Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cardiff rail area vs Leucadia rail area

The people of Cardiff know how to beautify their community. Can Leucadia recreate this? Or does NCTD stand in the way?




  1. When they put the pedestrian crossings in we should make sure that they plant nice plants along the fence that will also go in along the RR. Who should we write letters to so that they know we deserve a landscaped fence?

  2. Uggg. That gets me sick. I sure hope we can do something with that leucadian eye sore.... what a dangerous embracement to all of Encinitas.

  3. don't say embracement too close to dan.

  4. laughing out loud about "embracement" re lovey-dovey Dan.

  5. I think that the improvements made in Cardiff were made privately. We could do the same in Leucadia.

  6. Unfair comparison. Your pictures reflect a volunteer maintained walk compared to NCTD maintained area.

    If RSPB and Dr Lori got together they could set up a volunteer organization, supported through donations to do the same thing.

    PS that trail is not on NCTD right of way. It is on the area between the street and right of way.


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