Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You Can't Kill Art


Birthplace of National “Arts Alive” Banner Program Holds Annual Banner Auction on Sunday

Encinitas CA, May 16, 2007 – Nothing is stopping the 101 Artists’ Colony from holding their Annual Arts Alive Banner Auction on Sunday, May 20th, 2 p.m., at the Cardiff Towne Center – not even the fact that the Colony lost its home in late April to make way for a high-end condominium development. “Not even a wrecking ball will stop art in Encinitas,” stated Danny Salzhandler, 101 Artists’ Colony President.

This is the eight year that the 101 Artists' Colony, the Cardiff 101 Chamber, and the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association (DEMA) have presented this community art event. Originally conceived in Encinitas, the Arts Alive program has spread to numerous cities across the country.

This year, eighty-two (82) artists from throughout the county painted banners – all original pieces of artwork – that have been on display on lamp posts on Historic Highway 101 in both Encinitas and Cardiff. This year's program has also gone international with two banners submitted by artists in Belarus. The artists’ proceeds from the sale of these two banners will be directed to the Children of Chernobyl Foundation, Proceeds from the remaining banner sales are split 50/50 between the artists and either the Artists' Colony or the Cardiff 101. This year, the Encinitas banners are sponsored by Charlie's Foreign Cars in Encinitas.

“Silent” bids are currently being accepted by DEMA by phone 760-943-1950 and can be viewed at “Silent” bids will be accepted by DEMA through Friday and at the auction for a short time before local auctioneer, Rich Houk, begins the Live Auction on Sunday, May 20th. Minimum bid is $150.

Known as “a jewel in the community”, the 101 Artists’ Colony was founded in 1998 and, until recently, provided studio space for dozens of artists, a central space for exhibitions including their highly acclaimed “Children of Chernobyl” Art Exhibitions, a gift shop featuring their gifted artists’ work, and a venue for weekly musical and spoken word performances. In addition, the Colony supports its sister organization, Full Moon Poets, with its increasingly popular twice yearly poetry slams at the La Paloma Theatre, and open poetry readings that are held once a month on the full moon.

Always the optimist, Danny Salzhandler is confident that the organization will land on its feet. In the meantime, Danny stated, “Art is like weeds, it will continue to sprout up everywhere.”

For more information on the 101 Artists’ Colony or Sunday’s Arts Alive Banner Auction, contact 760-944-6027;


  1. Art is great. I wish someone would show a art piece with Bond, Stocks, and Dalager smiling behind some nasty looking smokers flicking plastic butts on the beach. Political art is the best and creates a historical log forever!

  2. Does the $80,000 a year arts commissioner ever communicate with the 101 colony?


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