Monday, March 19, 2007

"We're back to cobbles" >>>VIDEOS<<<

"We're back to pre-project conditions, which aren't very good," said Steve Aceti, executive director for the Encinitas-based California Coastal Coalition, an advocacy group representing coastal cities and counties. "We're back to cobble."

Area officials also are exploring funding options ranging from a sales-tax increase to beach parking fees to hotel taxes.

Leucadia!: Aceti Lies to NCT, "We're back to cobble."

Leucadia!: More holes in head, "Quality-of-life tax" proposed.


  1. There is no sand . You must be using computer graphics trickery.

  2. California

    California has a statewide sales tax rate of 7.25%, and local supplementary taxes are allowed up to 8.75%.[citation needed] Sales and use taxes in the state of California are collected by the State Board of Equalization, the only publicly elected tax commission in the United States. The statewide 7.25% is allocated as:[8]

    * 6.25% - State
    o 5.00% - State - General Fund
    o 0.25% - State - Fiscal Recovery Fund
    o 0.50% - State - Local Revenue Fund
    o 0.50% - State - Local Public Safety Fund
    * 1.00% - Uniform Local Tax
    o 0.25% - Local County - Transportation funds
    o 0.75% - Local City/County - Operational funds

    Supplementary sales tax may be added (with voter approval) by cities, counties, service authorities, and various special districts (such as the Bay Area Rapid Transit district). The effect is that sales tax rates vary from 7.25% (in areas where no additional taxes are charged) to 8.75% (in the city of Avalon, on Santa Catalina Island, and in Alameda County, in the Bay Area).

  3. My stomach hurts. JP stop it, just stop it.

  4. What is the current sales tax of National City? The voters increased it last year after the "boogie man will get you" scare tactics were used in the city campaign.

  5. The sales tax for National City
    was raised to 8.75% on Oct.1st,2006

  6. Besides the 7.75% sales tax, here, we pay extra taxes on our property tax bills for sewer and sanitation fees, and water, also, I believe.

    Our Water Bill, which is a public utility just raised it's base rate and the metered rates, too.

    If you want to pull any permits, those have gone up, also. If people, someday, want to use the Hall Property for games, the teams will surely have to pay fees for maintenance of the fields. The lighting and landscaping tax increase was voted down because businesses would have had to pay their fair share. Hotels and motels are already paying Temporary Occupancy Taxes, by adding this tax to the bills of their patrons.

    Steve Aceti and Michael Pattinson are not being honest. They are so used to putting a spin on their statements they are probably unable to tell truth from fiction.

    Thanks JP for showing those who don't go down to the water, the truth.

  7. and the water bills are going to keep going up. The LA MWD just announced that they have more water rate raises coming in the future. The water doesn't just fall from the sky folks.

  8. Farking cobblestones! Go back to china!

  9. I think Vista just raised their sales tax as well

  10. Nobody on this blog has attended a meeting with NMFS, State Fish & Game, the State Coastal Conservancy, The Army Corps of Engineers, the Coastal Commission, SANDAG or any other entity involved in protecting the coast, so the beach sand postings are all laughable.

  11. What is laughable is spending millions of our tax dollars because the beaches are all "cobble". This blog's photos and videos prove you are liars.

  12. Maybe NMFS, State Fish & Game, the State Coastal Conservancy, The Army Corps of Engineers, the Coastal Commission, SANDAG or any other entity involved in protecting the coast should have the meetings at the beach.


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