Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Farmer's Market Signage

Morgan Mallory did not give up his cause and now we have several signs around town telling people about our growing Farmer's Market.

Every Sunday
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Paul Ecke Central School
(Corner of Vulcan and Union Streets)

I believe that our Farmer's Market is certified organic.


  1. Props for the council for turning that around and doing it quickly.

    Next, fix everything else surrounding the sign.

  2. Them are butt ugly signs! The only way you could have made them uglier is if they were orange. Where is the creativity and artwork?

    I bet we see no net increase in attendance at the farmers market.

  3. Well done Leucadia,

    The farmers market and the signs are an asset to this city!

  4. Just what we needed, more signs. Ugh!

  5. signs signs everywhere is signs

  6. Open house here, Farmers insurance here, Open house here, for rent, open house here, open house here, yard sale, 40 mph, open house here, RR crossing ahead that kills people, open house here, no trucks over 7 tons, no parking, open house here, no littering, no parking, open house here,open house here, farmers market on sundays, open house here, no parking, open house here, rental avaibable, yard sale, college moving services, open house here.

    Wow- those signs will really be noticed.

  7. Last night, after getting off the train, rushing to the preschool, running a half dozen errands with a 4-yr-old, I was heading towards home to have a 7pm dinner before bed... and I saw the sign.

    And I thought, "hey, I've never seen that sign before."

    And I thought, "hey, I gotta get my ass to the Farmers Market."

    Seriously. That sign reminded me that -- as busy as I am -- I have nothing to do on Sunday and I should put it on my calendar.

  8. Our Farmers Market signs are not the most beautiful signs. The design was required to be be standard issue size as per the designation of 'directional signs'. Perhaps they can be redesigned in the future to be more quaint. I,too, believe that there should not be an abundance of signs. Most all other cities support thier community markets with signage. We should do the same. Our adjacent cities with community farmers markets all have directional signs so that all can know about them and support them, if they wish.
    I wish to thank the city staff and council for their support in this effort.
    One third of the proceeds of our market goes to the Paul Ecke PTA to help fund programs that would not otherwise be supported. One third goes to L101, in their efforts to retain the flavor of Leucadia, but to polish up our little gem.
    Our market has a new organic farmer comming this week to add to the other organics offered. There are also specialty foods, flowers, fresh fish, plants, jewlery, crafts, art and music. All of this in a very friendly park-like setting with areas for kids to safely play and all to enjoy.
    Any artists or crafts floks are welcome to attend by contacting Ron LaChance, our manager, at the market.
    I believe this is good for our community and I hope all agree.
    Thank You,

  9. JP
    Thank you for your support of this community event.

  10. I don't like signs either. I do think the market is an asset. If this is how we support it, then it is worth it. I agree with Morgan, that is some location they could be designed in a more 'quaint' style.
    Our family enjoys the market.
    Ditto 8:56 am's comment.


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