Saturday, May 05, 2007

City to decide on Leucadia "improvements" this week

Council to consider road improvements

The Encinitas City Council will consider on Wednesday whether to award a $2 million contract to San Diego-based 3-D Enterprises to build roundabouts at Hermes and Hymettus avenues and wider turn lanes on Leucadia Boulevard at Vulcan Avenue. The work is expected to take six months.

That would be the first phase of a package of improvements Leucadians have requested for at least a decade.

The second, and last, phase would wait until 2012-13 because of budget constraints. That includes a roundabout at Hygeia Avenue and sidewalks on Leucadia Boulevard. But leaders said they are glad something is being done. “I would be very happy if Phase I begins,” said Morgan Mallory, a Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association board member.

Kathleen Lees, secretary for the Leucadia Town Council, said she understands the city cannot afford more right now. “If that's what we can get, we are perfectly happy with it.” –A.L.

So it's Roundabout crunch time and I'm still skeptical on these things. I have a bad feeling deep down about these Roundabouts (did anyone ever see a goo traffic study on these things) but that's not what is really concerning me right now.What bothers me is how the city throws Leucadia these little scraps of food and we go nipping and chasing it and are grateful for it.

Budget constraints??? For the past two weeks the city has been bragging about their new property tax windfall.

“If that's what we can get, we are perfectly happy with it.”This is the attitude we Leucadians have to end. We have to stop being happy with whatever we can get.

Leucadia is supplying the majority of property tax to the city so Leucadia deserves some serious quality improvements under a decent time table. Aren't you tired of driving away from your $800,000 home in your $30,000 vehicle just to get stuck at the Leucadia Blvd train track intersection for two cycles through the light, just to drive over potholes and almost hit a pedestrian because the whole thing is a confusing jacked up mess?

Maybe Roundabouts are the answer, maybe they will just make Leucadia Blvd pretty but make the traffic worse. Either way, as Leucadians I think we should all start having more self esteem and as taxpayers start demanding a little a quicker time table on improvements.

Maybe Peder Norby can be our self help guru?


  1. One million dollars per roundabout. That is a lot of taxdollars for something that is going to make our area less safe to live in. Yes, it is going to slow down emergency vehicles!

    And why do we need to spend so much taxdollars? Too many people! When is it going to end?

  2. I have seen the traffic plan and the traffic study. The project will be a major improvement for the area, and it’s about time! I just hope they can move up phase II a few years.
    JP- Most homes in Leucadia are well over 1 million. More like 1.5 to 5 million... go drive around the hills of Hymettus and Orpheus, Neptune area, and Sunset. The little crappy ones on Vulcan and Hermes are fetching 800k+. The City receives huge money from Leucadia property taxes and I agree we need to get some benefits from the taxes collected (i.e. Improvements including streetscape, RR Crossing quiet zone or grade separation, flood improvements, and walkways)
    This project is a good start.

  3. Are you kidding me? said...
    City manager contract on Encinitas agenda

    By: North County Times -

    ENCINITAS -- Mayor James Bond and Deputy Mayor Jerome Stocks are recommending a 20 percent raise for City Manager Phil Cotton.

    The increase would bump Cotton's annual salary by $33,723, from $165,000 to $198,723.

    Cotton, a retired Marine, was promoted from public works director to city manager in October. Bond and Stocks negotiated with Cotton to draft his original contract.

    In addition to the proposed salary increase, Cotton would receive health and retirement benefits.

    The Encinitas City Council is scheduled to consider the recommended raise Wednesday as part of its consent calendar, a portion of the meeting's agenda reserved for routine matters usually approved in a single motion without comment.

    City Council members or members of the public can ask to remove matters such as the compensation plan from the consent calendar for a separate discussion. If they don't, the raise would be voted upon without debate.

  4. Don Bauder's article in this week's San Diego Reader is a must read for all of us. The link is:

    Bauder writes about "the 100 Percent Club" -- those city employees whose pensions will be 100 percent or more of their annual compensation. He explains the budget shenanigans used to hide the financial sleight of hand.

    Does all of this sound familiar? A few years ago generous increases in salary and pension benefits were handed out because the city had plenty of money. Shortly afterwards we were in a budget crisis. Now this scenario is repeating itself. Let's not forget that once these benefits are given, we are stuck with them in perpetuity.

    Phil Cotton will be retiring in a few years. The whole things sounds like a setup to me. Who else will be getting raises?

  5. Phil Cotton is a wealthy man. 20 year Miltary pension and now a 200k/yr. retirement from City. I bet he joins Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club with that kind of retirement income.

  6. another giving Phil a raise, this makes it reall nifty for the NEXT city manager to come in at high pay. Everything about this guy is suspect...from the way he was ushered in without the usual protocol and now this.


  8. Roadside Park BumMay 05, 2007 1:52 PM

    Where have you people been?? Didn't I tell you that Cotton was going to be getting a big pay increase?? The city manager of Escondido gets close to $240,000 per year plus bennies, if you want to be angry, get angry at the city officials of Escondido, they screwed you. The City of Escondido forces ALL the cities to pay more for staff. When one city increases salary, then ALL cities have to increse salary. Tell Stocks and Bond NO!!! NO!!!!NO!!!! No pay increase for any staff members!!! No benefit increases for any staff members!!!

    While you idiots are having candle light vigils for the trees, Stocks and Bond are stabbing you in the back with pay and benefit increases that go FOREVER!!! Will you ask Maggie and Teresa about this at the tree planting ceremony??? But remember these two get pensions for THEIR government service, so don't expect them to be too concerned with the ol' pocketbook. They get pension increases and lifetime health care FOREVER!!! They will have NO sympathy for your pocket book!!! Oh yes I'm sure you won't ask maggie or teresa about the $$$ issues, after all it's a tree planting ceremony and they are eco- friendly. BUT THEY ARE NOT FRIENDLY TO YOUR WALLET!!!! So ask them!!!!!!

    Kathleen Lees- Which rock did they find you under for that quote, please crawl back under that rock ASAP!! " If that's what we can get, we are perfectly happy with it." Well dear Kathleen let me tell you a little secret....I'M NOT HAPPY WITH IT!!! (City to Leucadia- here is a little bone to chew on, be happy, wimps!!!)
    Hey Kathleen, you should be PISSED OFF about how the city CRAPS on you rcommunity!!! Get angry!!! All the LTC council should be screaming about being pissed on again by the COE!!! First they tell you to pay for the flowers in the median and now they say it will be 5, yes FIVE more years before any sidewalks and infrastructure are in place!!! But I guess that is OK, because K.Lee says we should be happy with it!!!

    Mr Mallory, how 'bout starting phases 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I'd be happy with that!!!!

    RSPB- And don't even get me started about the ugly ORANGE sandbags!!!!

  9. Roadside Park BumMay 05, 2007 2:07 PM

    With your little pissy, crappy,
    don't give shit additude about Leucadia. Go back and crawl under your rocks!! And take your KARMA with you!!!! Leucadia needs you like it needs more dirt and weeds!!! It needs you like it needs more utility poles!! And potholes. And dirt walkways!!!
    Why do you want Leucadia to be the dumping ground for all Encinitas??? WHY WHY WHY???

  10. Bum- You make some good points, but, as usual, you have to be confrontational because you need attention. Whatsa matter, didn't you get enough tit as a baby?

  11. Roundo's for PeaceMay 05, 2007 2:09 PM

    All we need is for Haliburton to build roundabouts in Bagdad then the flowers would bloom, birds would sing, and the violence would be pacified.

  12. Once RSBP drives through a roundabout he will be transformed into a complacent subdued roadside bum. We will all be happy because our real estate values are going to skyrocket! Leucadia will be saved!

  13. anon 11:23, you must be somebody pretty special. Because the traffic plan and traffic study for the whole city, the traffic circulation element report, or whatever they are going to call it, has not been released yet for the City of Encinitas. These figures you have supposedly seen are old numbers, which were presented at the Planning Commission meeting re the roundabouts. That traffic study showed that Hermes has less than one tenth the accidents at similar intersections throughout the state in both a nine year and three year period. The numbers from 2003-2003 do not justify a roundabout at Hermes, ever.

    We've got a four way stop sign, now, at Hygeia that is working. Why do we need a roundabout there?

    I could conceivably see a a roundabout being installed at Hymetus. This should be temporary, as the roundabouts in Santa Barbara. The traffic was worse, and they could more easily convert the street back to just stop signs, there.

  14. Just using simple logic, it doesn't make sense to have three roundabout in less than half a mile's stretch. Unfortunately, when there is a lot of traffic, the people going straight through on Leucadia Blvd. will have a hard time finding the patience to stop and yield to the side street traffic. The problem will get worse, not better.

    Last week it was reported that the roundabouts for the first phase are coming in over budget on the bidding. So what do they do? They eliminate the sidewalks.

  15. City is spinning the factsMay 05, 2007 3:49 PM

    Okay, some of you were so pro roundabout because you thought that was the only way Leucadia Blvd. was going to get sidewalks. Guess again. They should begin with one roundabout, at the most, a temporary one, at Hymetus, and immediately get bids for the sidewalks. The residents would be thrilled with this compromise.

  16. I just don't know how the citizens can stop the increase in Phil's paycheck. I would be more interested in not hiring the 101 Czar at $100,000 and in letting go of the bogus Art Director position, which is also paid over $100,000 per year plus benefits, now.

  17. I feel our City is squandering our money on an over-designed, over budget and way past deadline for construction library, and also on redevelopment of the Mossy Property, the planned fire stations. James Bond had said a long time ago that operating expenses and capital expenditures were going up too fast. For a City of our size, we just don't need as much staff, in my opinion. Also, we have too many contracted workers and consultants, as well.

  18. What to do? Make the sidewalks the priority, NOT the roundabouts. Wait to put one in at Hermes and Hygeia until after the "traffic circulation element report" is finally released. I remember we were promised that this report was complete by Dan Dalager during the forums before his re-election.

    I like Teresa and Maggie. I hope they take a serious look at the question of the lack of need for more than one roundabout to begin this project. It's not too late to change our mind on this. This double roundabout first phase could be another major fiasco, like the library.

    These roundabouts are being used as a "traffic calming measure" paid for by the taxpayers that allows developers to have increased density construction in the surrounding neighborhoods.

  19. 3 roundabouts should be the first phase, but we'll have to live with 2 until council springs for Phase 2. Birdrock is installing 6 in Old Pacific Coast Highway. Ladera Ranch has like 10 on major roads. I drove those and love them. I drive Sante Fe Drive everyday and love it. I can't waite for Leucadia Blvd. to look and feel more like Sante Fe Drive west of I5. That will be an improvement for all those that drive and walk in Leucadia.

  20. When I grow up I want to be a City Manager! Do they make more than the President of the US?

  21. Welcome back LynnMay 05, 2007 7:23 PM

    Babble the roundabout hater is back. 6 posts -3:46 through 3:53- all one person with multiple personalities. Here we go again.

    I can't wait to see babble get up in front of council and babble all the same misinformed garbage. We'll be watching Babble. It should be entertaining.

  22. We don't want strings of run on rants to start again anon 3:46 +.

    Please refrain, thanks.

    As for anon 7:23, don't flame. Instead tell us what information anon 3:46+ wrote that was wrong... or are you just babbling?

  23. I am sorry for flaming a bit.

    I get frustrated by people who rant on and on without finding out facts before they post and spread misinformation. My mistake.

    I figure that babble wants to do good. I just wish they would research and learn some facts before posting rhetoric. I hope Leucadians can just focus long enough to actually get some improvements in our town. God, and the rest of us know, we pay enough property tax for some improvement to our dust filled weed covered crappy unsafe streets.

  24. You all seem unhappy with our city council gang of three (boys). Why don't you start a recall campaign and get rid of them. Quite bitching and take some action.

    RSPB you are the worst. While you are staggering down 101 you can get recall petitions signed.

  25. I think Phase I should include sidewalks because I have a feeling that Phase II is never going to happen.

  26. Has anyone checked out what City Managers of comparable cities such as ours are getting as a salary? Escondido is much larger than we are. I will see what I can find out and post again if I can find anything.

  27. The roundabouts are BS. Fix the intersection and put in sidewalks.

  28. I can't get across Hymettus anymore. I look forward to them.

    Roundabouts beat two new 4-ways stops or Stoplights on Leucadia Boulevard. The roundabout an Sante Fe Avenue works great even at rush hour.

  29. The Santa Fe roundabout works great if you are traveling east/west. Crossing it north/south is dangerous.

  30. the santa fe roundabout works no matter how you enter it. I suspect the poster before me doesn't know how to drive.

  31. Yuppie SUV trophy mom on cell phone going to Family Fitness does NOT slow down when entering the Santa Fe roundabout.

  32. round & roundaboutMay 07, 2007 6:03 PM

    Pedestrians could more safely walk to Hygeia to cross with a four way stop than trying to cross through a roundabout, especially with NO sidewalks. Sidewalks first, then one temp roundabout sounds better, to me.

    Someone just likes the word, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout.

  33. Good for Pedestrians and CarsMay 07, 2007 6:15 PM

    That 4 way stop at Hygeia sucks for pedestrians. Cars must not see them. I've seen at least 6 near pedestrain hits. Plus what is a person supposed to do crossing at Hymettus- walk down to Hygeia, cross and then walk back up the hill to Hymettus- I don't think people will enjoy that much. The roundabouts will be much safer for pedestians and cars. I wish the City could build all three, but I guess we'll have to wait until phase II.

  34. and cars are going to see them when trying to negotiate a roundabout? Drivers are going to be watching for other cars circling not walkers. I live by the roundabout on santa fe and it is not safe to walk across.

    The stop sign stops the cars.

    Are you too lazy to walk down to hygia? Exercise is very good for you. You should walk more and forcing you to walk is what government is all about!

  35. I vote with reality check.

    Don't forget that all of this is because we are cramming too many people into the coastal area of san diego. Too many people, not good.

  36. Too many people are not good, but there is going to be even more in the future….that is unless someone who hates development buys all the property and grant it to the state as open-space.
    My entire family is soooo excited to finally have the roundabout at Hymettus. We can now walk to our friend’s house on the other side of Hymettus. Currently, we don’t dare, it’s like a death wish!
    I have walked the roundabout at Sante Fe numerous times and all the people I walk with love it. It is far safer than the 4 way stop at Hygeia. Finally the beginning to a safer and more walkable Leucadia!!!! Plus the roundabout a Hymettus will calm down the traffic racing down the hill and not as many people will blow right through the Hygeia 4 way stop. Finally!!!!

  37. hmmmmmmmmm. I don't get that the family is walking across Hymettus in Leucadia, then walking, lightheartedly through the Santa Fe roundabout? This is pure spin, folks. If it's true, take some photos, send them to JP to post. I don't believe you, hymettus. But why can't we begin with one roundabout at Hymettus and see how that works out, with some sidewalks for our two million buckaroos.

    I smell a skunk, like Barratt & buddies, where Birdrock development with beaucoup roundabouts is happening, so I hear.

    Pedestrians beware is what I say. Sidewalks first, one roundabout, to start, at Hymetus. Makes good sense.

  38. My son goes through the stop sign twice a day for school on his bike. He's never reported any problems. He says it's more dangerous on Mondays when all the trash cans are out in the streets.

  39. I wish council would put all three in right now. No need to waite. Things are bad enough and the roundabouts will only help!

  40. My mother was almost hit yesterday crossing the Hygeia 4 way stop. People frequently do not stop at that stop sign because they're flying down the hill 50mph plus.

  41. The roundabouts are needed and welcome. Come to the council meeting on Wednesday to encourage award of the contract to begin construction, and encourage the council to begin design on Phase II immediately. Spend more city dollars on Leucadia as soon as possible.

  42. A lot of very foolish people think that the roundabouts are going to solve all the traffic problems, especially for pedestrians.

    Roundabouts speed the traffic up. That's the whole point of them, to mitigate traffic problems caused by development. Don't believe me? Check out the Hall property Draft EIR. The city states quite clearly that it considers the traffic impacts at Santa Fe and Devonshire as mitigated to below a significant level, even with the added traffic from the new park.

    Oh, boy. A lot of folks in Leucadia are in for a big surprise. I say sidewalks first and stop signs. It works fine in Olivenhain and forces cut-through traffic from Carlsbad and San Marcos to Leucadia Blvd. When I-5 is jammed, as it is frequently, traffic will go to to Highway 101. A nightmare for Leucadia.

  43. You are a crazy driver if you speed up through a roundabout... try it on the Sante Fe Roundabout and the result will be a big dent in your car. MUY LOCO.

    A roundabout at Hymettus and Hermes will force drives to slow to 15-20mph through the roundabout and will drop speeds throughout the roadway from the 40-50mph current speeds.

    Roundabouts will not solve all the problems but they are a welcome improvement to help the situation.

  44. Anonymous at 8:29 pm misunderstands what I think the poster meant. That is, roundabouts speed traffic up by keeping it moving, and stop signs or stoplights slow it down by stopping it. It's not a question of accelerating through a roundabout, but a question of moving more cars in a given time period through a given area.

    How can this possibly be safer for pedestrians? To cross the street the traffic must be stopped. A roundabout isn't designed to do that. I believe sidewalks need to be installed at the beginning as they were on Santa Fe, otherwise that proverbial yuppy mom in SUV with cell phone to ear will mow down an innocent walker.


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