Saturday, April 14, 2007

Goodbye to our iconic trees?

I hear that the iconic Cypress trees that represent the heart of Leucadia in our little humble roadside park must be cut down due to rot. This makes me sad. A couple of trees were cut down a few years ago for the same reason. The park and Leucadia are going to look naked without those trees.

Please post some ideas for our roadside park, we can embrace this as a new beginning.

Painting of our beloved trees by the talented Scott Saw.

***UPDATE***Scott Saw will be in the park tonight (Monday, 16th) handing out posters of the above painting. Smart folks will get theirs signed.



    I am sure some of you have heard that the two old cypress trees in Leucadia Roadside Park will be removed in the near
    future. I also want you to know that when we heard about it, Patricia Bell (President of L101) and myself emailed the City
    with questions and hoped there was some way to avoid this decision. After meeting with the City Manager, Maggie and
    City Staff, we know that the trees do need to be cut down. Because of our inquiry a second arborist, Mark Wisniewsky, was consulted and confirmed the City's finding. Mary Fleener, an LTC Board member met with Mark at the Park and she came
    away understanding that, yes, the trees need to be removed. We are all sad about this, but the City will be replacing the
    trees and we will have a ceremony for the tree planting in the very near future. I will forward information as I get it from the City. Please understand, that the City, the Leucadia Town Council and Leucadia 101 Mainstreet are upset about losing these icons of Leucadia. However, it is necessary and we are going to be forward thinking and get ready for a fun tree-planting and to watching our new trees grow.

  2. Roadside Park BumApril 14, 2007 9:06 PM

    These trees have been diseased for years and should have come down long ago. The tree to the east has been a home for bees and a rubber plant grows out of the side of the tree. Go look for yourselves.

    That Mark guy helped plant 101 trees on Hwy 101 back in the late 80's or early 90's. It's hard to remember back that far I was so drunk and stoned in those days, I do recall that People For Trees were going to plant 101 trees on Hwy 101 every year for 10 years. But after the first year the city didn't water the trees( just as they don't water the flowers) so most of the trees died!!! Let's all give a big THANK YOU to the COE!!! Again they ask the community to do their job and then STAB in the back the efforts of the locals!!!!

    What kind of trees will be planted?? Will they be indigenous trees?? Let's hopes so or you know who will be all over us like mold on cheese!


  3. Too Bad. Cypress can last 100 years but cant last the current actions of Encinitas.

    God bless the trees. And the rest of you, if your godworthy- you are blessed.

  4. Maybe we can use the lumber from the trees to build the new stairs at Beacons.

  5. Maybe we can pile up the branches on the beach and use them as a bathroom. That kills two birds in one. A bathroom on the beach and a way to recycle the trees.

    Then lets pave the park and put up a taco stand. Or,Dalgher needs more playing fields maybe we can make a sand vollyball court. Oh I forgot we have to much sand now so we will just make it a grass court.

  6. Bees need homes too. I like JP's idea about planting california oak trees in leucadia.

  7. Yeah, it's gonna feel a bit empty passing by the park without those giants hanging round' ... but i understand why they gotta do this.

    Hey, i guess a few peeps are gonna be at the park to say goo'bye to the trees on Monday (apr 16) evening... i will stop by round 7ish and hand out some posters of that painting i made of the trees in all their glory for those who want one... will be a nice reminder of the goodness we have enjoyed for years here in the hometown.

  8. It is estimated that the old growth Cypress trees in the park where planted sometime in the 1880's. They will be replaced with Cypress tress that are 4 to 6ft high and will be planted away from the road right of way. There will be a tree planting ceremony on the evening of May 11th. Any salvagable wood will be taken to Palomar College and milled by the students there. There will be something made from the trees for Leucadia, but it is still to be determined how much wood will be salvaged. Any good ideas? It has already been suggested to the City to build an outhouse at Beacons.

  9. The lumber from these heritage trees should not be sent to Palomar College. There are plenty of other good options to be exercised locally. The trees could be slabbed, dried and used in some local community use, or have a local turner make numerous bowls for sale locally, with a brand burned into the bottom that proclaims it's origin. There have got to be lots of ideas out there. These trees are our Leucadia heritage, do not send them away! Give the locals an opportunity to do something special with them!

  10. Cypress is a beautiful enduring wood that turns light gray if left outdoors. Benches of adirondack chairs could be made for our streetscapes or parks that serve as a lasting reminder of these heritage trees.

  11. Whose idea was it to send the wood to Palomar College? I hope there was more thought put into this than to just give it away to students!! Mark, the arborist, told me he heard it would be kiln dried there and used for a new park bench to replace the concrete one that got smashed by a car. I like that idea. Who can we talk to who would make this decision-Phil Cotton?

    See you all tomorrow night.

  12. Ex-City ManagerApril 15, 2007 6:51 PM

    A wooden bench in the park?? That's a GREAT idea Mary, it'll bring back the bums and RSPB will feel at home again now won't he. HAHAHAHAHHHAAHhaahhaha.

    I'm sure the folks that live and work in that area will love having the boys shitting and pissing in the alleyways again.

    Question??- Will you be there to patrol the area and pick up after the Bums?? Sure you will, because your so involved with the community!!! And your involvement means soooo much to sooo many.

    What will happen to the trees?? It'll be ground into bark and "organic waste" and then be dumped by the railroad tracks so when it rains it flows into the storm drains and causes flooding!!! Flooding in Leucadia!!! What a concept!!!! Snicker,snicker,snicker!!!hehhehehe!!

    As for what I do with my other hand? Well I could say something nasty about you, but why?? I care about your feelings!! No, no I really do I care about your feeling!!! You don't seem to care about my feelings, but hey, I just keep reminding myself about the giant pension (six figures) I'll be getting in a few years. And that makes this all worthwhile!! Ahhahahahahahahahahhh!!

    Not to late to get "Flower" to come down and live in the tree, she can fly down on her "pixie wings".

    Ex-City Manager

  13. JP - would you do me a huge favor and pick up a poster for the Pyles? I would really appreciate it if you could. Aloha from Oregon!

  14. Hey!!... we had a good turn out tonight and I even got to meet another fellow Leucadia blogger! The arborist, Mark, kept nervously looking up at the trees, expecting them to topple at any moment, but there was no wind at all, much to my relief. I could just see the headlines..."Cypress tree kills enitre activist and zealot population of Leucadia!!"

    Both Maggie Houllian and Teresa Barth were there...Maggie spoke a little bit about the plans for the park, and then my friend Rodney spoke and we spent a small slice of time enjoying the park, the trees and the traffic whizzing by...a paradox to be sure.

    I have 5 extra prints, so koalani, I could give you one for your me and we'll work out a meeting place.

    I also have a SIGNED one that I'll sell to Mr. Ex City Manager.



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