Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend Update

Go to the Farmer's Market in Leucadia every Sunday and eat some healthy food for a change. Leucadia101 web page.

News Roundup via

Three apply for Planning Commission seat

Blogger sez: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Encinitas to unveil public works plans

By: North County Times -

ENCINITAS -- Encinitas officials will explain improvement plans for the city's public works facility from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday at the department's headquarters, 160 Calle Magdalena.

The city bought the former automobile dealership last summer but has yet to move all of the department's employees and equipment to the site. The department is applying for city permits for the renovation program.

To learn more, contact HB&A Architects at (760) 738-8608.

Panel recommended to study Cardiff Specific Plan

By: North County Times -

ENCINITAS -- The Encinitas Planning Commission will recommend that the City Council form a committee to evaluate the Cardiff Specific Plan, Commissioner Tom McCabe said Friday.

The commissioners agreed at their hearing this week to suggest that the panel include two members of the Planning Commission; the Cardiff representative to the city Traffic Commission; one member each from the Cardiff Town Council and Cardiff 101 Chamber of Commerce; and four residents or business owners.

The panel would meet weekly and evaluate the plan one chapter at a time, McCabe said. A revised plan would require approvals from the City Council and California Coastal Commission.

A draft of the plan was met with strong opposition at a council hearing last month.

McCabe estimated the panel's review process would take six months.

Grass-roots society spruces up Cardiff promenade

Encinitas' 101 Artists Colony faces loss of lease again

*Blogger sez: Move them to north Leucadia!

Fallen eucalyptus prompts vow to save the others

Blogger sez: Begin replacing the old eucs that can't be saved or maintained with California native oak trees.

Downtown Encinitas project won't include short-term rentals

Blogger sez: Good luck.

See also: The Coast News Encinitas page


  1. The farmers market will be closed this weekend because of Easter.
    Next week they are open again.
    There are new organic veggies merchants. Great fish. Get the honey. Good atmosphere.
    Thanks JP for helping people know about it.
    It's a good thing.

  2. Time of RenewalApril 08, 2007 2:13 PM

    Great update, JP. I haven't had time to check out all the links, but happy Easter, and thank you again for your participation in a preserving and improving our community. And thanks to everyone else who participates, here, too.

    I was disappointed Lisa Shaffer did not decide to be considered again, on the planning commission, I hear because of a potential "conflict" of interest. With so much development planned for Encinitas, including Cardiff, Olivenhein, and Leucadia, all residents will have potential conflicts of interest.

    I think Teresa Barth could certainly be able to serve on the commission as a citizen, as she recused herself as Council Member, on advice of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC, I believe).

  3. my question is?

    Teresa recused herself primarily on the grounds thet her property was to be rezoned thus a potential profit/loss. I support that decisoion for the record and applaud her caution.

    Now that the situation is it's back to square one and the planning commish has the lead, and we threw away the cosultants recomendation, can't she get involved again?

    Go Teresa!


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