Friday, June 08, 2007


The 101 Artist Colony compound was torn by bulldozers yesterday.

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  1. Oh how I will miss those gorgeous pink stucco buildings. I am sooooo sad.

  2. Artists that have true talent will be able to purchase a nicer place to work when its done.

  3. High rises are neede3d. Then we can house a bunch more "artists".

  4. True, we need to find a use for the fire department's 100 foot aerial ladder. That way they can have the last laugh on us over the useless piece of expensive equipment. High rises would do the trick.

  5. A gay building getting torn down for an even gayer building.

    Encinitas is gay!!!!!!

  6. The name of the high rise building was changed from 101 artists lofts to lofts at Moonlight beach.

    Each dingy condo will sell for at least one million dollars.

    The billboard across the street has the ad for the "lofts".

  7. I think the new buildings will be very nice!

  8. Oh! the puffery on that lofts website.

  9. From the artists loft website,

    "This community is mainly
    residential and has a wonderful variety
    of restaurants, shops and galleries.
    Just about every location in Encinitas
    offers stunning views of the ocean
    and sandstone cliffs."

    The sandstone cliffs area a selling point. They natural cliffs increase the property value for all of encinitas.

  10. Sandstone cliffs don’t look like that Disney land crap built on Vulcan street.

    You can definitely tell the difference between natural and fake. It’s like fake tits and pure natural.

    Natural always looks much better!

  11. some people like fake.

  12. The city is trying to sneak in a new fast one. They are going to increase trash rates by 4.2%. You have until Wed to protest and stop the increase. supposedly they sent notices out in April. I don't remember it. Here is a link to the story.

    Send in a protest by emailing the city clerk at:

  13. Thanks for the alert about the raise in trash collection price. It's on the Agenda as Solid Waste Management contract . . .

    EDCO is our exclusive provider. EDCO previously wrongly tacked an extra $5.00 per month, which was $10.00 per billing period, onto our trash bills. Thanks to Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and Donna Westbrook, we finally got that illegal tax money back.

    After they (EDCO, through the City) stopped billing that extra money, it upped our trash bills, anyway, about $4 or $5 dollars per billing period. Now, another raise.

    It's odd that in San Diego, trash collection and recycling service comes out of the General Fund. I don't mind paying for it, here, but it should not have to have so many increases in such a short period.

  14. I am way sad, too, about the destruction of the Artists Colony, pink stucco buildings.

    Now, unfortunately, it is a "done deal."

  15. Nice big fakies are better than your old lady's sagging tittayz.

    I like that there wall. And I'm sure them homeowners would prefer that ther guest bathroom not crash down the cliff and onto Vulcan.

  16. last two bloggers, you people are nuts. what are you talking about. you must be renters or you would care about increAsed fees.

  17. I will remember the charm of the old building. It is a reality of our location, being on the edge of a continent, that change will occur in real estate. Too many people. I see the lofts to being designed in harmony with the North 101 Corridor Specific Plan. I think that is a ggod thing. I think we are lucky to have a developer with apparent good taste. For what it is and what it provides, the architecture is appealing and open.

  18. The new lofts are going to be nice.
    The old building had some charm, but change happens.


  19. After the developer got the OK for this project the name was changed from 101 artists lofts to lofts at Moonlight Beach. Bait and switch. What other bait and switch does the developer plan?

    How much dirt will be removed?

  20. So many Anti Development a holes here. It was an ugly building and now it's going to be beautiful. Next will be the car dealership alongside the lofts. Or - is that "charming" to you too?

    How many of you actually purchased and own property in the City? And, I don't mean living at mom's house until you inherit it.

    I would suggest moving to Central Coast California. Very strict development restrictions. Hardly any people. Nothing changes there. GOOO now.

  21. This Wednesday, June 13, the council will consider a developer appeal of a planning commission condition. Instead of sidewalks, the developer must install grass-crete. The developer wants gravel because it is cheaper.

    The developer is tearing down affordable housing to put in his new subdivision that will have only ONE affordable house.

    These are the "concessions" the city gave to the developer for his one very low income house:

    A reduction in the minimum requirement of net lot area. R-8 lots are required to be at least 5,400 square feet. The city reduced that requirement to a minimum of 2,272 square feet for his subdivision. These lots will be substandard.

    A reduction in the required front yard setback. The requirement is 25 feet minimum. The city reduced it to 14 feet minimum. If there is a porch, the setback is reduced even more to 8 feet.

    A reduction in the required side yard setback. The code requires 5 feet/10 feet (one side/other side). They reduced it to 5 feet minimum.

    A reduction in the street side setback (Hermes Avenue frontage). Reduced from 10 feet to 5 feet minimum.

    A reduction in the rear yard setback. Requirement is 25 feet. The city reduced it to 5 feet and 10 feet.

    Lot Coverage was increased from the code max of 40% to a maximum of 60%.

    Floor area ratio was increased from 0.6 to a maximum of 0.77.

    Aside from the density bonus concessions, there is no requirement for a sidewalk even though the development is within walking distance of a school.

  22. I'm Anti Development. A-Hole!
    The biggest reason being there is not enough water to support all you Fags moving here from out of state!


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