Saturday, April 21, 2007

We got tacos at Karina's and ate 'em under the trees.

Cypress tree wood to come back to Encinitas; ceremony to plant saplings scheduled for May 11

Click the above link and read the NCT story about the city planting new sapling trees in the roadside park. Mary Fleener has the greatest quote describing her first day in Leucadia, that to me sums up the quintessential Leucadia experience.

"The first thing we did was go to Leucadia Roadside Park," said Fleener. "We parked at Beacon's and saw a dozen dolphins. We got tacos at Karina's and ate 'em under the trees."

Couple of other thoughts on the Leucadia cypress trees, first I want to thank the arborist and the city for spotting the potential danger of the trees falling and hurting someone. The trees were beautiful and well loved but they lasted longer than their natural lifespan.

Secondly, thanks to Mary Fleener, Patricia Bell and Rachelle Collier for getting the word out that the trees were getting cut down.

Third, I glad the city respected the fact that the local residents wanted to have a little farewell ceremony. It may seem a little hokey to some people, but the fact that the trees were planted by Leucadia's founders made this very significant.

Last, my idea for the wood from the trees (which is in the capable hands of Palomar college) is too make them into cool benches for the Beacon's beach outlook. Right now there is only one bench facing the ocean, with plenty of room for more. On a typical summer evening there are 30-50 people standing at the top of Beacon's watching the sunset. The only other option is to sit in your car or try to sit on the metal guardrails. I think it would be slick if new benches were made from those classic cypress trees.

A few cypress wood benches would be cool in this poorly used space at the north end of the Beacon's parking lot.


  1. A bench for Roadside Park would be great, too, JP. There also used to be a picnic table there.

    I wish they could have had a botanist check the trees. Some historic trees are saved for many years by building special supports for the trees, and filling in the rotten spots on the tree.

    I saw the trees, cut. They were NOT hollow. I was glad we could have a small ceremony. The new trees should not be over watered. If they are watering the grass every night to keep away bums, that surely is not a good thing for the trees.

  2. Has anyone noticed that there is a lot less sand on the beach at Beacons right now?

  3. That last storm washed away a bit of sand but the next south swell will push it right back on.

    It's funny, I was down at D-St all day yesterday and this is the first time in 2007 that we've seen cobblestones there. After all that hype finally some cobbles showed up. There is still a lot of sand and the Leopard sharks are cruising the shallows in numbers right now, pretty cool.

  4. The sand looked lower a couple of days ago, going north. Going south, to Swami's today, it was just fine. Not enough cobbles to bother anyone's Earthday, that I saw on a great beachwalk, today.

    Yes, the sand is coming back already, after that last storm.

  5. Roadside Park LocalApril 23, 2007 10:05 AM

    I oppose any plans to add a bench or seating of any kind to L Roadside park, including a picnic table!! This will do nothing but bring the return of the homeless to Leucadia Roadside Park and the accompanying rot that follows them.

    They do not add "character" to the community regardless of what the RSPB says, they do add feces and urine, alcohol, drugs and litter.

    Add the trees and more landscaping, other than that leave the park as is and YES the trees were hollow, I checked them closely.


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