Saturday, May 12, 2007

Funky Noir

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi. It was fun (after we finally figured out how to work the projector, ha-ha). Special thanks to Team Plant Lady!


  1. that was cool j.p.
    a little Herb Alpert and the TJ Brass song coming out of the sound system with a surf vid on the wide sheet. the kids running around playing hide and seek in the plant shop. good times

  2. That was sweet JP-

    Do it again!

  3. What happened with Captain and Tenille?? They never showed!! I feel cheated, although the trio at Leucadia Plaza were pretty good!!

    J.P. if you are going to promise Capt and Tennile then follow thru bro!!!

  4. Great Kodak moment of the show J.P.! I would have liked to been able to check it out myself but somebody's gotta mind the store. Numerous people who came into my shop that night were discovering their neighborhood for the first time and having a great time. the next day a woman came in and asked me with anticipation: "Are you guys having another Leucadia Nights tonight?" I should have said: "If the sun goes down". The restaurants were filled to capacity and the newest art gallery got a lot of red (sold) dots on their awesome paintings. Anyway, thank you all for a good time. Fred.


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