Wednesday, May 09, 2007

L101 Nights Poster

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  1. Lets hope they get the trees for the planting ceremony from a vendor other than the one used to buy the tree in the Santa Fe Roundabout. I think its DEAD.

  2. I like the new colors and layout on the blog, JP-very classy!

  3. The roundabout tree is a jackranda (sp?) looks dead too... waite about one will look great!

  4. A very good night for Leucadia!May 09, 2007 9:49 PM

    Council showed good will tonight all getting along and greatly supporting the leucadia blvd. streetscape project. The Leucadia Town Council stepped up and had very positive and constructive comments politely asking council to try and move up phase 2.

    Teresa added to the motion to add walkway and landscaping improvements between Vulcan and HW101 - Yeah!

    Thanks to all Council Members and the people speaking in support of the project for showing Leucadia some love. As they say, you show something love and the love comes back 10 fold. Let’s keep the positive momentum going, I guarantee the rate of return on the investment will be great for every Encinitians.

  5. To the poster at 4:15 pm.

    It's a jacaranda tree. The tree in the Santa Fe roundabout is big enough that it should start blooming soon. The odd weather this year has confused some trees. The roundabout tree didn't look so good last year, so I'm waiting to see if it will sprout out.

  6. I bet the tree spouts just fine in June....Look around all the jacaranda. I haven't seen any blooms yet?

  7. The ones downtown took a few years to get establihes and are looking really healthy now.


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