Sunday, April 08, 2007

See you all at the end of the week...

No Leucadia blogging for me this week, I'm heading south for some surfy surfy.
I turned off the comments feature until I get back, hee hee.

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  1. Not so good news everyone. The big trees at the Leucadia Roadside Park are going to be cut down next Tuesday, 4/17, according to my pal who works at DEMA. I spoke to an arborist who is a well know tree guy and he showed me the amount of rot in the one next to the alley. These were the last of the trees spiritualists who founded Leucadia planted in the 19880s. I think we should all go down there on Monday night, light a candle and show some respects.

  2. I MEANT the 1880s.

  3. plant new ones in there place. I love the cypress. What is there average natural life span?

  4. Oh, I couldn't post, before. In fact, I lost a post about seeing Jerome Stocks riding in a modified lifeguard (red with a black shade) golf cart on the beach last Tuesday.

    I'm so sorry about the trees, Mary.

  5. Half of staff and Councl is rotten at the core. Maybe we should cut out the dead wood and get some new life in City Hall?

  6. Because this blog started due to the treat of redevelopment in Leucadia I thought some of you would be interested in an upcoming conference on redevelopment abuse.

    Featured Topics
    Ending Eminent Domain Abuse in California
    Restoring Public Money to Serve the Public
    Controls on Corporate Welfare

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    Please note that the word "Redevelopment" has a specific meaning here. To California planners, redevelopment typically is short for redevelopment district, which is a special government agency. Read about this "unknown government" at .

  7. I hope that the plan to overwater the grass to make it uncomfortable for the homeless did not kill the tree in the park.
    There used to be three other BIG cypress trees in the park. Now only history.

  8. These Monterey cypresses are very susceptible to fungal rot. Overwatering is a killer, especially in warm weather. Nevertheless we should replant them. With judicious care they can grow to an impressive size and live a very long time. For me Leucadia roadside park will not be the same without them. The bums we can do without.

  9. pave it overand put in another taco stand. no one uses the thing anyway. rspb can find a new place to sleep

  10. the space adds value even if it is not actively used, but it has been used. Example: During the Art Walk it was the hub/anchor

  11. No, we are NOT going to pave it over. And we should not have been overwatering, either.

    So, as I said, before, I saw Jerome Stocks and a blonde lady riding their sand carts on the beach last Tuesday, going south, first, past Swami's, I believe; I was already on my way back, going north, home.

    I saw the two carts again, when they circled back, pausing at Stonesteps. They stopped, briefly, on their way north, probably going at least as far as Grandview, and the lifeguard, in full blue uniform, driving the other cart, was saying something to his passenger, a strawberry blonde haired man.

    I said, loudly, "HELLO, JEROME," trying to make sure he could hear me, as I felt sure we both had recognized one another. Jerome just kind of stared at me, one might call it a glare.

    The blonde lady did wave, though. Then I asked the lifeguard, in the other cart, the one Jerome was not driving, "Are you looking at the sand? He nodded, yes. I said, "There's PLENTY of sand!" The strawberry blonde guy, said, "Yeah, it's GREAT!" Then I went up the steps; they continued, puttering along the deep drifts of sand, heading toward northern Leucadia.

  12. Ex-City ManagerApril 14, 2007 9:29 PM

    A candle light vigil!!! Wow, I can do better than that, now that I'm up here in NoCal, I'll get one of those dread locked hippie chicks that hasn't bathed in a year and send her down in the tree!!! I think her name is "Flower" or "Spacecase" or "Loony", or something like that. HAHAHAHHHHAAAAAHAHAHAH

    You local treehuggers can send her up food in a bucket and she'll pass down to you.....SHIT!!!! OOOOHHHOOOHHHooo,hahahahahhaaaaaa, You'll love it!!! I love it!!!

    I'm just a stones throw from Santa Cruz, They run around over there dancing and smoking dope, hoping that "Jerry " will come back from the dead!!! Hahahahahahahhh,ohohohohohhoohohohoh.

    I never dreamed I could have so much fun posting on this blog!!! This is more fun than telling a bunch of elected know-it-all whanna be's that there is plenty of $$$, go and spend to your hearts content!!!

    I understand the Mossey Nissan/Chevrolet/Public Works yard is going to cost more than original planned!!! What a surprise!!!AAAHHHAAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!

    Life is great!! I got a great new gig and get to read about how you think your going to effect change. Reading this blog is like watching a dog chase it's tail!!!

  13. Ex-city manager know whats he's talkin about. The 3 boys in the majority dont know shit for leading this City.

  14. Glad you like posting her Mr. Ex. We all know what you're doing with your OTHER hand.



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