Thursday, April 26, 2007

Leucadia Roadside Tiki Park


  1. Nice JP-

    That shit is sweet. I love it.

    Another thing I love is the man crossing HW101 where there should be a cross walk. Its time for the City to realize the mass of people walk around the community due to the high density dwellings in downtown leucadia and its time to put adequate infrastructure in place.

    We are no longer a agricultural area. Its time to put in a cross walk on the south end of the Leucadia and HW101 intersection. People walk there and its a liability for the City to ignore the fact that they are causing a hazard with the current configuration of the intersection.

    Fix the problem areas of Encinitas before you build more trophy projects. Its money well spent to avoid the lawsuits.

  2. I love this idea! Who is going to make it happen?

  3. where did you get a statue of RSPB. I thought his identity was secret?

  4. 1 Deadhead 2 anotherApril 27, 2007 8:33 AM

    Fuck'in A man!! A statue of Jerry?? My friends and I will come down and dance to the music in our heads!!! I mean like, all Deadheads unite!! We can come together and dance the way we used to when Jerry was alive!! But you know Jerry is still alive to me and my friends. Jerry will NEVER DIE. A statue to Jerry would be like the coolest.
    Keep on truckin'.
    Power to the people, man!!

  5. Ex-City ManagerApril 27, 2007 8:53 AM

    Just a moment between telling public servant lackeys how to waste taxpayer money.....A Tiki in the park???
    Oh someday I gotta start smoking that shit the way you folks smoke that shit!! Too much, too much.

    I have to tell my secretary to cancel the morning, I'm bend over with laughter, too much, too much. J.P. you are too much!!

    Ex-City Manager

  6. ex-city manager has a lot in common with RSPB

  7. Yep, he's a comic genius allright!


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