Thursday, April 05, 2007

South Swells Bring Sand to Leucadia

click images for large views.

Today's swell model displaying current south swell running.

Early March 2007, Beacon's Beach Leucadia. The following photos show the week by week ebb and flow of sand levels over the past 30 days or so.
***UPDATE--The strip of black between the 2001 sand at the base of the bluff and the natural sand is NOT cobblestones. It is a strip of black sand. Enlarge the photos and examine closely. Better yet, go down the Beacon's trail this weekend and wiggle your little piggies in the sand in person.

This is the only day in a month that Beacon's had any cobbles. It was the day after that big wind storm that knocked down the big eucalyptus tree at Hansen's. The cobbles didn't last long and were quickly buried under new sand by the end of the week.

Taken this morning. Lots o' sand again.

Some regular readers of this blog who have never been to the beach before scoffed when I wrote that south swells naturally replenish our local beaches with sand. Somebody else out there agrees with this basic truth:
Harbor dredging to deposit sand offshore

Leucadia!: Aceti Lies to NCT, "We're back to cobble."

Monterey Bay Kelp Cam Thanks D.C.!


  1. Wow JP=

    That strip of photos shows nothing. I still see the strip of cobbles in the first photo and I don't see any more sand.

    We all know S swell bring sand to the beach. I just dont see it from the photos. Please clarify?

  2. Look harder friend. That strip is not cobbles, it is black sand.

    Go down the trail in the morning and see for yourself.

  3. I've updated the post with a ground shot to help clarify.

  4. Dude, I surfed there the past two days. Tons of sand! Way more than anytime since the El Ninos of the eighties.

  5. Not all of the new sand is natural. It is heavily mixed with the 2001 sand. It seems to lay flat on the ocean bottom instead of clumping into sandbars like it should. This is probably why the surf at D-St has not been that good after the sand replenishment of 2001.

  6. Sands in Sands out, depending on swell direction ok, check with the Corps of Engineers .Drift studies show that sand can be retained.Look at Newport for a sucess story sand stays and surf is tubelar.

  7. I went for a walk on the beach from Stonesteps to Grandview. Sand was definitely fine; plenty of sand.

    Many of the rocks that one does see are too small, and too widely dispersed to qualify as "cobbles." That previous article in NCT was very deceptive.

    Yes, more black sand was added last year, I believe. It does not blend well, and doesn't look good, either. I'm certain that is NOT black sand from 2001.

  8. A Cobble is a Cobble whether it's in a group or not.
    Don't be afraid of Cobbles they won't hurt you.

    I don't think we need to do anything to our beaches.
    Everything Man touches turns to shit, so
    low impact is the best solution.
    Stop trying to turn North County into Florida!
    Some years we have sand, some years we don't.
    I like it when our breaks change naturally.
    A new sandbar pops up connecting reefs & then disappears in the fall. Making your break new & exciting then familiar & predictable.
    If we get a lot of harsh winters & you tender footed gentrified whiners want sand, then why don't we pump it out of the lagoons. But SLOWLY over time. That's where that sand should be anyway, out in the ocean. But it's choked up by highway, freeway & railroad levees, & dams. Don't try to fix the symptom. Fix the cause.
    Building bridges across the estuaries would be a start. An open estuary is a healthy estuary.

  9. Roadside Park BumApril 06, 2007 11:44 AM

    Want more sand???? Add more seawalls!!! Plenty of sand at Del Mar beaches, every home has a seawall, go check it out for your self!!

    Avoid the dangerous and condemnable Beacons trail. It should be shut down!! When this trail fails and people are killed the city won't have enough $$$ to pay the lawsuits.

    Isn't it ironic that mommy drives her giant SUV with the front-impact airbags, side-impact airbags, 5 mph crash bumper along with 3 point safey belts and child safety seat only to have to take the little ones down a collapsing, dangerous, and unstable dirt trail to get to the beach!?!?!? Thank you city of Encinitas!!!


  10. Hey did you hear?
    Seawalls are magic sand magnets!

    Sorry you pathetic drunk.
    Del Mar has historically had so much sand it was one of the lone survivors of the big winter swells in the 80's.
    Before that there was a beach a Football field wide.

    Some one is more likely do die crossing one of the new roundabouts than walking down the Beacons trail.

  11. Beacons trail needs to be properly maintained but it is not dangerous for the free thinking and sober.

  12. Beacon's Beach dirt trail!!! AaAahahahahahahaha!!!

    Sand at the beach!!! Ahahahahahahhhhaaaaahhahaha!!!

    Roundabouts in Leucadia!!!

    Watching the surfers worry about sand while the city goes bankrupt from too much spending on a library, staff salaries and pensions and a giant ass park in Cardiff that will never be built!!!!
    Now that funny!!!

  13. RSPB says, "When this trail fails and people are killed the city won't have enough $$$ to pay the lawsuits. "

    When that trail falls, it will cover up all the cobbles and provide the beach with more sand! Perfect.

    Free, cobble-covering sand is that thar bluff trail, I tell you.

    Oh, and seawalls DECREASE the amount of sand on a given beach.

    Importing sand onto beaches is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. If it wasn't in SoCal, I wouldn't believe it.

  14. Ex-City ManagerApril 06, 2007 2:26 PM

    Southern California???
    Oh I'm dying, this is all too much for me, now I can really tell you what I think!!!! What a pisser, what a pisser!!!
    Sand at the beach, cobble stones!!!OOOHhhOOOOO!!!
    My gut hurts from laughing so much!!!
    Next thing you're going to tell me is that the Surfrider foundation is here to protect the oceans!!!

  15. Wow.
    Homer Simpson was a city manager???

  16. The SUV mommies do not take their kids to Beacons. If they do, they are usually locals who know how to navigate a trail.

    We cannot make every local beach wheelchair and stroller accessible. If we put bathrooms at Beacons, it will attract more SUV mommies and potential liability, according to RSPB's pessimistic predictions.

    The trail has worked okay for years. It does need periodic maintenance. We don't need or want a seawall there to accommodate those who could and should be going to Moonlight or Ponto. At these public beaches there are no steep inclines, or long strairways, there are bathrooms, wider beaches. Moonlight even has snack bars, fire rings, volleyball courts, a tot lot, much more parking.

    Keep Beacons low profile, please.

  17. THAT AIN'T RIGHT!!!April 06, 2007 11:22 PM

    Gimmee a break! Your lame photo's show the various stages of tide and that's friggin weak!
    The measure of sand on the beach is the height of sand against the failing bluffs, not the distance to the ocean at some unspecified low tide!
    Some of us have a brain and will use it on occasion! Your photo's are nonesense, and THAT AIN'T RIGHT!

  18. Don't just look at the tide line.

    Look at the sand.

    Where are the cobbles?

    Where are the cobbles?

    Where are the cobbles?

  19. laughing in leucadiaApril 06, 2007 11:39 PM

    Are these people looking at the same blog post as me? First they think the black sand is cobblestones then they miss the photo of the sand piled high at the base of the bluff.

  20. Ex-City ManagerApril 07, 2007 7:26 AM

    Worrying about Leucadia??

    Fighting about photos of sand??

    Thinking all this adds up to a pile of SAND(get it sand, a posting about SAND!!)

  21. Those photos also reveal a scary fact. The south peak kelp bed did not return.


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