Thursday, April 19, 2007

Carpetbagger Steve Aceti moves to Leucadia so he can run for Encinitas city council in 2008

Tax lobbyist and shameless carpetbagger Steve Aceti has sold his house in Carlsbad and has moved to Leucadia so that he can run for Encinitas city council in 2008. Steve Aceti moving to Encinitas, entertaining 2008 council run

Aceti was recently rejected by Carlsbad, Aceti applied to fill a vacancy on the Carlsbad City Council created by the resignation of Norine Sigafoose. Apparently, Aceti feels that Encinitas deserves Carlsbad's unwanted leftovers.

A native of New York, Aceti received a law degree from the State University of New York at Albany. In the mid-1990s in Encinitas, Aceti participated in a successful campaign to increase hotel taxes to create money for beach restoration.

This was Prop R. This unfair tax was most likely voted in because it is a hotel/motel tax that tourist must pay and didn't directly affect resident wallets. The Prop R money traditionally buys and imports that really horrible itchy ashtray sand that the city dumps between the lifeguard towers in the touristy section of Moonlight Beach.

In 2003, Aceti led an unsuccessful campaign to institute an Encinitas clean-water fee.

This was Prop C, a fee with a name that was supposed to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Disguised as a clean water program, Prop C unfairly targeted homeowners to subsidize out of control spending by the Encinitas city council led by former city manager Kerry Miller. Prop C was crushed at the polls. At the height of the campaign Aceti often became enraged at the Encinitas Taxpayer's Association and fired off many classic letters to the editors of the North County Times.

As a member of DEMA Aceti toys with the idea of parking meters for downtown Encinitas. Coast News story.

I have to admit, Aceti has conojes. He is already widely unpopular in Encinitas so it's very brash of him to announce his 2008 run for council so soon. It's baffling though, does Aceti really think he can win? Longtime resident Doug Long is far more likeable and he wasn't able to win a seat in the last election (although he probably would if not running against the smart and charming Teresa Barth). Thomas Brown spent a lot of money running for council and was defeated and Brown is about 1000 times more likable than Aceti.

Does professional tax lobbyist Steve Aceti really stand a chance of winning an Encinitas city council seat against lifelong local Doug Long? Can Aceti outspend the well equipped and intelligent Thomas Brown? Can an obvious carpetbagger defeat incumbents Jim Bond (who may retire and leave an empty seat up for grabs), Maggie Houlihan (who has received the most votes ever for council), and Jerome Stocks who, despite controversy, has a solid base ?

We'll be keeping a watchful eye on our new neighbor Steve Aceti.

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  1. Steve Aceti must be a glutton for punishment.

  2. "You can be sure that this is an orchestrated move by the David Meyer-Doug Harwood-Jerome Stocks axis of evil to take complete control of Encinitas for the benefit of developers and promoters. Heaven help us!"

  3. I would not vote for Aceti, that's for sure. Neither would I vote for Stocks.

    I am hoping that Jim Bond steps down. He should know that people think it's time for him to go.

  4. Since anon mentioned David Meyers, I have to relate a new low for the master of intimidation (clowns, etc.). At a Citizen Participation meeting last week at the Community Center, David Meyers presented the proposed residential project for the 21 acres of the Bahlman (sp?) property on Saxony. His first move at the meeting was to turn a video camera on the audience of 50+ people. Very bad form. The whole idea of a CPP meeting is to get open, unfettered dialog from the citizens, not cower them into silence. What a jerk.

  5. The word "creepy".

  6. Taxeti is a joke with Big BallsApril 19, 2007 2:24 PM

    The only thing worst than an LA transplant trying to turn Encinitas into LA is a New Yorker Attorney acting like he cares about the environment. How do you know when a NY Attorney is lying?-When his lips are moving. HAaaa Haaaa Haaaa.

    The dude has balls. Dumb balls but BIG balls.

  7. The word is eunuch.

  8. JP Doth Protest Too MuchApril 19, 2007 5:53 PM

    "Does professional tax lobbyist Steve Aceti really stand a chance of winning an Encinitas city council seat against lifelong local Doug Long? Can Aceti outspend the well equipped and intelligent Thomas Brown?" Based on the amount of blog space allotted to this issue today, I guess the answer is "yes" or at least "probably." Otherwise, why all the attention? What the NC Times didn't mention is that the Aceti's are moving to - are you ready for this - Leucadia. Why Leucadia? Like the Godfather said (and I'm sure Aceti, whose name ends with a vowel, has seen the flick): "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

  9. Aceti has "conojes?" Might that be "conejos" (rabbits)? J.P., I think you had a dyslexic moment. Sí, Aceti está loco, pero tiene cojones.

  10. Answer me this, who the hell sends out a press release to the newspaper announcing they moved to a new house?

  11. Someone with big balls and a small, brittle heart, who wants to be in a better position to influence (condone more)development, and make more money off the taxpayers.

    The reason that the TOT tax increase passed was because the voters knew that the hotel and motel owners would be footing the bill, not us.

    Aceti is bound to lose, as Prop C did. Maybe he will take Doug Long down with him.

  12. Aceti fan club?April 19, 2007 9:06 PM

    O.K. we were stupid once. This guy fooled my pals and I because he said that he was for clean water and that he surfed. We found out the truth. He cant surf for shit and he is only in the clean water game for the money that he can scam out of a few cities. He would make a terrible council member although I would love to unload the last remaining extra small t-shirts (steve insisted we order those for him).
    What a loser!!

  13. No, NO, No, Drama. No, No, Drama.

    Please Taxeti leave leucadia... the Leucadia vibe will not go well with your vibe. You will see.

    Either Change or get out!

  14. I hope Tom Brown runs again. He would be better than Taxceti anyday.

  15. Off topic.

    Perhaps Kerry Miller was not all that bad for Encintias? I'm not a foe or a fan, just an observation.

    “We are in very good shape,” Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan said. “It's a byproduct of having a relatively conservative approach to budgeting. I am very pleased.”

    Mayor James Bond said he is pleased with a sound budget that shows revenues continuing to outpace expenditures.

    And the city is expecting to increase its emergency reserves from the current 15 percent of operating expenditures to 20 percent, an unprecedented high. That would bring the city's reserves to $9.14 million in the coming fiscal year.

  16. Houlihan said the city has a conservative approach to budgeting? Did she include in that statement the 20 million dollars they borrowed last November or the switching around of funds to pay back the general fund in a triple kind of bookkeeping?

  17. It's time to find another woman to run for City Council who is not part of the developer's plan to pave paradise and redevelop Leucadia. It is not too early

  18. I think maggie is great and full support her. She is one of two who actually care about the future of Encinitas. The other is Teresa.

  19. Aceti is women. Does he/she qualify?

  20. IRONY ALERT--During the Prop C campaign Steve Aceti often accused Encinitas Taxpayers Association president Bill Rodewald of being against Prop C just to get free publicity so Rodewald could run for Encinitas city council.

    So what happened? Rodewald said over and over he did not want to run for city council and he did not.

    It is clear now that Prop C was designed as a launching pad for Steve Aceti's run at Encinitas city council. When Prop C went sour Aceti switched gears and tried to get on the Carlsbad city council.

    It didn't work.

    Now Aceti wants to be on the Encinitas city council? What a fricken joke. Aceti should resign from DEMA and renounce any desire to run for Encinitas city council in 2008.

  21. The word Carpetbagger is too kind to be used as a description of Aceti. Several other words come to mind but this is a family oriented blog.

  22. yes this is a family oriented blog with huge penises.
    helps parents get the birds and the bees talk going as we sit around the computer as a family

  23. Dear Kings and Quens of your domain,April 21, 2007 3:18 PM

    It's great that the dozen or so people using this blog have takes about everything that happens in Encinitas, but have any of you ever done anything for the community except bitch?

  24. rememebr when Steve used to post here all the time during the Prop C issue? Looks like he's back.....AGAIN!!!!!

  25. I pretty sure families gather around the computer after dinner in the evening and read together, heh.

  26. Learning to CountApril 21, 2007 5:08 PM

    I miscounted - looks like there are 13 people on the blog.

  27. I have bad news for the naysayer who posted above at 3:18 pm and 5:08 pm. If you go back through the archive, you will find more than a baker's dozen of people who have posted with their real name. I think his negativism reflects his fear of the influence of the blog.

  28. It is not the number of people that post on this blog that really matters. It is the number of people that read the postings that is important. That number is large. I know this because I am fairly visible on a daily basis in the community and it is surprizing how many comment on the information posted on this blog especially after i have been childishly attacked. I thank all who post regardless of position, all who check in to read the blogs and JP for maintaining a fine blog-site.

  29. The number of unique hits this blog gets is really surprising. But, everyone who disagrees with my blog can continue to pretend it's only a dozen people, I don't care.

  30. Dahlia, Who cares if they don't pave paradise if the city is in shambles because the council can't control their spending? Maggie is as guilty as anyone when it comes to warm fuzzy waste.

  31. Aceti will not be elected in 2008. Like Stocks, they will be rejected by voters.

  32. I second Gil

    From a lurker, I appriciate the blog.

    JP has added another voice (those who post) to the civic conversation.

    I am amazed that people always attack a different point of view as wrong. Taken to an extreme, If everone agreed and had like values and views of one person The would would be moncromatic and terrible. we'd all where the same colors drive the same tye car live in the same style house, an so on.

    Diversity rocks and makes our lives richer, including diversity of opinion.

  33. Bob is certainly an expert on being rejected by the voters(hehehehe)

  34. JP,

    Stop everyones whining about the traffic on the blog and just post the figures each month.

    We have more important things to discuss.


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