  6. Maybe the group responsible for this cobble stone bullshit is really the bluff-front home owners.

    They know Surfrider will have them for dinner if they try to build seawalls so they've cloaked an effort to push back the high tide line with our tax dollars in a thick veil of 'for the tourist economy'!

    It's really sad Surfrider doesn't have a stronger position against sand re-nourishment.

    "Advisory board member of the San Diego chapter of the Surfrider Foundation Todd Cardiff said his group is not entirely opposed to sand replenishment, but said that it should be done in a responsible manner.

    Cardiff, a partner at Encinitas-based Coast Law Group, said that he would rather see sand replenishment than sea walls built to support eroding bluffs."

  7. Those pictures must be a hoax!

    There is no way there are actual kids that cute.


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