Sunday, June 10, 2007

Encinitas considering increasing trash collection rates

Encinitas considering increasing trash collection rates

By: North County Times

ENCINITAS ---- The Encinitas City Council will consider increasing trash collection rates at its Wednesday meeting.

If approved, monthly trash bills for most residential customers would increase by 72 cents, from $17.12 to $17.84, a 4.2 percent increase.

EDCO Waste and Recycling Services provides trash collection services to Encinitas. A city report published this week cites increased landfill disposal fees and cost of living increases for the proposed rate hikes.

To comply with state laws, the city in April mailed notices to 22,017 property owners informing them of the pending increase and their right to protest it.

A majority of property owners could halt the increase by writing letters of protest, but as of June 4, only five had been submitted, a staffer from the city clerk's office said Friday.

The City Council meets at 6 p.m. Wednesday at 505 S. Vulcan Ave.


  1. seems reasonable to me... Right about the same pace as inflation.

  2. The city has plenty of money to pay for trash collection. Recently they stated that they collected many millions more than they budgeted. It is typical of this city to try and get more from taxpayers because it gives them more money available for staff salaries and perks. Protest quickly by wrtiting your city council persons.

  3. Much bigger issue for EncinitasJune 10, 2007 10:54 AM

    A much bigger issue is the boys on Wednesday will except a payout from a developer in lieu of building low income housing on Quail Gardens. $34k per unit. Once again, Council is taking more burden and costs for the average tax payer and the developer profits at our expense. The City will then be pushed by state law into building more affordable housing and guess where Jimmy, Danny, and little Jerome will suggest......Good old Leucadia.

    Well that’s the way development works- Buy the Council Members and reap the rewards. Remember this next November come voting time.

  4. e-mail your city council persons by sending an e-mail to the city clerk make it clear you want it forwarded to all city council persons.

  5. Did you know that trash collection is the only fee that you MUST pay without any chance to cancel?? You can cancel water, SDG&E, phone, you can cancel sewer if you want, but you CAN NOT cancel trash collection fees, they must be paid.

    It's a nice business, bada bing!!!!

  6. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!June 10, 2007 9:10 PM

    Oh MY GOD!!! An increase of ALMOST $0.80 cents per MONTH!!!!!

    Oh the horror!!!!!!
    It's trash bill or medicine!!!!!



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