Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Traffic is (still) Less Traffic

Michael D Pattinson has thrown in the towel with NCT column. At first I missed the big fat whiner, but his replacement Lou Ochoa is just as funny. In this column he attempts to explain how further development in the hopelessly gridlocked Inland Empire will improve the traffic mess.

Growth key to solving gridlock

I guess Pattinson quit his column because he was exposed as a NIMBY regarding the Fanita power plant and that his propaganda crusade for 'more inventory means affordable home prices' mantra was shot now that the building industry is canceling projects left and right.


  1. I for one will not miss seeing his mug in the paper on a regular basis.

    The bad news is that we are all stuck with the cracker boxes that he stuffed on sites all over North County.

  2. Leucadia ws rhe last of the best, all that s left is the surf,the rest is LA.A wise man said " the moving finger writes and having writ moves on ,.Nor all thy piety nor wit can lure it back to cancel half a line nor all thy tears wash out a word of it." Surf for once dead you can't surf any more.Get it?

  3. Let the boxes burnMay 31, 2007 11:24 AM

    I found the article and it’s not worth reading. Its garbage written by Lou Ochoa is president of the Riverside County Building Industry Association.

    My favorite idiotic section is "At the local level, new housing construction has produced tremendous investments to fix transportation problems. Since 2004, homebuilders have contributed more than $400 million in Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fees and have spent hundreds of millions more to build local roads."

    Woopy shit... that equates to about $130 million per year on all the transportation projects for all the new housing. That measly amount does not come close to the cost to build infrastructure to support the added traffic. That amount can build maybe a few freeway on ramps and off ramps, nothing more.

    That fact alone shows that once again, the developers are profiting at the publics expense.

    The article also shows that Lou Ochoa is a moron that can not write a compeling argument to support developers ramped clear cutting tract home wildfire. Thanks to them- Riverside will shortly become the world biggest slum – even about ten times worse than the current slummy environment.

    As Sublime sings in April 26, 1992– ……………..Let it burn
    Wanna let it burn, wanna let it burn
    Wanna wanna let it burn
    Riots on the streets of Riverside CA,

    Riots around the boxes of Ponto!

    Wanna wanna let them burrnNNN!!!

  4. "Conventional wisdom suggests that new housing makes traffic worse, but in truth, it's just the opposite."


  5. I read the NCT article too, by the president of the Riverside County Building Industry Association, Lou Ochoa.

    This is more jive spin, where the developers and builders are praised for building roads. They only do what they have to do, and that hasn't stopped the gridlock here.

    I hope this new guy, Ochoa, will not be a regular. He does NOT make sense, but I'm sure his "twist" makes dollars and cents for his buddy developers. He is another lobbiest, pure and simple.


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