Thursday, May 17, 2007

Underground Parking

Story today in the Union Tribune about underground parking in Encinitas.

Limits for underground parking lots considered

By Angela Lau

May 17, 2007

ENCINITAS – A once-upon-a-time panacea to urban parking problems – underground parking – has some Encinitas officials worried that too much of a good thing may be bad for the city.

They are concerned about a trend by developers to build subterranean garages so they can construct much larger buildings above – so large that they could stretch from one end of the lot to the other, forming a wall of big buildings that could ruin the city's small-town flavor.

They may have reason to worry.

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The Union Tribune website now allows comments like the North County Times.


  1. I just read the complete article by Angela Lau. This time she has everything right. The Klawiter building in Cardiff is finished, but still mostly unoccupied. The traffic impacts of cars going in and out of the underground garage onto San Elijo Avenue have not been realized yet. The restaurant space is unleased at this time.

    Peder Norby as quoted is correct in that the underground parking issue needs to be addressed in the Cardiff Specific Plan. It is one of the many defects in the plan.

    Our city only seems to be intent on upzoning to push more intense development. And the plans for the El Camino Real corridor to allow denser and taller buildings (underground parking too?) are still lurking in the background. The three stooges will vote to approve it all.

  2. What was Klawiter smoking when he picked that mexican fountain as an afterthought to the anything but mexican architecture. That thing defines FUGLY.
    At the hearing to get his approval he promised a coffee shop to replace Miracles. When is that coming or has the fountain scared them off.

  3. that buiding deserves an onion award. It has an identity problem, looks very out of place , and I can't imagine and restaurant or coffee shop wanting to go there.

    Cardiff culture of miracles cafe and the scene (similar to pipes) has been replaced by a giant scar.

  4. The two editorials in today's Union-Tribune are worth reading and posting.
    "Smoke, mirrors and burning money in Encinitas"
    "Horn of plenty"

  5. I read both the pieces mentioned above. Jerome Stocks' move to gather signatures for a public referendum does seem opportunistic and politically motivated, of course.

    However, I would be interested to see if people could get enough signatures to get this on the ballot. I don't find a lot of cigarette butts on the beach where I walk. I don't find side smoke to be a problem, outdoors.

    As I've said before, there are more straws and balloons and ribbons, from what I've seen, walking. Also some plastic bags, dead birds, before, from the red tide.

    People should be able to smoke pipes if the butts are the problem. Current litter laws should take care of the butt problem.

    I don't smoke, but don't support more laws and more micro-management by government workers, too often with an us vs. them mentality.

  6. I like parking, so underground parking is fine with me. One of Leaucadia's biggest problems is lack of parking. Why would we want to make that harder to do? More restrictive rules regarding underground parking makes no sense to me! If someone wants to pay for it, let them do it!!!

  7. I don't understand why people object to underground parking? It gets the cars off the streets. What is it that si so bad?


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