Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New library now visible from downtown Enc

The new $20 million dollar library is now becoming visible over city hall from downtown Encinitas.


  1. Why are we so dumb?May 29, 2007 8:11 AM

    All the cut through traffic won’t notice the library.

    They only are ripping through our streets to get to I5 south of our town and only notice their watches.

    We should can our name from "The City of Encinitas" to” Caltrans Auxiliary lanes of Encinitas"

    Why is our City letting so much cut through traffic come through our local roads?

    Our council is always so reactionary and last to act on anything. Last City to allow smoking on our beaches. last City to embrace stormwater regulations leading to a massive tax paid lawsuit, and last City to recognize they need to control the cut through traffic our they become like Irvine.

    Downtown Carlsbad, Del Mar, La Jolla, and Coronado have controlled their cut through traffic. Why doesn't Encinitas?

  2. The "hill" for the library was cut down about 9 feet from it previous height. Talk about a waste of money and good view to remove all that dirt to make the crappy little zigzag planters.

  3. I can't wait to hear how much it is going to cost to beautify the roof city hall. The view from the library is nice if you don't look down, which is hard to do because the roof is such an eye sore.

  4. The previous council approved about $250,000 to "beautify" the city hall roof after learning that the library would be 9 feet closer than the previous county library on the site.

  5. I love the library and look forward to going there again.

    Im glad it's being built at the location it is being built. I am also glad that it's not a typical square box.

    The reading deck will be to die for!

  6. The view would have been lovelier if they hadn't cut down the hill.

  7. corrrection,

    the reading deck will be to go into debt for.

  8. does anyone know how much the debt service is on the library and hall park bonds?

  9. Well, if all the debt for this thing means that we can't have as much public safety services during the next 20 years then maybe you will get your chance to die for that deck!

  10. Don't worry. City manager Phil Cotton will save the city.

  11. or not, and then get fired and live on 9 freaking months of seperation salary.

  12. There is no doubt that the new library will be a public amenity that we will all one day be proud of. However, it is sad to think that there was so little analysis regarding the options for this project.

    Every public project that this city has undertaken has been more than anyone expected. Maybe a 50% multiplier should be added to every estimate.

    This city does seriously need some oversight to establish realistic building programs that lock in the "needs" and limit the "wants". We should never just allow the Fire Dept. to tell us what they "want". That is the most expensive way to construct any project. More money is saved earlier in any construction project by being realistic about your goals.

  13. The big question is how much use will the Library really get. Almost everyone has their own computer and can easily access anything and everything on the computer from the convenience of their own home. I don't see a lot of people taking the time to run to a library.

  14. man with a laptopMay 29, 2007 6:15 PM

    The library will be a great place to take the kids. If they offer free wi-fi I will go there every weekend.

  15. Debt service on the Lease Revenue bonds for the Hall property purchase is approximately $1.5 million a year. For the library it is approximately 1.26 million a year.

    Where's the money to build the park? Caltrans will force the city to make improvements at the Santa Fe and Birmingham interchanges to mitigate the traffic impacts. Only if the city waits until the I-5 expansion is finished will it escape these costly upgrades. All of that won't include a penny for the park itself. Maybe the Encinitas Soccer League can kick in a little money, like to the tune of $25 million.

    Already there are cost overuns on the new Public Works yard, and certainly the McMansion fire station will come in way over budget. Fasten your seat belts. We are in for a rough ride.

  16. Remember that one of the candidates for council running against Dalager was a guy who ran on the platform that "the fantasy budgets" must end. Wasn't that guy an engineer with a building company?

  17. The new library will be used more than we think. A few very good examples are the Carlsbad library and the Rancho Bernardo library. Both are significant architecturally and used constantly.

  18. anon 505,

    I don't think anyone is against a library. I just hear from so many people that they can't believe how expensive it is. We could have had a great design for so much less.

    You bought the HUMMER of libraries. Hummers are useful and fun but they suck up the budget. Sure they get used for so many thing, but it doesn't mean it was a good buy for someone on a budget.

    At least 4 people on the council, and now maybe 5, don't act like they are living on a budget down at city hall. Remember the great quote, "The Sky is the Limit." Voters, be advised that your council is out of control.

  19. I don't think WE, the citizens bought a Hummer of libraries, it was the Council that bought it. Our council is not only out of control, but must be hanging out with the old RSPB or perhaps at an herb farm. Remember that Phil Cotton was in charge of public works when the MOssy property was purchased. I believe he said it was a turnkey operaton. If that is true, then why isn't being used, why is it over budget to get it up to speed, and most importantly, why in the world did Phil Cotton get the job of City Manager after that fiasco. We didn't even do a search and Cotton has NEVER been a City Manager. Whi is exactly at the helm of this City? Does anyone even know anymore.

  20. Phil Cotton's raise from $168K + to $216,000 (including raise in deferred pay) plus benefits is ridiculous. He is more of the same old closed session style of operating where a contracted City Attorney and Cotton are not exercising good management skills or honest legal advice.

    The people could take some more control by getting a motion for term limits on the ballot. Is there time? We could term out all three candidates if the referendum passed.

    I've pretty much given up hope on Bond, Stocks, and Houlihan, unless Maggie Houlihan can step up to the plate with Teresa Barth and bring Council back down to earth.

    Take a cue from Christy Guerin, ladies. These three men on Council LIKE to be led by the nose by staff and "consultants." They go along so they can get along, and now Dan Dalager might need the money; he could run again now that he's selling his biz.

    Teresa Barth said she was for term limits in the forums. She should help us to put this issue on the ballot.

    Stocks, Bond and Houlihan, please give someone with vision and integrity a chance. Eight years of you three has been a disaster, in the eyes of many. Stocks and Houlihan came in with Bush, and now they may go out with him, too.


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