Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm down with this Norby dude

Encinitas considering MainStreet coordinator to promote economic development

The city of Encinitas wants to hire Peder Norby to be the Highway 101 MainStreet coordinator and has budgeted a healthy gob of money for the position.

At first I thought, "Wow, what a scam. Why can't the existing city staff provide infrastructure for the 101?"

Then I threw my head back and laughed and laughed.

Here is why I've decided to support Peder Norby:

He did a good job with the downtown Encinitas streetscape program. I remember when the city first talking about fixing up downtown coastal Encinitas a lot of people were afraid that they were going to bulldoze the whole thing. I think Norby did a good job of fine tuning and beautifying downtown Encinitas that enhanced it's historic ambiance.

Norby seems like a guy who gets stuff done. If he can do half of what he did for downtown Encinitas for coastal Leucadia then I think we can have a functional community that we can all be proud of.

As much fun as last Friday's Leucadia Nights event was, it exposed many flaws in the functionality of the coastal corridor (dark areas, dead zones, broken or no sidewalks, parking issues, etc).

Leucadia Nights also demonstrated just how fun and cool Leucadia is. With a little TLC, Leucadia can have one of the best main streets in California.

Norby seems like a pretty hip guy and I think he can help create a funky and functional Leucadia.

The coast highway is beautiful but the dirt medians kind of...suck.

Nothing has been the detriment to Leucadia more than the NCTD's scorched earth policy. It's unclear if Norby can have any influence on the NCTD (rumor is that the N stands for Nazi).

Leucadia is a great but places like this section could really benefit from improvements. Could Peder Norby be mediator between the heart (you Leucadians) and the head (the city of Encinitas staff and council)?

Sure, $100,000 a year is a pretty sweet gig but in a way we are getting Norby for cheap as he is courted by other cities willing to pay more.

Heck, I'm a little jealous. This 101 coordinator position is like, my wife's dream job. During her architecture school education she specialized in urban planning with emphasis on historical preservation and pedestrian movements. Plus, she is a third generation Leucadian so she gets it.

Peder Norby and I have exchanged a few e-mails and I think he is a smart, thoughtful guy. I like what he says here, I have visited and worked in over 300 downtowns during the past 10 years. There is no example that I can point to as a success, where they destroyed the culture and history of their downtown, replacing it with “generica”.

Besides, Norby now knows that he if turns coastal Leucadia into a touristy version of San Diego's Seaport Village then 10,000 Leucadians are going to march to his house with pointy sticks.


  1. Before the rush to raise Peder Norby's throne to the 101 czar of the corridor, list the current projects that will change historic downtown encinitas into a mini Manhattan. The 101 artist's lofts project at Encinitas Blvd. and 101 isn't keeping with the theme of an historic area. Did anyone from the business community (including Norby) strongly oppose the project? The project is more residential than commercial.

    The Pacific Station high density project in downtown Encinitas will change the face of the historic district. Did anyone from the business community strongly oppose the project? Norby warmly embraced the high density project. The project is more residential than commercial.

    How many people own the property that houses their businesses? Is it 10% or less in the 101 corridor?

  2. I hear ya. That kind of stuff is hard because on one hand you want to respect private property rights but on the other hand you don't want developers buying all our cool buildings and destroying them.

    How many buildings in Leucadia have historical status? Can Norby help designate the buildings that need it?

  3. One day in the not so distant future, Downtown Encinitas will be a continuous wall of mixed use projects with underground parking. There are no regulations prohibiting such development. In fact, by default, the Downtown Specific Plan encourages it. The next section of the wall is the "When in Rome" piece, soon to be heard by the Planning Commission.

    Peter Norby graciously embraced and strongly spoke in favor of the Pacific Station project. There really is nothing that will prohibit the same adventure on every site in the Downtown area. Is this your vision for the future of our Downtown? Is this what we have in mind for Leucadia?

    The Lumberyard and other similar projects are subject to this kind of development. Just because they exist in their current form does not mean they always will. Simple matter of pro forma, if the numbers show it's possible, someone will step up and do it.

    In Encinitas, we have no buildings that have official historical status. None are registered to be so. No building in Leucadia is protected from the scraper.

  4. Anon 9:12, Mixed use projects should, by definition, provide for shopkeepers to own their shops as well as the adjacent living unit, but few make that possible. The retail portion is gravy for the developer, they would never want to part with that potential.

  5. "He did a good job with the downtown Encinitas streetscape program"

    Did the city pay him to do this?

  6. If no one wants change, then let's just put a moritorium on on change, even improvements. Let's keep the crappy Leucadia Boulevard intersection, and the crappy medians, and the lack of sidewalks.

    If you don't want change, then let's admit that. That is cheaper for the City, and some other communities in Encinitas would cheer.

    If you do want things to improve, then I suggest you embrace Peder Norby and let him help us improve Leucadia.

    That will involve letting some private property owners improve their property - that is a good thing, as many properties along 101 are not all that pretty.

    Change can be good, if it is managed. Leucadia 101 has helped manage that change, but when Peder gets involved, it will be even better. He has demonstrated his ability to listen to everyone and find a solution that most people can live with - a rare skill these days.

    Peder listens to his constituents. As JP infered - do you want City engineers to make all the decisions? I don't!

    I suspect it is hard for many Leucadians to let things change, but they are going to change, regardless of how you feel. It will be better if we all manage that change and make this an even better place to live and work.

  7. Your wife would like to do urban planning and would like to do Norby's job? JP you seem to have inside information on what this job is going to be! Tell us, is it an urban planning job? Is it a position that helps design landscape palettes for different areas of the 101? What is he going to do that gets things done that can't be done without MORE BUERACRACY!

    How can you be for this when they have not even said what the hell this position is suppose to do?

    There is a reason they aren't saying exactly what he is going to do. Demand that they fess up before they shell out the money or don't come a whinning that the city isn't spending enough money on infrastructure in Leucadia because her goes $200,000 that could go to real sidewalks.

    Hey RSBP I need a drink.

  8. anon 1047,

    Concrete example of Peder's ability fix something the city couldn't do, please.

    If City staff and City Council can't communicate with the public and find good solutions then maybe it is time to replace the staff and council, instead of wasting money on a position that appears to a patch for incompetent staff and a useless council.

    Why aren't 101 Czar's saying that? Because 101 merchants are socialists that want to continue the government subsidizes and are afraid to challenge the council because they might get there subsidy yanked, or worse take the wrath of a vindictive council.

    Why aren't 101 Czar's saying that? Because 101 merchants are socialists that want to continue the government subsidizes and are afraid to challenge the council because they might get there subsidy yanked, or worse take the wrath of a vindictive council.

  9. Long Time LeucadianMay 13, 2007 11:41 AM

    Man- We got some wacked out leucadians that fear change. Some of you people are so afraid, I bet you won’t even walk around Leucadia, because its not like it was back in the 60s. Well guess what- It will never be like the 60s again. The only thing certain in life is change! Embrace change for the better.

    I am so glad to have Peder on board. He can get things done and make our downtown more walkable and enjoyable for everyone.

  10. Everyone should watch how "Longtime Leucadian" responds to or avoids this,

    You can't change leucadia if you don't have money to do projects. The city is already underfunding infrastructure in Leucadia!

    We don't need to pay a Czar to tell us wee need sidewalks, we need a railroad crossing, we need flood control, and parking for all of the shoppers who will coming when the 101 becomes an economic engine. This all takes money. There will be less money for all this if we continue to hire more BUERACRATS.

    I want change and I don't want to wait until after the city pays off the triple bling library, the regional sports complex, and all the other blunders originating from city hall.

    What do you think the CZAR is going to do? Why is it worth so much money to hire a CZAR? Why is a CZAR even needed at all when we already have a well paid city staff?

  11. Don't forget that whenever politicians appoint a CZAR it means they have given up and want to add one more step of separation from themselves and the issue. This is a sign that Leucadia is going to get SCREWED and there will be only token changes.

    Don't forget that if you give Norby credit for downtown Encinitas you should also ask him why he didn't finish the job. They only did HALF the job. This is not a knock on Norby because it wasn't all about him eventhough some people want everyone to beleive that.

    Good job on the first half, but it is not done yet! If DEMA was independent they would unhappy about the situation.

    DEMA has the most to gripe, so it is a good move by the boyz to bring Norby even closer and make the person who could most vocally expose the city's inability to complete their goals for downtown their employee.

  12. What is most important here is not Peder Norby's qualifications, but do we really need a czar, and do we really want the city to spend dollars on a czar.

    I wholeheartedly agree with previous poster Anon 12:25, we don't need more bureacracy, and we don't need more "experts" telling Leucadia what it needs, and really we don't need our council to insulate themselves even further from the issues. We've been so long without anything, it is obvious where the money needs to be spent. Give Leucadia the extra 100-200K the czar would cost.

    Let the market and the council with it's overpaid staff solve these problems. Isn't that what our government is supposed to do?

  13. J.P. you may be giving a lot more credit to Peder Norby than he deserves. He did not initiate the Downtown Streetscape improvements, he didn't design them, he didn't pay for them, he didn't coordinate them, etc. Streetscape I, and soon II, would have been accomplished anyway.

  14. The city should give that money to Leucadia in the form of a 100-200K sculpture in our new roundabout. Or maybe fire the "Art Director" and use his salary to fund a second piece of art in Leucadia, wouldn't that be ironic?

  15. it's a very good deal for Encinitas.

    No redevelopment, no economic development dept. No high city salaries that you pay for life. What I can't figure out is why he wants to work with all the crazies in Leucadia and Cardiff.

    working with groups like L 101, DEMA, the city is getting it done cheaper and better with a lot less staff than most cities.

    Take Vista, Carlsbd, San Maercos for example and look at their Economic and redevelopment Department Staff. They each have millions in staff and overhead and spend tens of millions. San Marcos wants to spend a quarter billion to build a new downtown along the creek.

    I think its a wise choice. No one does it all and he does not deserve credit by himself, but I am sure he ehelped shape things and OH, how nice is downtown Encinitas.

    Other cities can only wish they were as nice. Spend your hundreds of of millions San Marcos and create a plastic fake downtown.

    Same to you Ponto and Carlsbad! The real deal is Downtown and Leucadia.

    I think we are lucky to have guys and gals like the ones involved in the groups to help craft the vision.

    Good event last night and it does point out that sidewalks and lights would be nice.

  16. Just one thing, but you might not like it because the library has taken it's share of heat in the blog.

    Norby was the spearhead, along with Ida Lou Coley, Bob Bonde, Sheila Cameron, Lynne Love, that first got the location of library changed to downtown, and then led the election, an election that everyone thought they would loss to new Encinitas that has a larger population.

    This guy and this group worked for a year gathering support as underdogs and won the election.

    Cost are high as every construction project now is, but I'm glad it's where it has always been downtown. I'm glad thod=se guys fought for it.

  17. Where to start?

    Notice that all the pro posts on this issue sure have a lot diffuse hope but pro-CZAR posters can't say what they are hoping for. That is all good and fine until you spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on hope. Instead spend the money on results! Give us sidewalks NOT HOT AIR!

    How many posters have to ask, what is the CZAR suppose to do before you answer? What are some examples of some responsibilities or goals he is going to take on? You don't have a clue do you? No. Then why are you taking a position on something you don't know anything about?

    As for the lack of a redevelopment staff in Encinitas this is something to compliment the crazies of Leucadia for. Leucadians shut down the redevelopment drive even though Stocks and Dalager would love to give their developer buddies redevelopment subsidies. We don't have a redevelopment district and that is why we don't have a redevelopment staff, thank God.

  18. $100,000 a year seems like total gravy, yes. Maybe we should just can $200,000 city manager Phil Cotton and give Peder Norby that job.

  19. What do we need a CZAR, or even a TSAR, for. We'll all end up being subservient serfs. The name itself is autocratic and demeaning to the taxpayers of Encinitas.

  20. I would not be against Norby as city manager. If our council doesn't think our city manager can coordianate these types of things then let us give Norby a shot at it and even let him vest into that juicy pension.

  21. Friday night was great!! Art, music, food, beautiful people and weather. Just sad that logisitically it was challenging - for those parking, walking, etc.
    I can't wait for the day Leucadia gets its proper share of attention in the form of sidewalks, groomed medians, and very basic service. As a property tax basis, we're so long overdue. What can we do to get the attention we deserve?
    Mr Norby sounds like someone who can help....E

  22. Lighten Up LeucadiaMay 14, 2007 7:42 AM

    The 101 cooridor needs an advocate at city hall...that is what Peder Norby will be.

    Volunteer organizations like L101 and Cardiff 101 Chamber do not have the staff or background to fill that role.

    City staff can not (will not) be an advocate for anything but keeping their job.

    Give it a chance.... and stop calling it a 101 czar...Dan Dalager coined that term and it is an insult to the community and to Peder.....

  23. The coordinator "sounds" like something that can help. A lot of hope. Optimism is good especially when it follows analysis. So far there is no analysis. What do you "think" Norby is going to do?

    If you simply say advocate then someone is coo koo. Mr. Norby already advocates just like all the other residents and interest groups in the city. This move is making Mr. Norby staff! He will become an ADVOCATE for the COUNCIL NOT L101. Who pays his salary baby! The hometown alliance are advocates too, maybe the city should fund one of those advocates. THey sure would get a lot more done that way.

    What council pays a lobbyist to lobby themselves? Makes no sense unless you realize that what hasn't happened to 101 is a crying shame and that this move insulates the council from this issue.

    I don't want to wait any longer than we need to before we get sidewalks in leucadia. Why do you want to spend money on more beurocrats when we could instead have sidewalks? Why do you want to get in the way of change?

    I noticed that no one has yet to explain what the coordinator is going to do.

  24. I hope he turns 101 corridor into a gas lamp North. We need high rise condos, more restaurants and bars, more entertainment. We need to be, "Entertainment by the Sea", not a lot of old ugly building someone thinks should be preserved. There is a problem with Pacific Station it doesn't have enough condos and restaurants.

    We are not all small thinkers like some of the posters here.

  25. That's rich! With all this "entertainment" will come more traffic, more crime, more drunks, more vandelism and more street people. Think BIG!! What's wrong with a little "change", you nutty Leucadians!!

    Personally, I think we should give this whole idea a chance. Since nothing ELSE has worked, let Peder give it a try. In the 26 years I've lived here, I've never heard anyone in Leucadia say that change was bad. If anything, most Leucadians crave change. They've longed for change and improvement. People have TRIED to landscape the median only to be harassed by city staff. Trees have been cut down the wee hours that citizens have planted. For YEARS Leucadians have gone to countless meetings and begged for infrastruture improvements. I can't believe I've lived here this long and seen so little done to our community, and yet, developers are allowed to desecrate whole neighborhoods under the pretext of "change" and "progress". Boy, you really have to be careful how you use that word "change" these days!

    Actions DO speak louder than words, as Mr. Norby posted here, and since the city has taken no action to enhance Leucadia, then you tell me: who is it who doesn't want CHANGE?

  26. mfleen had given up just like the council. You get government czars when the leaders give up and don't want the credit anymore because they know there won't be any credit given out.

    Once again what are we going to get that we don't already have when we pay $100000 a year for this coordinator? A delay of the desperate hope described by mfleener turning into pitchforks and torches heading to city hall is all you get. The money should be spent on sidewalks instead of an expensive scapegoat.

  27. oh brother! Read my post again.

    1. I said "give this a try", I didn't say "give up". And for the record, I am always critical of the way the city spends money.

    2. I was trying to defend Leucadians because I'm tired of posters who label us a "nutcases" and people who want to "live in the 60s'".

    3. There is a process to get things done. That's not my opinion, that's just the way things are. It took 17 years to get Cottonwood Creek Park. Ridiculous, but it finally happened. It took years for Rachelle Collier and the Leucadia Town Council to get a nice park on Sanford, but they did it.

    4. You got a beef with this issue, (or any other issue),then write a letter, send an Email, or attend a city counil meeting and speak at Oral Communications.

  28. What you want to try is not necessarily what you are going to get. What is the coordinator going to do? Not what do you hope he accomplishes. What will his function be and what tasks will he be given. What responsibilities will he have?

    Don't endorse this because it is better than nothing, because not hiring for this position leaves us with half a million dollars after 5 years. We could build a lot of sidewalks. Don't endorse this staff position until you have written the council and they have told you what he is going to do for Leucadia.

    Cottonwood creek took so long because the mayor shelved the subject for so long. Anyone know why?

    Thanks for defending Leucadians.

  29. Roadside Park BumMay 14, 2007 4:42 PM

    You are all weak and worthless!!
    Half of you oppose Norby because he might make Leucadia better, the other half of you oppose Norby because he didn't do enough for downtown 101!

    MFleener-Don't try to tell me that there aren't people in Leucadia that oppose change, because there are and they do!!! But they never say why the oppose change!!! As many times as I've asked that question, they never respond!! But the answer is they have a financial interest in keeping Leucadia ugly!!! That's why they oppose change.

    Some of you want to shitcan the 101 Czar and spend the $$$ on sidewalks, well that is all fine and dandy, but your plan will never work, because if the city wanted to spend the $$$ on sidewalks without the Czar they would have done so by now!!! AND THEY HAVE NOT!!!!!!

    J.P. might have been a good candidate for 101 Czar, but then he goes and spoils any good thoughts I might have by saying, " the coast highway is beautiful but the dirt medians...kinda suck!!" Well J.P. that's like saying a woman is "kinda pregnant". You either are our you are not! The dirt medians either suck or they don't, well let me inform you.....THEY SUCK!!!!

    Look you may not like this Norby guy, but he has a proven tract record and the council likes him, and really what other option does Leucadia have??? Nothing else has worked, sitting on your hands hasn't worked, waiting for the city to toss you a bone or two, hasn't worked, LTC(don't get me started) and L101(eh, so-so) have done just about as much as they can be expected to do, so it's Norby or nothing.

    For those of you that vote nothing, well you got it already, be happy!! For those of you that vote Norby, perhaps he can pry some money away from the cities great society projects.

    Norby has the RSPB seal of approval, for now!!


  30. Maybe Norby has a proven track record as someone who doesn't work for the city. So what?

    He is not going to be doing what he did before. What is he going to be responsible for when he is making the big bucks and taking orders from the council?

    Maybe it is worth a try, but don't you think you should know what you are trying before you spend $100,000 a year on a hope. What do you think he is going to do? What do you think he is going to do that we can't do already?

  31. RSPB don't over analyze the breezy captions.

  32. Sober up Roadside Park Bum!

    Politicians need to file a conflict of interest statement so that he public can see who is greasing the skids. At the planning commission meeting each commissioner discloses who they have had contacts with on a specific item. I guess those lules don’t apply to bums.

    Roadside Park bum, I know you have a huge conflict of interest and that is why you support Norby.

    I know you to be a heavy consumer of alcoholic beverages, your favorite being beer, and a heavy depositor of the residual of that consumption, urine, as you frequently brag about your pee exploits and frequently advocate for portable restrooms.

    You know! You know that Norby is related to a giant beer company and you hope to get cases of free beer. It’s a conspiracy and you have cut a deal giving him your support in exchange for beer. It’s a keg sized conflict of interest. You do not have the best interest of Leucadia at heart. Your only concern is booze,

    you're a bum!

  33. anon 2:17...the area known as Cottonwood Creek Park was formerly the Encinitas Sanitation District, and the corner of Vulcan and Encinitas Blvd was an open sewer pit in the 70s'. Then there was a election and the public voted to make a park. That didn't happen. I do not know the exact date for this election.

    Then, in the 80s', there was a SECOND eleciton-Prop X, asking if the citizens wanted a park. That
    was passed overwhemingly, and quess what? The city council decreed it an "illegal election" and said,"Nope. We won't do it".

    That was when Gail Hano, Lou Aspiel, Maura Weigand, Chuck DuVivier and John Davis were on board. Davis gained notority by suggestiong that we put a Country Mile o' Cars on that site.

    I was at a city council meeting where Gail Hano loudly proclaimed that Cottonwood Creek wasn't a creek at all- just a sewer run off and that she "didn't buy it" that this was a main water source when the city was first established. (Funny thing: go to the park now and you will see a plaque that dates the creek as a water supply back in the 1890s').

    Another thing Prop X promised was 2 acres to be alloted to the San Diegutio Heritage Museum...a small building and a parking lot.

    Then something interesting happened. After the council refused to honor the wishes of the citizens, The SD Heritage Museum group tried to claim the whole area! DuVivier, at taxpayers expense, moved two old shitty houses on the site and claimed they were "historical". They quickly became rat infested squats for every lowlife street bum in the area. They were not maintained.

    At that time, DuViviers' wife was the president of the SD Heritage Museum. He was mayor during that time period.

    I attended two workshops on the park site. The SD Heritage people were there. They were hostile and never looked at us or acknowleged us. And DuViviers' wife was a total bitch. And so was Lou Aspiel.

    This was a workshop, yet they didn't want to hear what the neighbors and public had to say? We demanded to be heard and finally got to speak. Oh the humanity!! One old guy called it a "Land Grab". He was right.

    I heard through the grapevine that Lou Aspiel was "outraged" by our behavior at the workshops and that
    we were the most disrespectful, and abusive group she'd ever "had to endure".

    Made MY day!

  34. Proud Mary Keep on Rolling!

    Awesome story and factual recollection of history.

  35. Didn't Aspiel and Davis sit on the board of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum?

  36. too bad they didn't have a parks coordinator. None of that cottonwood creek crap would have happened.

  37. I was covering the council meetings for the Coast News when the downtown Encinitas project was under construction. Peder keep it moving and if it had not been for him they would still be working on it. He met with the business owners every week to let them know what was going on.

    2nd phase was never fully funded.

  38. Peder was not paid by the council when he kept it moving. Also, you make it sound like there was no leadership at city hall. We should get rid of staff and the council if a major project like that can't be held together without the presence of one single personality. Sounds like Peder would be the first person to come to that conclusion. Making him council's employee is a good way to shut him up.

    The 2nd phase was not funded. Neither has all the work that we want to be completed in Leucadia. Sounds like the council doesn't want to or can't fund phase II and the upgrade to L101.

    The obstacle is money not coordination. We should spend the money on sidewalks. If staff can't do their job hire Peder to be city manager. If council doesn't want to fund L101 then put Peder on the council. They should certainly not hire him until they have a well defined job for him and can show that he won't be doing someone else's job.

  39. Long Time LeucadianMay 15, 2007 12:58 PM

    Our mainsteets need way more than sidewalks. We need someone with Leadership to make good things happen for all three of our mainstreet programs. A good leader will provide returns to the areas well in excess of $100k per year. To Make positive change you need someone with:
    1. Intelligence
    2. Education on effective Main streets programs
    3. Vision
    4. The ability to plan
    5. The ability to communicate (focused on listening to the stakeholders)
    6. The ability to gain consensus
    7. The ability to implement. Get things done.

    The HW101 coordinator should focuses on actions to make all three mainstreet associations successful for residence, businesses and tourists of Encinitas.

    Some specific things I hope he (Peder) would focus on include:
    1. Completing a business plan for each of the mainstreet programs with specific actions.
    2. Help council and staff understand the return on the investment in bettering the mainstreet area infrastructure (both financially and quality of life).
    3. Edit and assist with all grants opportunities and marketing publications for the 3 associations to maximize synergy.
    4. Help the stakeholders gain consensus during the creation of the N. Coast HW101 (L101) Streetscape and Walkable Community Improvements.
    5. Make suggestions for the conceptual designs.
    6. My list could go on and on. If I had more time, I would continue to list things that I hope he will do. I know that he knows much more about things that would benefit our main streets, so he knows best what he should focus on to give us the best bang for our buck.

    Please instead of just complaining about things, get involved in one of the Mainstreet Associations and be a part of a solution.

    To determine if Peder is right for the position, go and talk with him and you be the judge. I have and I personally think he is perfect for the position.

  40. There are $28 million dollars in staff salaries at the city of Encinitas and I am all in favor of debating that.

    This seems to be a critical need with a qualified person.

  41. New planning department application:

    The applicant requests approval of a Tentative Parcel Map and Coastal Development Permit
    to allow for the Condominium conversion of the existing commercial building (LA Fitness Building) on Parcel. The project site is located in the GC (General Commercial) zone and the Coastal Zone.

  42. AAAAAAAA? Someone tell me why we would give a shit about a condo conversion on an LA fitness plaza in the armpit of Encinitas?

    I say redevelop the whole plaza-that place sucks!

    Watch out or the three boys will court Walmart into buying the land and making a suppersize store to try and look like Carlsbad- fat and ugly!

  43. That will be a big project. Talk about a center that is melting down!

  44. Thanks for the suggestion long time leucadian. I already am in one of the associations.

    Norby has a lot of those characteristics that you list as necessary to make a change.

    Your forgot something from the list. It is kinda important. You can have everything on the list but without money you are farting in the wind just like the merchants in the phase II area of downtown. You don't need vision or a consensus to implement phase II. All you need is money.

    Leucadia has been so neglected that leucadians are now willing to take anything. Sidewalks is all some people even hope for now. You don't need vision or a consensus to build sidewalks and if you did why can't the city manager communicate to the public about building sidewalks?

    The list of hopes is good too. Hopefully a couple of those hopes will ACTUALLY be his responsibility.

    Things he might do:
    1. Will return to this.
    2. sounds like you want him to lobby the council, but he will be working for the council. He is better as head of DEMA if he is going to do that. If you want him to do economic analyses then maybe you should get an economist to do that part of the work.
    3. Working the marketing stuff is great but should the city stop at just the 101? Why should the 101 be so special? Maybe they should be helping LA Fitness market their biz too?
    4. Peder could do this. But this doesn't rise to $100K a year. I want Peder to do this because people know him and know where he stands.
    5. Peder the designer? Have him come in with a few conceptual designs. Have the whole community chew on that.
    6. Maybe the council should request that Peder suggest what his role and tasks will be before they hire him. No one has a clue what he will be doing not even Peder. That is why this whole thing comes off as desperate.

    You don’t need Peder to do 1-6 to use the $300000 over three years to build sidewalks or clean up Cardiff’s alleys.

    The best positive move Leucadians can do is tell the council to prove to them that this is not a move to buy time and insulate the council. Make the council show you the time line for funding ALL the projects in this town and how they are going to finish phase II, give Leucadia its overhaul, and freshen up Cardiff. If they can’t show you the money then ask them why they are hiring a coordinator that isn’t going to have anything to coordinate. Norby will be in charge of three project areas and the only one that needs coordination will be Leucadia, but there might not be any money, so no project to coordinate. The best possible move Leucadia can make is to corner the council into making rock solid promises for funds. Now.

    They couldn't have picked a nicer guy to insulate them. Peder is well liked by everyone and everyone is going to give Peder a lot of patience.

  45. Peder Norby lives in Carlsbad.

  46. Headline in NCT:

    North County Times closes Encinitas office

  47. Eveyone is reading J.P's blog, the reporting is far better.

    This is another indication that newspapers have declining revenue and readership due to the internet.

    I am sure the housing meltdown hurt their ad incomes big time.

  48. Great- People getting their news from ranting bloggers. Man talk about the spread of misinformation.

  49. Bloggers,



    Contact: Danny Salzhandler




    Birthplace of National “Arts Alive” Banner Program Holds Annual Banner Auction on Sunday

    Encinitas CA, May 16, 2007 – Nothing is stopping the 101 Artists’ Colony from holding their Annual Arts Alive Banner Auction on Sunday, May 20th, 2 p.m., at the Cardiff Towne Center – not even the fact that the Colony lost its home in late April to make way for a high-end condominium development. “Not even a wrecking ball will stop art in Encinitas,” stated Danny Salzhandler, 101 Artists’ Colony President.

    This is the eight year that the 101 Artists' Colony, the Cardiff 101 Chamber, and the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association (DEMA) have presented this community art event. Originally conceived in Encinitas, the Arts Alive program has spread to numerous cities across the country.

    This year, eighty-two (82) artists from throughout the county painted banners – all original pieces of artwork – that have been on display on lamp posts on Historic Highway 101 in both Encinitas and Cardiff. This year's program has also gone international with two banners submitted by artists in Belarus. The artists’ proceeds from the sale of these two banners will be directed to the Children of Chernobyl Foundation, Proceeds from the remaining banner sales are split 50/50 between the artists and either the Artists' Colony or the Cardiff 101. This year, the Encinitas banners are sponsored by Charlie's Foreign Cars in Encinitas.

    “Silent” bids are currently being accepted by DEMA by phone 760-943-1950 and can be viewed at “Silent” bids will be accepted by DEMA through Friday and at the auction for a short time before local auctioneer, Rich Houk, begins the Live Auction on Sunday, May 20th. Minimum bid is $150.

    Known as “a jewel in the community”, the 101 Artists’ Colony was founded in 1998 and, until recently, provided studio space for dozens of artists, a central space for exhibitions including their highly acclaimed “Children of Chernobyl” Art Exhibitions, a gift shop featuring their gifted artists’ work, and a venue for weekly musical and spoken word performances. In addition, the Colony supports its sister organization, Full Moon Poets, with its increasingly popular twice yearly poetry slams at the La Paloma Theatre, and open poetry readings that are held once a month on the full moon.

    Always the optimist, Danny Salzhandler is confident that the organization will land on its feet. In the meantime, Danny stated, “Art is like weeds, it will continue to sprout up everywhere.”

    For more information on the 101 Artists’ Colony or Sunday’s Arts Alive Banner Auction, contact 760-944-6027;

  50. I am hoping the artist colony lands on their feet.

  51. Did you hear that the administration was appointing a war CZAR?

  52. The administration has changed the war czar title to war manager. Maybe we ought to do the same. 101 manager is better.

  53. War manager? Is that like an economic development manager?

  54. art banners for auction.


    Mr. czar/coordinator/manager/overlord

    came up with the idea.

    He has been critized as restricting speach on the banners this year.

  55. I get all my news from Roger Hedgecock.

  56. I let Jesus make all my decisions.

  57. Sorry for being late to the party JP.

    You wrote, " I remember when the city first talking about fixing up downtown coastal Encinitas a lot of people were afraid that they were going to bulldoze the whole thing."

    Get out your pokers because they are going to bulldoze the whole thing. Don't you get it? It won't happen overnight but the council has set the stage for pacific station up and down 101. Downtown is zoned for more of that. Maybe good, maybe bad, but you are wrong. They will bulldoze the whole thing and all of the density bonus incentives almost assures that it will make good financial sense to do it even if the real estate market tumbles.

  58. Ok I get with the density bonus bullshit.

    It is bullshit.

    But the bullshit is not coming from the residents, or from the city, or from the norby guy.

    The bullshit is coming from the state of California (the land of human growth hormone govonor, yes I did steroids" Austrian Arnold.

    It really sucks, but it is a get out of jail free card, fuck the locals at the expense of the less fortunate gift tot he developers.

    Time for a fifty first state my friends!

  59. The developers put the density bonus at the state level to sheild the locals from taking the heat. The council could lobby the state to turn this thing around at the state level, just like they did with the condo-hotel fiasco.

    The council made things worse when they rezoned the 101. They should have provided better care to faciliate the maintence of the historic character, instead they added fuel to the density bonus fire.


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