Monday, May 28, 2007

L101 Guardrail does it's job

Some folks say that the Leucadia 101 rusty guardrails are ugly and should be removed but this one at Jupiter St did it's job and prevented a vehicle from going into the southbound lane.

I wonder if the city will leave it crumpled like this forever?


  1. Roadside Park BumMay 28, 2007 10:17 AM

    Crumpled Rusty guardrails are part of the funky charm of Leucadia!!!

    What's wrong with you J.P.??? Have you turned to the dark side?? How dare you question the city of Encinitas and their goals and hopes and dreams for our funky little community!!!
    But if they do decide to change the guardrail I hope they announce this so we can have a candlelight vigil to say goodbye to the rusty railing that has been an eyesore since the day it was installed.

    The city of Carlsbad will develop Ponto as they see fit, expect plenty of hotels, condo,and timeshares. Don't expect these tourists to travel to Leucadia to help the local merchants. Why would they want to leave Ponto which will have streetlights, sidewalks and landscaping for the "funky" blight of Leucadia. (Opps, can't use the term blight,sorry, use the word, "charm" instead.)

    Carlsbad has never done anything to help Encinitas, certainly not Leucadia. Rememeber that Carlsbad kept La Costa Blvd closed to all traffic a good 6 months after it was ready to be opened, forcing 10's of thousands of trip onto Encinitas blvd needlessly.

    Encintas and Leucadia had better be prepared to defend it's turf, kinda like a homeless bum defending his bottle of hooch against interlopers in his park.

    Will the city roll over and play dead??
    Will the city be gutless cowards to big bad Carlsbad??
    Will the citizens of Leucadia say enough is enough and throw the politicians out??

    These and more questions will be answered in the next coupla years, I hope I am around to see the outcome.


    BTW, don't expect the city of Carlsbad to listen to Todd Cardiff and his hallowed Surfriders foundation, his and their concerns ring hollow. He is just and elitist beach goer/surfer/lobbist/lawyer that want to keep the beach for himself and the Surfriders only. This is where the equally elitist snobby Californian Coastal Commision need to stand up and tell the Surfriders to stuff it , the beach in Ponto is for everyone.

  2. Did the Encinitas city manager or the city council DIRECT (tell) someone on the planning staff to write comments about the Ponto EIR? Official Encinitas city comments must be included as part of the Carlsbad EIR.

    Council people, did you tell Phil Cotton to have the planning department respond in writing about that EIR before the deadline? Or is Phil Cotton going to use the excuse that he needed direct from the council?

    Will the Encinitas city comments be given in a staff report on a regular agenda?

    Is staff sitting on their A's?


  4. Replace that guardrail with those cool (funky) yellow water filled barricades caltrans uses. The color would compliment NTCD's orange sandbags and really make Leucadia funky.

  5. Years ago when the city of Encinitas was given a half million dollar grant to upgrade Hwy 101, we asked the council for concrete curbs (like normal medians have everywhere else on the planet). One of us drew attention to the fact that El Camino Real has them AND a faster speed limit than 101. But one council member said "I believe the kind of trees they planted on El Camino Real are the kind that bend when you hit them." and so we ended up with rusty guard rails to replace the rusty guard rails placed here in the 40's. Time will tell when they fix the most recently damaged one. I saw the truck that hit it. Amazingly, he drove away. Kinda fast.

    Any way you cut it, Leucadia has one main thing in common with Rodney Dangerfield.


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