Friday, April 27, 2007

If I were in charge...

Billy Watson and the International Silver String Submarine Band would play in the Leucadia Roadside Park everyday, all day.


  1. JP is Just Perfect for CouncilApril 28, 2007 7:58 AM

    JP- Excellent!. You should be in charge, and that’s why you should run for Council in 2008. You have a huge base of support to start your campaign and you are very likeable and real a personality. Other pluses for this town- you are a surfer, environmentalist, you have a great family with history in the town. And most of all, you care and have a very positive vision for the future of Encinitas! A few of the current council members have zero vision for the future of Encinitas.

    Do it JP. Announce your running in 2008! There are a ton of folks that will pound the pavement for you.

  2. One more huge thing-


    Some folks just don't have that skill. I bet all of us can name two current council members lacking this imporant skill. Its amazing they've made it through life with their disability, but they should not be running our City.

  3. Not a very good turnout - just one concerned cowboy fleeing the scene.

  4. I wonder of that cowboy has papers? Perhaps a border patrol van just cruised the park.

  5. Most changes for the better do not come from council.

    I would support J.P for the mainstreet coordinators position!

  6. Most changes for the better have not been from past councils, but the councils should be making positive changes. As Bill Arbello (sp?) said, it take more then two to tango. With the current majority (stock, bond, and Dalager), you will not see positive change. With a majority of council members that actually care about quality of life issues (instead of developers profits and support for higher office and favors) you would see many positive changes in Encinitas. Thats why we need two solid candidates in the next election. If Maggie runs again, we need one solid candidate. Maggie and Teresa are terrific. If we had Teresa, Maggie, and JP we would see major positive changes in the future. If Maggie does not run we need two. If we do not get three quality of life councilmembers, nothing changes.

    A wonderfull Encinitas would be if Maggie and two other quality of life candidate win the election. Dan Dalager would be forced to listen to the will of the people. What a wonderful dream! Can dreams come true?

  7. Roadside Park BumApril 28, 2007 1:18 PM

    Neither Maggie nor Teresa have done squat for Leucadia, what is Maggie waiting for?? She's been a resident for years, a councilwoman for close to 7 years. Facts are she likes Leucadia ugly and backward!! And she isn't going to do anything to facilitate change for the better in Leucadia. Teresa told me she wants Leucadia to "retain is unique sense of place" I ask you as I asked her, what place would that be?? Last place??
    Maggies legacy will be the ivory tower library costing untold millions of dollars, fiting as she is an ex-librarian!!

    jp is just perfect-
    I have yet to read J.P. vision of Encinitas in the next 50 years. Will Encinitas still have a train that rips through town at 70 MPH fifty times a day?? Or will J.P. step up and say the train needs to be underground asap!!

    I'm not holding my breath. But I try every time the train goes by kicking up untold clouds of dust and dirt!!


  8. What the hell is being reflected in that car's mirror?

  9. RSPB,

    I don't think there is a single person on the council against undergrounding the RR. It is all about the money.

    If we want things to happen in Leucadia we have to pay attention to the squander in other areas of the city. The council decided a bling bling library was more important than basic infrastructure.

    The city has an art director and is going tohave a 101 CZAR. These guys will suck up 200k a year. In five years that is 1 million dollars.

    Do you want sidewalks or more staff?

  10. I want sidewalks, NOT more staff. But we have a hope and a prayer with Maggie, Teresa, and another person to stand up to development pressures. I'm not sure if Maggie will run again, either. I do wish we had term limits at two terms of four years, each.

    "Teresa told me she wants Leucadia to 'retain is unique sense of place'" This is a good thing, in my view, what most of us who live here want. Also, fess up, Teresa, who is the infamous RSPB?? It doesn't matter so much, but curious. He's right about some things, wrong about a lot of others. Most of us do not think that Leucadia is ugly now; we would appreciate medians planted with drought resistant vegetation. We don't want three roundabouts in less than 1/2 mile on Leucadia.

    The key is balance. Preserve what is good, the small funky (we like that word) beach town atmosphere of artists, quaint businesses, restaurants, and nice neighbors. We can live in harmony. Also, Dan can be convinced to preserve the charm, as he did say he liked the old gas station by F St.

    It was weird that Jerome Stocks was so gung ho on our need for parking, that he wanted to tear down that building, entirely; staff had budgeted $40,000 for demo. But he didn't raise any parking concerns re Pacific Station. The truth is, as Gil said, they are taking seven street parking spaces, adding a lot more retail and commercial space, and not allowing enough for the residents, employees, and general public.

    Also, moving the Encinitas Visitors Center downtown is ridiculous with the pre-existing parking problems. This is a windfall for Gary Tucker and his buddy, Mike Andreen. They get $93,000 for the move, and apparently $91,000 yearly to run a staff of VOLUNTEERS!

    Oh, the budget also had $50,000 of the Temporary Occupancy Taxes, TOT, going to "lobbying," probably right into Aceti's pocket.

    Teresa did try, and Maggie tried, to get an Environmental Commission which could also deal with the sand replenishment.

    Dan said he didn't want more layers of bureacracy; the truth is, the male majority on Council, including Bossypants Guerin, before, whose ghost is still around, did not want to delegate any authority to more commissions. I don't get this. They seem to enjoy "reigning" over an ever increasing staff and operating budget with more and more contractor costs.

    Power corrupts. Yes, the library is entirely over-designed. But we need to put our faith in Teresa now doing the right thing, setting a good example for Maggie and the rest of Council.

    Please, please, do.

  11. Roadside Park BumApril 28, 2007 6:03 PM

    forbs-Yes you are correct the council did decide that a bling,bling library are more important than basic infrastructure,ie sidewalks,etc. I'm waiting for the lawsuit against the city for the boy killed near San Dieguito Academy. Clearly the city holds some liability. They have known for years of the dander that location holds yet have done nothing!!

    As for the train, well it is quite obvious that this city can't pay for that project alone. They will need to go to the Feds for the cash , just as Solana Beach did and that's what they need to do, now!!! Get it done, do you still want to be living here 50 years from now with that train zipping past 50-80 times a day???

    All the council members are slackers. Barth is a half slacker due to her newness, but I'm sure she will live up to brethren soon.


  12. You can click on the photo and blow up the rear view mirror. Looks like a skeleton with some kind of signage wrapped around him, skull supporting a red fez. Funny!

    Who is the band playing at Roadside Park, JP?

  13. anon 6:02-

    I agree with many of your points, but not about Leucadia. I was at all the public workshops and the overwhelming majority (like 98%) where in support of 3 roundabouts.

    I personally feel the old gas station on F street doesn't add any charactor but whatever.

    I hope next time an issue comes up before the City that you care about you get involved in the planning phase like the old gas station. Your voice does not speak for all of Leucadia, but your one voice will be heard.

    God Bless,


  14. Cardiff's Streets are not ugly - just go look at Sante Fe Avenue west of I5.

    Cardiff's RR right-of-way is not ugly - just go look at north and south of the Chesterfield RR crossing.

    Leucadia's Roads and RR's is 3rd world ugly and unsafe. Polluted non-vegetated dust bowls. I say the sidewalks along the major roads suck, but there aren't any. Talk about liability. Why is the city spending tens of millions on bling bling projects, when the existing infrastructure is so far behind the current landuse demands?

    I saw a young women in a BMW almost get taken out by the train today. If it wasn't for quick thinking of a pedestrian and the cars in front of her that chick was toast. I predict at least one more death at our deathzone crossing within the next year followed by a big time lawsuit. The city has known for years about this hazard and continues to do nothing but pour more traffic through the gridlocked crossing. I will hate to see our tax dollars forfeited to the darn trial attorneys on this one.


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