Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The Leucadia Roadside Park looks awfully naked without those big cypress trees.

UT story online: Beloved cypresses get fond farewell


  1. Roadside park bumApril 18, 2007 11:39 AM

    I used to hide my booze in the trunks of those old trees, that's the only thing I'll miss and the shade they provided when I was passed out in the park!!

    Did any one at the candlelighted vigil mention the deaths at Virginia Tech or are you limited in your feelings to only some diseased and dying trees.

    When this park is remade it better be damn nice or there will be hell to pay, HOW 'BOUT SOME FLOWERS!?!?!?!

    RSPB-You people are starting to piss me off and if I get really pissed I'll start drinking again and trust me....You don't want that!!!

  2. Sweet - now the glaring sun can continue to beat down unabated, keeping RSPB's beer warm like he likes it!

  3. this blog is beat... Find something of interest already.

  4. rspb

    when it is paved over and a new taco shop is built you will have another dumpster or two to dive through. G-- only knows how the city needs the sales tax money so they can afford to respond to the dribble the naysayers put out.

    All in all this is a win win for the city and you.

  5. It looks like shit. It Looks like a Oceanside park, bums and all.

  6. rspb is dry drunkApril 18, 2007 9:18 PM

    once a drunk, always a drunk.

  7. The trees were historical. They were still alive. One was what? 108 years old, I think.

    That arborist, Mark, was right. The City should have fenced off the park and put up no parking signs. The reason the roots were damaged was by the too wide road and the easements for water lines, etc.

    The powers that be are killing innocent living beings all over this planet.

    Bless all of us who do love trees, creeks, the sea, one another. Those trees were planted by the founders of Leucadia. The City did "damage control," but I think the park could have been fenced off, like Mt. Soledad Cross, no parking signs posted all around it.

    Our environmental heritage is worth preserving.

  8. oh gheez!

    I guess old trees would never die if we all just moved away from Leucadia according to enviro anon 9:30

  9. According to roadside park bum's logic because some psycho killer in Virginia killed a bunch of people we are not allowed to be sad that the trees planted by our town's founders were cut down.

    Does RSPB even live in Leucadia? This character post more anti Leucadia hatred than is necessary by far. Let's pray that RSPB doesn't own any guns. He is deeply angry at Leucadia and will probably snap someday. Be afraid.


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